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Since it was evident that Artemis was going to be a meanie and not help them out, the twins decided to take matters into their own hands. If Artemis wasn't going to make Juliet leave them alone, then they would just have to do it themselves. And the best way to do that, Myles decided, was to make sure that she didn't want to stay at Fowl Manor.

Naturally, that meant sneaking away and destroying Juliet's room.

Lucky for them, whichever maid had last cleaned out Juliet's room had forgotten to lock the room behind her. They had approximately an hour to do whatever they wished before their babysitter showed up. And they certainly let their imaginations run wild.

Twenty minutes after they had first entered the room, Myles took a step back and surveyed their work. Bed, check. Desk, check. Spiders on the walls, check. No toilet paper in the bathroom, check. Check, check, check.

"Done," he said, satisfied. Once Juliet saw this room, there was no way she was going to want to stay. Not even for dinner.

"Not yet!" Beckett protested, looking away from his task of filling all the plant's in room with coffee beans. "We still need the stickers. And the bugs."

"We have the bugs," Myles informed him, pointing at one of the spiders as it scurried across the wall. He didn't mention the stickers, which he really had forgotten about until his twin brought them up. It wasn't his fault he'd forgotten, he had a lot of other important stuff to do!"The spiders are good enough. Girls hate spiders."

"Really?" Beckett asked, sneaking a bite of a coffee bean. Yum. Though, it'd be much better with treacle.

"'member how old Artemis's driver screamed the time Dr. Oct escaped from his cage?" Myles smiled at the memory as he searched through his brief case for the stickers. Dr. Oct was his pet tarantula and, quite frankly, the best gift he'd ever gotten. Aside from Professor Primate of course.

"Oh, I 'member," Beckett said, eating another bean. "She screamed so loud, Butler thought bad guys were here!"

"Yes, so the spiders stay." Having finally located the stickers, Myles busied himself with pasting them all over the walls.

Beckett watched silently, having finished with his own task a while ago. Myles was halfway through his last sheet when the boy suddenly ran over to the light switch and began flipping it on and off, and on, and off, and on…

"What are you doing?" Myles demanded, trying to glare at his brother and blink away the flashes of color left by the room's sudden switches between brightness and darkness.

"Breaking the lights," the boy replied in a manner that clearly indicated that it was a dumb thing to ask. Couldn't Myles see him turning the lights on and off?

"It won't break like that," Myles scoffed, annoyed that he hadn't thought of that before his twin.

"Will so," Beckett countered. On, off, on, off, on, off. "Mum always says not to do this 'cause the lights will break."

Deciding that it was less painful to just keep his eyes shut, Myles said, "She says that 'cause it hurts her eyes."

"That's not why," On, off, on, off. The lights flickered for a moment, but turned on after a second.

"Yes it is."

"No." On, off, on, off.


There was an odd frizzling sound and the lights didn't turn on again. The faint smell of smoke filled the dark room.

"Told you." Beckett said, smugly.

"Simple-toon." Was the reply he received.

Ignoring his brother's laughter, Myles pulled open the black curtains, just enough so that they bathed the room in a faint, eerie light. Perfect.

From his place at the door, Beckett giggled, "Juliet is going to scream and run away!"

"Yes," Myles agreed much more calmly. He eyed his twin who was still giggling, and had also started bouncing. "How many coffee beans did you eat?"

Beckett hopped closer. "Lots!"

Myles shrugged. It wasn't his fault if Beckett couldn't limit his caffeine intake. "Simple-toon."

The doorbell rang, the low tune echoing throughout the house. The babysitter had arrived.

"Let's go," Myles said, starting towards the front door.

"And say hi to Juliet!" Beckett finished, running past him.

Myles rolled his eyes and followed at a much more polite pace. He probably shouldn't have put the bag of coffee beans in Beckett's control now that he thought about it. Oh well, it wasn't his problem.

He reached the door just as the doorman opened it.

"Hi!" Beckett chirped happily as Juliet stepped in.

Myles glanced at him at the corner of his eye, wondering if the boy had already forgotten that they didn't want Juliet here. Then Beckett caught his eye and grinned even more widely. Myles resisted the urge to roll his eyes. Could his brother be any more obvious?

"Hey, Myles, Beckett!" Juliet grinned, squatting down to their level so that she could talk to them face to face much to Myles's annoyance. "How's it been? Still growing? Riding motorbikes yet?"

Myles scowled and didn't answer. Beckett's response was to stare blankly at her.

Juliet wasn't deterred. "No matter," she said, standing up. "I'll make sure you don't turn out dull like your older brother."

No she wouldn't, because she was going to leave. Very, very soon.

"Okay," Beckett agreed. Myles knew that he had absolutely no clue what dull meant.

Juliet ruffled the little boy's hair, and promptly regretted it, if the grimace on her face was anything to go by.

"What's wrong?" Beckett asked, his eyes wide open in what he no doubt believed was an innocent manner.

"Nothing," she replied, discreetly wiping her hands on cloth of the table behind her. "Where's Butler and your big brother?"

"Somewhere," Beckett said, pointing up.

"Alright, let me just put my bags away, and then we'll go look for them." She started up the stairs, a large green tote bag slung over one shoulder.

"Wait, where are you going?" Myles asked, speaking for the first time since Juliet had shown up. Why wasn't she going down the hall and to the right to her room?

Juliet paused and turned back to look at him. "To my room of course."

"But it's that way," Beckett told her, pointing in the correct direction.

"Didn't anyone tell you?" Juliet asked, surprised. "We decided that I should have the room next to yours. That way, I'll be closer to you both all the time."

Myles looked at Beckett. Beckett looked at Myles. Simultaneously, they turned to look at their grinning babysitter.

If that was Juliet's room, then just whose room had they remodeled?




Some days later, the maid opened the door to the room that had once belonged to Juliet Butler, and promptly screamed bloody murder.

And then fainted.

Stories of ghosts ran rampant among the small group that made up the staff of Fowl Manor for days. One former occupant of the supposed cursed room could be found happily encouraging them.


Next Time: "We need to form a plan," Myles ordered, snatching the 'talking stick' from his brother. "We should—"