SUMMARY: Chuck suddenly finds himself adored and pursued by many beautiful girls. What's going on? That's what Sarah and everyone else want to know.

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NOTE: Many months ago, while reading one of LeeCan's Chuck stories, some scenes in that story gave me an idea for my own story. I contacted LeeCan, who very graciously agreed to allow me to use some of those story elements for "Chuck Vs. the Super Spy." Thank you very much to LeeCan! Which story was it? Well, we'll keep that as part of the mystery right now.

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CHAPTER 1 – Mind if I Call You Charles?

"It's him. I'm telling you, it's him."

"Well, it sure looks like him."

And now comes the giggling, Chuck thought. And as if on cue, the two girls giggled.

"Why don't you do it?"

"Why don't you?"

"Are you going to do it?"

"I just might."

And giggle once more, Chuck thought. And they giggled again.

For the past 20 minutes, two young girls had stood nearby his Nerd Herd station and talked and giggled. Their conversation hadn't gone beyond much of one telling the other that it was him or asking the other if she was going to do it and giggling, giggling, and more giggling. He had heard it all since they situated themselves near his station and by now, Chuck could accurately predict what they would say and when they giggled.

He looked up and glanced at the pair. Both of the girls, young, probably 16 or 17 years old, blonde and sharply dressed, quickly turned their heads away as he looked at them. They gazed at some electronics on the shelf near them. Chuck turned his head back down to the digital camera he was repairing.

And their conversation resumed.

"Do you think we should?"

"Why not?"

"So are you going to do it?"

"Are you?"

And now you giggle, Chuck thought again. And they did.

"They're watching you," Morgan whispered from behind him. Morgan's voice startled Chuck and he jumped and nearly cried out. Once he realized that it was his best friend, he calmed himself with a deep breath and then turned to him.


Morgan nodded toward the giggling pair. "They're watching you," he repeated with a grin.

Chuck looked and the girls quickly turned away and looked at electronics on the shelf.

"Yeah, right," Chuck snorted.

"I'm serious Chuck. Those two girls are watching you. They've been watching you since they came into the store. And boy, are they hot," Morgan said.

Chuck looked again at the two girls. "Before you get any ideas, little buddy, you might want to check the birthdates on their IDs. They look a little young, don't you think?"

"I know," Morgan replied. "But they're still hot. And they're still watching you!" He motioned toward his eyes with two fingers and then motioned those fingers toward Chuck. Chuck looked back at his friend and shook his head. Morgan grinned. "Good thing that your girl friend isn't here to see them. She'd have a fit," he noted.

"What?" Chuck asked.

"Oh yeah, she'd really get upset. She doesn't like it when other girls eye you."

"Sarah? Come on Morgan, what are you talking about?"

"Chuck, you come on! Haven't you ever seen how she looks when other girls are around you? Sarah's like a shark and territory. She positively, absolutely does not want anyone encroaching on her turf – meaning YOU my man," Morgan explained.

Chuck shook his head and looked skeptically at his friend. "And how would you know?" he asked.

"Remember Lou? That gorgeous sandwich maker who brought you that sandwich? You were too busy talking to Lou at the time. But I saw Sarah walk into the store then. And when she saw you and Lou together, she did NOT look happy and she did NOT like it one bit. Man, she raced over here after she saw you with Lou."

"Uh huh, uh huh," Chuck snorted, shaking his head.

"I'm telling you Chuck, don't let Sarah catch you because those girls are watching you," he warned as he walked away.

Chuck thought for a moment about what his friend had said. Sarah jealous? Sarah territorial? Sarah territorial about me? It was a nice thought and he almost smiled about it. But he quickly squelched such thoughts as he reminded himself that Sarah was probably acting that way for the cover. Asset-handler, asset-handler, asset-handler, he reminded himself. And those two girls are watching me? Not likely, he thought. He turned his head back down at the digital camera on the counter and resumed working on it. And as he did, the girls' conversation started again.

"I'm going to do it!"

"Right! In your dreams!"

"No, seriously, I'm going to do it!"

Will one of you do it and both of you shut up, Chuck thought.

Then the bell on the Nerd Herd counter rang. Chuck looked up, started to greet the customer with the customary "Welcome to the BuyMore Nerd Herd Help Desk. How can I help you?" But he stopped right in the middle of the greeting when he saw that it was one of those two girls who, Morgan claimed, had been watching him.

"Hi!" she said and smiled spectacularly at Chuck.

"Hi. How can I help you?" Chuck greeted after getting over his surprise.

"Could you look at my Blackberry? The camera isn't working," the girl asked, still smiling at him.

"Of course," Chuck replied and held out his hand.

The girl pulled her Blackberry out of her pocket and placed it in Chuck's outstretched hand. And while doing so, she slid both of her hands along his arm, stroking and feeling, and continuing to smile spectacularly at Chuck.

"Ooookkkkkaaayyy," Chuck said and leaned back away from her clutching hands. He put the Blackberry on the counter and took a look. The girl eyed him and then she glanced down at his name tag.

"Chuck? That's short for Charles, isn't it? Do you mind if I call you Charles?"

He was only half listening as he studied her Blackberry. "Are you sure it's the camera on this that's malfunctioning? Everything seems to be fine," he said.

"Well, it wasn't working earlier Charles. How about I test it right now? That way, if there is a problem, you could see it and fix it."

"Of course, go right ahead," Chuck said and held out the unit to the young girl.

"Great!" the girl exclaimed. She snatched the Blackberry from Chuck's hand, turned around, tossed it to her friend who was waiting nearby. Then she dashed around behind the Nerd Herd counter to where Chuck stood. Before he could react or say anything, the girl plastered herself up against his side, wrapped her arms around him and then turned and smiled for her friend to take a photo. She did and then checked the image. "Got it!" she said triumphantly.

The girl hugged Chuck and then she reached up, grabbed his head and pulled him down to her. Before Chuck knew what was going on, he found himself lip locked with the girl. She kept it going for several seconds before releasing Chuck with a "Thank you Charles!" She then rushed to the front of the counter and urged her friend to pose for a photo.

And once again, Chuck found another girl hugging against his side, posing for a photo and then kissing him passionately. When the second girl finally released him from the kiss, he felt a little dizzy and unable to say anything as they departed. By the time, he cleared his head, he saw Morgan off in a distance giving him the thumbs-up and other BuyMore employees staring at him curiously. He ignored the looks and his friend's signal and turned to get back to work on the digital camera. And, in so doing, walked into a solid and unmovable object. He looked up. John Casey stood there with a grim look on his face.

"Two words Bartowski," the NSA agent snarled.

"Two words?"

"Jail bait, Bartowski, jail bait."

"That's actually five words Casey."

"That's it, make jokes Bartowski. But be aware that messing around with underage girls can land you in jail. And child molesters are really popular people in jail," Casey said while glaring at Chuck.

The Nerd Herd bell rang before Chuck could reply. He turned and found a woman, a shapely brunette in her 20s. She looked at Chuck's nametag and then smiled. "Chuck? Mind if I call you Charles? Could you look at my PDA. It's having problems." Chuck walked up to the counter while Casey studied the girl curiously.


With a sigh of relief, Sarah Walker saved the mission report on the computer screen and then closed the program. It was nice to have paperwork done. After sitting in front of a computer screen in the Castle for the past hour, she was ready for a workout. She was just about to shut down the computer when the intercom on her watch buzzed.

"Walker?" Casey inquired.

"What's up?" Sarah asked.

"Get over here! Now!"

Chuck! Sarah immediately thought. Has something happened to Chuck?

"Is Chuck all right?" she asked.

"Just get over here! NOW! The geek needs his girl friend." Casey signed off and didn't say anything more.

What does that mean? Sarah thought as she ran up the Castle stairs, through the Orange Orange freezer and store area. She dashed out the front door of the Orange Orange, locked it and raced to the BuyMore. Upon entering the store, her eyes immediately darted to the Nerd Herd Station, looking for Chuck.

And her jaw dropped in shock at what she saw.

Girls, a dozen or more beautiful girls, were all crowded around the Nerd Herd station and they were all over Chuck.



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