Ok I apologize for the complete deadness of this story but I just read Warlock so I'm in a Machiavelli mood now! So this chapter will be Flamel based. In fact, my original character (Heather) was the person I wanted to focus on but I realize that you can't have a crossover without something other than a character from one side so after these next two chapters I am determined to have a chapter take place in Hogwarts.

Machiavelli quietly sat in his expensive limo seat, a pair of binoculars hovering over his eyes. The limo was parked far away from underneath the Eiffel Tower and though his awakened ears were supposed to give him the ability to hear what the Black Aura was saying, his exhaustion from conjuring a tulpa was effecting his scents. He hadn't make a tulpa that big in decades and the frustration of the twins escape was still fresh in his mind.

"What's this?" He murmured, focusing in on the black bits of aura that seemed to be choking Flamel. Heather was yelling by the look of it and then suddenly the Black Aura threw a small fireball into her waist, knocking her backward on the ground.

Her body remained still as the Andrea of Air reappeared, a small whirlwind beginning to form inside of her hands. Andrea stood for a few moments, watching Flamel being choked. Then she threw the whirlwind directly at Flamel, breaking the choking bond on his throat.

"Stupid girl." His neck tightened at the sheer idiocy of what the girl just did. Flamel was free for a second but that would be all he needed. Without preamble, he threw a green blur that split into two spinning cleavers that were aimed at both of the standing warriors. Though Machiavelli couldn't see, one of Heather's eyes had opened at the strong scent of mint.

The air mistress was knocked to the ground by the cleaver which then transformed into some sort of sticky liquid. She was trying to get up but unsuccessful. The Italian's lips curled into a smile. Snape, however, had dodged the attack in time and was forming something deadly with his aura, blackness completely surrounding him.

"Heather." She had suddenly sprung up just as Flamel had begun to run away. She made no attempt to capture him. Machiavelli saw Heather reach out to touch the Black Aura but instantly, a lighting burst from the aura itself hit her in the shoulder. He frowned. What was happening?

A deep purple haze cloaked her arm briefly and then solidified into a metal glove and punch the black cloud in the center. Immediately Snape lost his concentration and the black blur he had been harvesting in his hands vanished along with the Alchemyst, much to Machiavelli's irritation. "What is she doing?" he snapped, heart hammering at yet another failure. The car was filled with the smell of serpent.

"Dagon, take me there. Now."

(division mabob)

Heather could hear the screeching of car tires and had a feeling Machiavelli was coming to kill her. She would have killed herself had she been him. To attack an ally and let the enemy go was insanity and suicide in this world. Yet, Flamel didn't feel like an enemy. Seeing him lying helpless, choking to death brought back memories of the apprenticeship she had had with him many years ago. How kind he had been to her and what marvels he had shown her, marvels different from what Machiavelli showed her. Her emotions clouded her judgment and she had helped him escape. And now she was going to die for it.

Or at least it would seem.

"You. Stupid. Little. ARGH!" Snape, completely fueled by rage, had aimed a fire arrow directly into her heart. She was forced into a coughing fit, clutching the arrow blindly as her torso caught fire. Summoning all of her strength, she used a spell her master had once taught her and evaporated into a purple smoke cloud that flew up into the sky and out of sight. She could hear the Black Aura's roar and smelled sour mushrooms in the air as she left.

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