A/N: Title taken from the Don Henley song of the same name. The views and opinions expressed belong to Dean Winchester, and do not represent the views of the author.

Summary: E/O CHALLENGE, drabble word: green. Dean teaches Sam how to dance for Sam's high school prom. One cuss word, no nakedness, no violence. I am SO ashamed.

Word Count: 100

Disclaimer: This is for entertainment only, not for profit.

"No, don't look down. You gotta loosen up. Follow my lead. Owww!" Dean yelped as Sam's left foot slammed down on his instep like a lead weight.

Breathe dude, breathe. Walk it off…

"You want me to dip you, Samantha?" Dean's green eyes flared with a wicked, mischievous glint minutes later. "Oh, I can dip you all right."

Sam stuck his chin out defiantly. "Well, how'd you learn to dance? Dad?"

Dean snorted. "Yeah, right. Dad. Our Dad?"

"Why can't I be the guy, and you can be the girl?"

"Because I am too damn awesome to be a chick."