A/N: Alright, another rewrite, it's my thing apparently. I have a lot of ideas brewing up in my mind, really excited to finally get the chance to write them down. This story will be different in a lot of the ways, the plot and scenarios have been changed, obviously, where would the fun be in reading the exact same thing twice. I'm trying to keep the characters of Edward/Bella relatively close to those of the first version, especially Edward, I liked him :).

I'm not sure where this story will go in the long run, but I am inviting you readers to join me on the ride.

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"Usually, when a person has a guest over to their home, it's polite to ask them if they would like something to drink or eat…"

I snorted, "You haven't been a 'guest' here since like 1998. Your fatass can walk downstairs, that's what those things called legs are for, transportation. Well, that, and also to get guys to run at your beck and call."

"Come on," she laughed. "I'm having a lazy moment."

"No shit," I smirked. "Now your madg-ass-ty, what would you like this afternoon? A bottle of our finest vintage merlot, juicy fillet minion, gigantic lobster? Oh, I know, caviar looks more up your alley for today."

We giggled at my horrible attempt at a butler's accent. "I was thinking more on the lines of a turkey sandwich and a coke."

"Fancy," I nodded. "Would you like me to ask the chef to cut the crust off for you?"

"No, no, I'm not about to get bossy."

I pushed myself off of the bed, groaning loudly, adding to the dramatics. "I need a fucking raise, or at least a decent tip."

"Here's a tip, get a fucking move on it," she smiled up at me innocently.

"I hate you."

"I really do love you, you know that, right?"

"Don't try to suck up now," I rolled my eyes, leaning against the door. "But, yeah, I love you too."

"Best friends?"

"Forever," I smiled.

I skipped down the steps, only managing to trip once, but it was my own fault for leaving a shoe there. I wouldn't tell Vicky though, the last thing I needed was her mocking me even more for my lack of coordination. We would get into one of our fights. She'd call me Mr. Tumbles and I would have to shoot back with the always hilarious, Firecrotch. The Third World War would eventually break out, and then who would help me with my Spanish homework?

I made one of my famous sandwiches, at least dad had christened them to be of a higher power, but he will eat anything that comes on a stick or drizzled in ketchup, so he wasn't really the best judge. I should get a good tip for making this, it took effort.

"It's a hard knock life for me, it's a hard knock life for me, something something, don't know the words, something something, Vicky is a bitch..." I sang loudly, hoping she would hear.

I started to pour some coke into a glass, humming songs from Annie, which always pissed her off, something about growing up with red hair and being compared to her. I still loved the mean glares she would send me when I referred to her father as Daddy Warbucks.

A loud popping sound startled me out of the second verse of Tomorrow. I was waiting for something else to follow it, another pop, but there was nothing but silence, a deafening silence. The air in the room felt different, even a little off. My bones rattled through my body, down to my feet. What the fuck? I ran over to the front window, staring out at the street, wondering if it was my neighbor's car backfiring.

Goddamn, she must have found the movie in the floorboard.

"Vicky you better not have put Scarface on up there, I hid that movie for a reason! The last thing I need is to hear your bad Al Pacino impressions again," I yelled from the bottom step. "I'm not kidding, I nearly killed myself by the fifth day of hearing about 'your little friend'."

I was met with silence. Masters always ignoring the help.

"Yo, Tony Montana, give a girl a little shout out!" I said louder, in my best Cuban accent.

I groaned, slowly ascending the steps, she better not be trying to scare me. I was already picturing her with a plastic knife and hockey mask, screaming at me until I piss my pants. There's a reason I don't go see horror flicks, it's her.

"Promise me right now that you won't pop out from somewhere when I come in," I sighed, standing outside of my bedroom door. This was getting old, she did this to me last week too, I almost ran down the stairs, breaking my leg in the process.

"This isn't funny, stop it right now, I'll kick your ass," I warned. "...I'll tell James Klein that you have a huge crush on him."


The overwhelming scent of salt and rust hit me, my entire body tensing, stomach contents gurgling instinctively. This didn't happen last time. I took a terrified step back, my foot slipping while doing so, causing me to fall back onto the hardwood floor with a loud thud. Fuck, that hurt.

When I looked down to see what I had slid on, I couldn't help the loud shriek of disgust that escaped my mouth.

"Holy shit…"

The red content on my shoes had me stunned. I looked beneath the door, all I could see was red, flooding out from underneath the crack. What the hell was going on? This was real blood. She'd never do that to me, unless...

I'd never known the feeling of complete numbness until that point, but I could not move or speak, my eyes locked on the floor for a few moments.

"Vicky!" I screamed. "Answer me, Vicky! Please!"

I slipped my cell phone out of my pocket, with shaky hands, I dialed 911. This was not happening, it couldn't, it was Vicky...

Not that I knew what was happening exactly, nothing made sense.

"911, what's your emergency?"

"Um, I, oh god," I said, almost inaudibly. "Something happened t-to my friend, I, um, don't know. I need help!"

"Okay, ma'am, I need you to explain to me what is happening."

I did the only thing I could think of to do, I cried, tears flowing from my eyes too quickly to keep up with. "There's blood, under the door. I think I'm going to be sick."

I held onto my stomach, pushing myself off of the floor and running into the bathroom. I could hear muffled speaking through the phone, but I lifted the lid of the seat, throwing up my lunch from earlier. Blood, I couldn't handle all of that blood. I continued to sob, wiping at the corners of my mouth, wanting to be rid of all of the disgusting waste. I don't understand, I don't understand-

"I don't understand!" I yelled, hitting the floor with an angry fist.

"Ma'am, can you hear me? Ma'am?"

I picked up the phone, placing it to my ear. "I need my dad, please, I need him here."

"We have traced your number and are sending over an ambulance now, I'm going to stay on the line with you until paramedics arrive."

"Okay, okay. I need my dad, please, can you get him?"

"I don't understand-"

"He's the Chief, I need him, please."

I shut the phone, not having the strength to talk with the operator. I brought my legs to my chest, hugging my arms over them, while placing my head down onto my knees. I rocked back and forth, trying to stay calm. Fuck, that wouldn't happen.

"No, no, no, no…"

It had felt like hours, agonizing moments in time that I needed to go away. Before I knew what was happening, I heard my name being shouted from a far distance. I prayed that it was Vicky, that she finally came to her senses and decided not to scare me. The shouting kept on getting closer, but my mouth wasn't connected to my brain, not allowing me to speak.

"Bells!" The bathroom door opened, a flash of blue uniform was all I saw as two arms tightly wrapped around my shaking body. "Bella, baby girl, I thought it was you…I thought something happened to you."

I cried into his chest, wanting everything to go away. I didn't even feel safe in the arms of my own father, the protector, nothing felt right.


"I know, I saw." His words were hard to hear, coming out strangled, uncharacteristically Charlie.

"Is she?" I asked softly.

Please say no, please say no, please. It was all a mistake, this was some weird nightmare. I ate something bad before bed and this was punishment. Fuck, I shouldn't have made fun of that stupid dream catcher Jake gave me. Wake up, come on Bella, open your eyes-

"She's gone, sweetheart."


"This is your pilot speaking, we will be arriving at William R. Fairchild International Airport momentarily, please buckle your seatbelts as we will be descending. Have a great stay in the wonderful state of Washington."

I gulped.

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