Running his fingers through his hair, Franz Liszt glared at the hideous device that humani call a cell phone. Of course, that wasn't his name this century. He had picked a unique name, Severus Snape, in 1900 to replace his olden name of the 1800s, Gedeon Benedek. Nauseating scents of potion ingredients made his eyes water as he waited for the important call. Instead of the usual lonely cottage in the wilderness, which he preferred, he had been forced into the public eyes of wizardry, mainly by Heather Glen, formally known to the world as Annie Oakley.

Niccolò Machiavelli had practically raised her after her awakening and immoralization in 1887, as he often called it, and in the process revealed two very different sides of the Metamorphmagus. She could be cruel when she needed to. The act of possessing an aging humani and brainwashing her into believing she was indeed Annie Oakley was only one of the many acts that earned her the title of the Violent Violet aura. He himself had done some pitiless things during his years in the service of the Dark Elders as well. His title was similar, the Black Aura. Heather could also be light and funny, the side of her that she mostly showed around him. Her body remained frozen at the age of twenty-seven while his was at thirty-one. This century, she had cleverly forced him to become potions master of Hogwarts, knowing that his sense of smell would irritate him to no end while there. Lucky for him, it was June, summer break but his clothes still smelled of potions no matter how many times he attempted to wash them. "Bloody Heather."

The sudden noise of wood against his vibrating cell filled the air, making him jump. He quickly opened the flip open design and pressed send, leaving it on the table. His phone was on speaker, as it always was. The last thing he wished to do was put the thing next to his ear like the humani often did. Not only did it hurt his ears immensely, but he felt ridiculous doing so.

Your talents are needed, Severus.

His master's hoarse voice called him by his "fake" name with amusement.

The Violent Violet will meet you in Paris. She has been told the Black Aura will meet her under the Eiffel Tower at ten in the morning. Fit the role.

Severus frowned slightly. Did his master think he was too friendly with Heather? Because that could all easily change….

Fire, earth and air will be used to slow down the Alchemist. Nothing more. Dee wishes for it.

The midget Magician once again on top of his Elder in power.

"Air, you say?" He spoke for the first time in the conversation. He was a master of fire and alchemy, Heather a mistress of earth and sorcery. Though they had both mastered all five elements, they had favorites. Both were not keen on the element of air.

Another humani will assist.

An unknown. Great, just what he needed on top of the Alchemist and Dee.

Machiavelli is involved. Beware him.

Severus's master was not fond of Machiavelli or Heather. He didn't particularly like the fact that one of his most powerful humani was close to them. Snape smirked. He loved annoying authority.

"Yes, Master."

A click on the line was heard before it went dead. "To Paris I go." Severus murmured. Picking up the cell with his left hand, he entered in a speed dial he had Draco install a while back. Blinking on the screen were the words "Calling Heather".