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The rest of the week passed slowly by, to my own disdain, each day grew more and more awful. I assumed, by assume I mean prayed, that everything would get better. Unfortunately, the rumors just seemed to become more and more frequent as the days went on, not to mention harsher.

My personal favorite being that I was a distant cousin of the late Ted Bundy, because all murderers are obviously related. I probably shouldn't tell them about uncle Manson and his merry group of friends.

Lauren continually made my days a living hell. Whether it was photo shopping my face on some hillbilly's mug shot or sticking an America's Most Wanted sticker onto my back. And that is just one person, multiply that by the rest of the school, and it equals my dreadful, horrible, unfortunate life.

Well, not everyone was being douchebags. There were the "freakishly quiet five", as the kids called them, which is a lot better and more politically correct than the term Jessica directed towards me the other day.

They were new kids that apparently moved to town at the end of last year, all together, all adopted and all quiet. At least when it comes to everyone else, they only associated with one another, minus the bronze mystery guy who doesn't speak with anyone, ever. Except for me, for two seconds, but from what I hear, it is more than anyone else has gotten.

I found out that his name is Edward, I may have snuck a glance at his paper when his pen fell on the floor, I may have also gotten a good glance at the exposed skin that became visible during the whole bending over thing. I couldn't help it, he was hot. Hot might even be an understatement. He was gorgeous.

How Lauren and Jessica can keep their legs closed while around him is beyond me, seeing as though they are usually open for the rest of the Forks under thirty crowd.

He hadn't talked to me since, or even looked at me. The kind gesture that he made was a one time thing. He wasn't scared, like most of the guys were around me, his expression remained blank. Sometimes I wondered if he actually existed, he was like a ghost. Moving around everywhere so undetected and quickly, but people talked about him, about his anger issues.

Mr. Bronze Mystery seemed to have a temper, which was very well known in the tiny town of Forks.

I wonder if Charlie knew anything about him, since he has gotten in trouble with the police a few times, again that is just what the kids at school talked about. So it might just be a lie. Even if the whole bad boy thing was a turn on, but no one talked or noticed me, it didn't matter. I would have to wait for male attention, college wasn't too far, right? Mhmm.

Life at home was another story completely. Being in that house felt wrong, I was always in a state of panic and paranoia. The ghost of Vicky wouldn't be floating around my house, quoting bad teen movies and calling me a whore, but I still pictured it, and the image in my head alone was terrifying. I had to be out of there as much as possible, which is why I had been dreading the weekend.

Saturday was spent in Port Angeles, and I mean all day. Left at seven in the morning and didn't get back until eleven. I probably read the back of every single book at the book store, some backs more than once.

Sunday, Charlie had been home all day, thank god. I spent half of it at the grocery store, stalling by looking over every type of cereal there was, I got to 173 before some old lady gave me a dirty look and I moved on. I then went back to the house, organized the entire kitchen, scrubbed any surface that was reachable, and avoided the concerned looks that dad was throwing at me.

Monday morning had gone averagely, only a few jokes about murder, which there is never anything humorous about death, but that's high school for you. To make matters worse, the library was closed during lunch period. I had spent the last few days in there, eating my lunch and reading books, avoiding everyone.

I couldn't spend the hour in the bathroom, junior girls seem to hang out in there, discussing the most important world topics around today, dicks and makeup.

I grabbed my lunch from my locker, annoyed. The last time I attempted to eat with the rest of my class, it didn't actually go over well, with me walking out, embarrassed.

When I walked into the cafeteria, the anxiety hit me like a brick. Lauren's table was eyeing me, Mike Newton had a stupid smirk on his face. I can't believe I once called some of these people my friends.

A sigh of relief escaped my mouth when I saw that the table that Edward usually sat at was empty. I quickly made my way over to it, taking the seat across from where he usually would sit, so that I was facing the other tables. In case someone decided to throw something at me, at least I would somewhat prepared.

I glanced over at the table with the other four new kids. To my surprise, they were all staring at me with curious expressions. They've never seen a girl accused of murdering her best friend sit at a table by herself before? Jesus Christ.

The chair across the table scraped across the floor as someone sat down. I was ready to hear whatever shit Lauren was going to say, but when I looked up, I saw Edward sitting there. He didn't even acknowledge my presences, instead he kept his head lowered to stare down at his Ipod, the hood of his sweatshirt covered the top of his head, hiding the out of control bronze hair that he usually sported.

I ate my turkey sandwich in comfortable silence, it's nice being around somebody who doesn't talk shit at any given moment.

In between bites I would chance a glance his way, he was never looking at me, thank god. I didn't need to see his look of annoyance. He was probably pissed that the new creeper was sitting at his table. He wouldn't hurt me though. I mean, yes, he does have a bad temper, but it's not like he's a woman beater. Although, I did overhear Eric say she heard something…

"Aw, well if it isn't Bonnie and Clyde, how adorable."

I looked up to find Lauren smirking at me, Jessica smiling next to her like the bitchy lapdog that she is. I knew lunch was going too well.

"Wait, no. Did Bonnie ever kill anyone?" They both cackled like a couple of school girls.

"I don't know," Jessica laughed. "Did Clyde ever go to anger management?"

"It wouldn't matter if he did, Bonnie would just shoot him in her bedroom and then play it off like it was a suicide."

I averted my eyes to the table top, trying to act as if I was unaffected by their snarky comments. They just walked away, laughing, both most likely having an ego boost from my discomfort.

The bell rang after a few moments, I sighed, looking up at my table guest. He was staring at me intently, my face reddened, and I got up from my seat quickly. I threw my trash away, walking at a run-like pace out of the cafeteria to my locker.

His music apparently wasn't blocking out everything, he had heard what they had said. If he didn't think that I was a psycho freak already, then that really put a nail in the coffin of my dead friend. Thank you Vicky, thank you so fucking much.

Goddamn. I couldn't even think that without feeling guilty. I just needed to have somebody to be mad at, because right about now, I was the only one to be pissed off at. I wish that I could have prevented everything from happening, it's as much my fault as it is any ones.

I sat down in my seat, sighing. Biology, that's the last thing I needed, more time spent next to Edward. He obviously did not want to have to be near me, I wouldn't blame him. I was a complete outcast.

Edward came into the room just as the late bell rang, taking his seat next to me, quietly. He continued to listen to his Ipod, keeping it hidden from Mr. Banner, who was giving a small introduction to the film that we would be watching that day. At least a movie might distract me a little.

Yeah, it didn't fucking help. Ugh.

The movie had been playing for ten minutes and I was going out of my mind. My legs wouldn't stop fidgeting, they were ready to walk out. I needed to get out of this school, even some fresh air would help right about now.

I planned on going to the station after school today. Sue Clearwater had become a lifesaver for me, she was the secretary down there and would give me small tasks to do around the place, I usually spent the duration of my dad's work time organizing drawers, or making a doughnut run. Cliché, I know.

I concentrated on the film, only looking over occasionally at Edward's moving fingers. They were tapping against the table top, most likely to the beat of whatever he had been listening too. I quickly found out over the past few days of me being here that he always had his Ipod. You could never find him without it. I'm still not sure how he got away with listening to it in class.

I wanted to know what songs were playing. My guess was all of that shitty rap music playing on the radio, or maybe some hardcore rock. I have no clue.

The clock said that there were three minutes left before the bell would ring again, which could not come quick enough for me. Gym was all I needed to get through, it wasn't so bad since nobody passed me the ball, ever. It's not because I'm a murder suspect, but more so the fact that I lack any kind of coordination. I get that from my mother, at least I didn't get too much from my father, like his mustache.

Something moved in my peripheral vision, a small piece of folded paper was set in front of me. When I looked over at Edward, he appeared as if he hadn't moved at all. What the hell was that?

The bell rang, Edward walking out immediately, hands in his sweatshirt pocket and Ipod blaring.

I grabbed my stuff, before hesitantly slipping the paper into my own pocket. It probably said something along the lines of - "Hey Freak, could you not sit with me at lunch anymore, you are really creepy. Oh, and stop looking at me, fucking loser."

After barely making it through a basketball game in gym, where I was accidentally knocked in the back of the head with the ball by Mike Newton, I made it back to my car, breathing freely. The school day was officially over, now on to more reality, before going back to the house later.

As I drove to the station, I couldn't help but feel the imaginary hole that the note in my pocket was burning. I had been too nervous to read it before gym, and was still a little scared.

"Bella, you made it today," Sue exclaimed, smiling sweetly at me.

"Yeah, didn't have anything else to do."

"No cute boys taking you out on any dates?" she smirked.

"Only in my dreams," I laughed half-heartedly.

"The only thing you better be dreaming about young lady is teddy bears and cotton candy."

I turned around to find my dad, giving me a pointed look, while Sue chuckled at his protectiveness. Sometimes he thought that I was still eight.

"She is practically an adult Charlie, can't keep her locked up forever."

"She is not allowed to date until she is at least thirty, no, forty."

"This she that you are talking about is in the room, and would prefer not to be talked about, thank you. Now, if you would put me to work, I can get on with the day."

"Work, work, work," Sue shook her head. "You are worse than your old man here."

"She might be worse," he smirked at me. I rolled my eyes, looking over at Sue.

"Alright dear, all you have to do today is drive this box of files over to the hospital and hand them to Gianna, she is the secretary to one of the doctors down there. She will know what to do with them. Then you are free to go home."

"Um, yeah, I actually am going to run to the library after I do this."

"Will you be home after me?" Charlie asked with a sigh. He already knew the answer to that.

"Probably," I nodded.

"Do you know how to get to the hospital?" Sue asked.

I looked over at Charlie and we both started cracking up at the question. Did I know how to get to the hospital? I basically have a plaque on the walls for how many times I have been there during my life.

I said a quick goodbye to each of them, before grabbing the box, and loading it into my car. I was dreading having to spend the rest of my night at the library, seeing as though I had been there basically everyday since moving back. I'm pretty sure that the workers were getting a little freaked out by the daily visit.

"I'm looking for Gianna?"

"That's me, what can I do for you sweetie?"

I felt what little confidence that I had left diminish as I looked over the secretary. She was what when would call the epitome of the perfect woman, boobs half out and all. She was one of those types who knew that she was good looking, flipping her hair like a snobby cheerleader. She made me feel kind of shitty.

"I have a box of files from the police station that I'm supposed to drop off here."

"Oh yeah!" She stood up, bouncing over to where I was, literally bouncing. "I have totally been waiting for this all day, thank you."

"It's totally no problem." Her brains must be in her chest.

I rolled my eyes when she started bending over and going through the box, a few of the male nurses were admiring the view. I'm glad these are the people who are supposed to be taking blood, safe.

I rubbed at my tired eyes, walking away from the brainless twit. Like my night couldn't get any worse-

My body hit something hard, sending me flying back onto the floor, my wrist immediately felt the impact, a shot of pain went through it. I sighed, bringing my arm up to my face, examining the damage that had been done. At least it wasn't broken, I would know from experience.

"Fuck, Emmett, look what you did you fat ass."

"Dude, I didn't see her, she's like a midget."

I looked up to find three figures standing over me, three very fine and familiar figures. My face reddened when I saw Edward standing there, Ipod in his ears, looking down at me curiously. Next to him were two other guys that were new as well, one of them being the big guy that sat next to me in English. He was rubbing the back of his neck, sighing.

"Are you alright?" The blonde guy asked, I didn't have any classes with him, but he was one of the silent five.

"Uh, yeah?" It came out as a question, and I rubbed my already bruising wrist.

"Shit, I broke her wrist, dad is going to kill me. Maybe he won't be that mad, since we are already in the hospital. If anything, I should get points for doing it in a convenient place."

"Yeah, Em, that's how it will work out." The blonde guy rolled his eyes, squatting down to look at my injury. "We should get this checked out, my dad can-"

"It's fine, just a small sprain."

"Are you a doctor?" The Emmett guy asked with a serious expression. Did he really think that I was, how dumb could you be?

"Yeah, the name is Doogie Howser, M.D."

Edward snorted, causing me to look up at him. He threw me an expression that I didn't quite follow, before looking down at my arm, that the blonde guy was still holding.

"I thought your name was Bella, that chick who-"

"Emmett!" Blonde guy yelled, I yanked my arm back to my lap, feeling like a dumbass for still being on the floor and for what he almost said about me. They believed the lies, fantastic.

"I, um, should get going."

I got up slowly, using my good arm, in the process almost falling again. Was there anything not humiliating about this experience?

"Not until you get your arm checked."

"I told you, it's fine."

Emmett sighed, "At least let us get you an ice pack."

"No, that's alrig-"

"We will get you one, now sit down in that seat and stop refusing."

I sighed, taking the seat he was pointing at, looking over at the big guy who seemed pleased with himself.

I expected all of them to walk away, but the blonde one and Emmett just took off down the hall, Blondie shoving his brother in the shoulder. I sat there, biting my bottom lip, trying to keep my leg from tapping a hole into the floor. Edward was standing next to me, and I could feel his eyes on my nervous self. I imagine this is what it would be like to live under a microscope. I was wishing that I had read the note, so I at least knew what he thought of me.

"You can leave you know."

It was so quiet, I wasn't sure if it was actually said. I looked up to see his emerald eyes looking into my own.


"I don't care if you just go." It came out harsh, I had to swallow the bile that seemed to rise at the distaste he had for me. What did I care what he thought anyway? For some reason I did though.

I stood up, muttering a whatever, before walking past him.

When I got to the parking lot, I started walking towards my car. I felt like I was being watched. and then I heard footsteps behind me. Great, now some psycho is going to rape me or something.

I looked over my shoulder, surprised at what I saw. He was following me.

"What are you doing?" I asked.

"Following you in my car to make sure you make it home alright," he shrugged.

"No, you can't."

"Why?" he smirked. "Don't want the school freak following you home."

"Seeing as how I am the freak here, it's hard for me not to follow me home, but thanks anyway. Go back to your friends."

"Not until I make sure you make it back fine."

"I'm not going home."

"Then I'll follow you to where you're going. Why are you so stubborn?"

"Why are you so persistent on following me? I'll be fine, I always am."

"Fine is a filler word, it doesn't actually mean anything," he pointed out. "Now get into your truck and start driving."

"Whatever," I sighed. "And I would like to point out that it is a word, look it up in the dictionary. I believe it will say something along the lines of 'being satisfactory'."

He laughed, shaking his head, as he made his way over to his car. A silver Volvo. Huh? Didn't strike me as the mom-mobile type.

I got in my truck, groaning loudly. I couldn't go to the library, I didn't want him knowing where I hung out. The station was a no, it would freak him out and dad would give me one of his pity filled looks for going back.

Shit, I had to go home.

I drove there, feeling annoyed that I would be stuck alone for four hours. I could always just drive away when he does.

A few minutes later, I parked in the driveway, jumping out of my truck, tossing my bag over my shoulder. My wrist was hurting a little bit, I would just ice it down tonight, it would undoubtedly be swollen tomorrow. It could be worse though. I looked over at the Volvo, which had stopped, and I could see Edward watching me. Maybe I shouldn't be bringing strangers to my house, enough shit has happened there. I gave him a wave, not to be polite, but to get him to leave.

I walked over to my front steps, sitting down on the top one, grabbing a book from my bag.

"Are you locked out?" I heard after a moment.


"It's cold out."

"I know."

"Are you going to go inside?"

"No." He sighed loudly, sitting next to me. "You can go."

"When you go inside."

"I'm not allowed to drive home by myself, and now I can't sit on my steps on my own property?"

"Why are you sitting out here?"

I looked over at him, the earplugs still in his ears. Was it just for show? The whole outcast, misunderstood, bad boy act. Maybe he was never actually listening to anything.

"Can you leave?"


"You don't even know me."

"The school seems to think that we're a married couple on the run. How can you say I don't know my own wife?"

I couldn't help it, I blushed a little. I looked like an eleven year old girl who just met Zac Efron. What a loser.

"You shouldn't believe what other people say."

"I don't. You might want to take your own advice," he smirked, standing up. What was that supposed to mean?

"I never listen to those idiots."

"I don't know, you seemed pretty effected today. It's alright though. You should read the note, it might help you."

With that he lifted his hoodie over his head and walked back to his car, speeding away seconds later. I watched the road for a few moments, before reaching into my pocket and pulling out the piece of paper. I took a deep breath, unfolding the note.\

When the Levee Breaks - Led Zeppelin

The Man Comes Around - Johnny Cash

How Come - Ray LaMontagne

Tombstone Blues - Bob Dylan

Failure - Laura Marling

I reread the note a few more times, trying to understand why he would just list a few songs and nothing else. Edward was definitely a mystery to me, but I didn't completely hate it.

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