Title: Kiss the Girl

Pen Name(s): fighter419

Summary: Edward is a nerd who is one of the few people who knows that Bella was Isabella, one of his fellow nerds, before Alice befriended her and did a make-over. And ever since he met the nerdy Bella, he fell for her instantly. Now after her make-over and falling for her even harder he's decided to try and make a move on the now, very popular, Bella.

Word Count: 7,576


I got out of bed thinking this is it. Today is when I was going to ask Bella out on a date. Today I was going to be Edward Cullen, the picture of confidence. I got up and stumbled to my bathroom. I looked in my mirror for a little morning pep talk. But when I looked into the mirror I saw nothing but a bright blurry image of random colors. Then I remembered in my trying to look confident I forgot to put my glasses on.

So I felt around until my hands ran into the familiar object and I placed them on my face. I fixed my stance into what I assumed made me look confident and stared at my reflection.

"Today's the day Edward. You are going to ask Bella out on a date to the carnival this weekend. No more of this shy nerd. Today is a new day. And it's time to let Bella finally know that you like her and have liked her for a long time, even before she changed."

That's right; I'm one of the very few people who knew that Bella Swan was Isabella Swan. Well people knew that was here, but no one really remembers the nerdy girl that always had her nose stuck in a book. The one with frizzy hair and thick rimmed glasses and dressed in clothes too big for her petite form. The girl who tripped over anything and everything; spilling her things everywhere and would blush at the smallest things. Mostly, the shy girl in the corner that would barely whisper an audible 'hi' when spoken to.

After my little pep talk and making sure I had the confident look down I hoped into the shower and dried off. I made sure my hair was perfect using a ton of gel, moose and hairspray to keep it in place, flat on my head, since I couldn't do much else. I hated how my hair stayed constantly messy, but it probably didn't help that I always ran my hands trough it. But today I had to make sure my hair stayed perfect.

After my hair was good I got my favorite green button up shirt and pulled my jeans on tucking my shirt in perfectly. Over top of it I pulled on a black sweater vest with a dark green argyle style. Then I put on a pair of black shoes. As I looked at myself in the mirror I adjusted my glasses and repositioned into my 'confident' stance. I smiled happy with the outcome.

I knew I wasn't the trendiest guy at the school, or the best looking, but for me I looked pretty darn good. And I even knew that my clothes weren't what the popular people wore but, I knew confidence could get you a long way.

After a quick breakfast, the most important meal of the day, I went to my Volvo and got in heading to school. Once there I saw that Bella was already there with her group of friends all talking and standing around leaning against their cars.

Though all of the girls were categorized as beautiful, there was only one who was ever able to really hold that title. And her name even let you know that, yet no one else knew or saw that until Alice Brandon got her hands on her. I wanted to go over and ask Bella out now since I had my confidence still with me, but I didn't want to make a show out of it. So I decided I would ask her during Biology since we were lab partners.

So the rest of the day I was trying to keep my confidence up but it was slowly going down, but I tried to keep it up. Through the whole day I had to keep my hands from running through my hair and mess it up since it took forever to get it perfect.

Finally, after lunch was Biology. I've never been so excited for it before. I rushed to the room and quickly took my seat, being the first in the classroom beside the teacher. As I sat there waiting I started the pep talking again trying to get my confidence back up.

As students started to file into the classroom I started to feel the nervousness build up. Then before I was ready I started to smell the amazing aroma of strawberries and freesias. The legs of the stool scratched across the linoleum. I looked out of the corner of my eyes and saw Bella placing her things on the table as she sat down on the stool.

C'mon Cullen, now or never.

I took a deep breath sitting up straighter as I turned to face her. God was she always this beautiful.

"Hi Bella," I said trying to sound confident, but my voice had to break and squeak as I said her name.

"Hey Edward," she smiled at me.

I think my heart just stopped as she did. Her eyes were warm, lively chocolate brown that you could literally get lost in. Her hair was long and wavy flowing down her back the color matching her eyes. Her outfit was beautiful and stylish like the other girls, but modest at the same time. If we were on the show Touched by an Angel a heavenly glow would probably start shining down on her.

"Edward?" her voice asked bringing me out of my thoughts. Then I realized I was probably freaking her out with my staring.

"Sorry," I mumbled feeling like an idiot.

"It's fine," she replied blushing a bit. I couldn't help the smile that spread on my face at the sight of her blush. It made her more beautiful and if I could I would always make that blush stay on her face.

Okay, enough staring Cullen, do it, get the girl. Confidence, confidence, confidence, I kept chanting to myself as I started to ask her.

"Hey Bella, I was wondering if you're not doing anything. I know you're probably doing something, but I mean if you have some time, but not like tons of time. It's just going to be for a little bit. But not like really short, because I want us to do a lot. Crap, I'm…I'm probably sounding like I perve, but I'm not talking about that. What I'm trying to say is that, if you have some free time this weekend I um…I would like…no I would love to—"

"Hey, Arizona," a voice said cutting me off. I looked and saw Mike Newton coming up completely interrupting me asking Bella out. He completely ignored me, but I was used to it most people did.

Mike was a generic guy. He had short blonde hair, which unlike mine was actually able to stay kept and neat. His eyes were blue. Like I said, very generic, but I've heard girls loved the blonde hair blue eyed guys, and I just had to hope Bella wasn't the same way.

"Hey Mike," Bella replied turning her attention from me to him. "Is there something you need?"

"Yeah," he smirked leaning on the desk, "I was wondering if you wanted to go with me to the carnival this weekend. Should be a lot of fun and besides it's all for charity."

"I would but Rose and Alice roped me into helping with the kissing booth, so I'll be spending most of my time there," she said a bit annoyed.

"Well I guess that I'll have to come visit you and make sure I do my part in helping the charity," he said with a bit of a sick perve tone that I didn't like. I couldn't help the glare on my face as he was talking to Bella.

"Can't wait," Bella replied with a hit of sarcasm to her voice that obviously Newton didn't pick up on.

"Great," he grinned winking at her as he walked away. Once he walked away she rolled her eye and turned back to me.

"I'm sorry about that Edward, what were you going to ask me?"

During that time that Mike was talking to Bella my confidence dwindled to almost non-existent. Now nerdy, unconfident Edward was here.

"I…I umm…never mind," I said looking down at my notes, readjusting my glasses, as class started. I could see her staring at me curiously until she started to take notes as well.

The rest of the day I was brooding over how this was supposed to be my day. This was supposed to be when I manned up and finally asked Bella out on a date. But in reality this was the day that I crash and burn. I could almost picture the horrible plane crash that it probably looked like.

Right when I started to ask her Confident Edward ran and hid somewhere that I couldn't find him at. And now I think I was half tempted to go to Europe to a boarding school.

By the time I got back home my hair was a mess from me running my hands through it. And I was completely annoyed with myself for not doing what I promised to do today.

I quickly went to my piano hoping that it would help me feel at least a bit better as well as clear my head. As I started to play random notes I started to think of Bella as I closed my eyes. As I let thought of Bella fill my mind and as I did a simple yet beautiful lullaby started to flow from me. All too soon I was brought out of my thoughts by a loving hand squeezing my shoulder and I already knew who it was.

"Mother," I smiled slightly placing my hand over hers.

"That was beautiful, Edward. Was it about a girl?" It was a bit unnerving how she knew me so well.

"Yes, it was. It was inspired by Bella," I sighed.

"She's always been a beautiful girl."

"I know, but I doubt she wants me. She's popular now, and would never want Edward the uber nerd of Forks High."

"Well, if that's true, then that's not the Bella that I've watched grow up, as well as a girl that doesn't deserve you."

"Thanks Mom, I'm going to go work on homework," I sighed kissing her cheek as I walked upstairs to my room.

I finished all my homework even the extra work I ask from the teachers. Don't judge, it helps me understand the material better. And besides I get extra credit for doing the extra work, well maybe not all the time, but it's not like I have much else to do. As I did my homework I had the Discovery Channel on so I could at least listen to the new Cash Cab episodes as well as Mythbusters and Time Warp as I did my homework. Then I decided to turn it to the History Channel to see what interesting things they had on as well.

That night as I just had the soft sounds of Debussy fill my room I was trying to concentrate on a Biology question when all I could think about was her.

I couldn't think of anything else but her. She was so beautiful and smart. Though she could be shy she was strong and could stand up for herself. And like many guys I was taken with her, but unlike many if not all of the other males in the school, I was taken by her from the moment I saw her, before her makeover.

"She's too good for me," I told myself as I let my head fall onto my desk with a loud thump. "Ow," I mumbled to myself.

She was beautiful, selfless, loving, smart, caring, stunning, talented, strong and beautifully clumsy. Everything about her was perfect. She was able to have any guy in the school or anywhere. If she had that kind of choice why would she ever want me?

I looked up over to the mirror by my desk. I just looked at myself. My hair was a mess. I now had a huge red mark on my forehead. I had thick glasses that would probably help a blind person see. Granted I did have contacts but I hated having to touch my eye. Then I had deathly pale skin due to the lack of my outside activities. I didn't look strong; I was a bit more on the thin side. And then I had…

Wait what the heck is that?

I got up and went to the mirror. And I now had a zit the size of Mount Rushmore in the middle of my forehead.

Great, just great, I groaned in my head.

On that note I ended up going to bed upset and disappointed. That night I probably had one of the best dreams ever. In my dream I was confident once again and I was able to ask Bella out on that date. And she said yes. And we went on our day to the carnival, and had the best time ever and at the end of the date we shared an amazing kiss.

The next morning I woke up fairly disappointed, because I couldn't help but wish it was more than a dream. As I rolled over the numbers on the clock started to yell at me that I was going to be late. I quickly got up and got some nice, clean clothes out of my closet and put them on blindly as I still hadn't got my glasses on. After fumbling with my clothes I found my glasses and just shrugged as I saw my hair not wanting to be late just because it had to stick out everywhere. I grabbed a quick breakfast and ran out to my Volvo and sped to school.

Once there I had to keep running to make it to class on time. I noticed that everyone was already in class which made it easier for me to get to class, nit having to worry about navigating around bodies. I was looking down getting my homework out to hand in right when I got to class. Right as I got it out I slammed into something, more like someone and running them over.

"I'm sorry," I mumbled as I started to gather the papers and other various things that got dropped, even though I couldn't see anything due to the fact that my glasses fell off.

"It's fine, I'm used to being on the ground," I heard a very familiar voice. I breathe hitched and as I breathed in through my nose I smelled a familiar and lovely scent. I looked up squinting my eyes and saw the most beautiful blur of chocolate brown and creamy skin.

"Hey," I said my annoying voice cracking. I went through puberty years ago and my voice was still cracking like a twelve year old. I never had one of those smooth voices that some guys had.

"Sorry, Edward, it looks like I broke your glasses," she said in an apologetic voice as she placed them in my hand.

"It's fine I have contacts back home, though I hate wearing them," I grumbled a bit.

"I know the feeling; I used to wear glasses and hated contacts. That is until Alice stole all my glasses which made me have to get used to contacts," she laughed a bit at the memory. I could imagine Alice doing that to anyone to get rid of "horrible eye ware" as I've heard her say before.

"I remember when you did, you still looked beautiful," I said the last part quietly to myself.

"Thanks," she mumbled and I could just imagine that gorgeous blush spreading across her cheeks. As we gathered the rest of our things, mostly me just throwing my things together since I wasn't able to see. After we both collected our things we stood up and she started to head to her class. "Edward, you should come to the carnival tomorrow. I know they still need some help and I also know that you like to or at least you normally do."

"I-I will. So I guess I'll see you tomorrow," I replied trying to keep my voice from cracking or breaking.

"See ya," she called as her beautiful blur ran to her first class.

After watching her disappear in the distance, I brought my glasses up to my face and they were completely broken and I wasn't able to go through the rest of the school day blind. So I headed back out the doors and walked carefully down the steps. I was about to get into my car but knew that I wouldn't be able drive home and I wasn't going to risk wrecking my car. So I decided to enjoy the oddly nice weather and walk home.

As I did I started to think about the carnival tomorrow. I was going to help, but I wasn't sure where they were going to have me working. And maybe I would be able to work by where she was. Maybe I would be able to kiss her.

Yeah, if you get the guts to finally do that, my thoughts teased me.

That's when I made the decision to kiss her tomorrow. I just hoped that it wouldn't seem to forward if I did. But then again she was going to be working at the kissing booth which meant a lot of guys were going to be kissing her. So I guess I would have to make sure the kiss would be amazing. But there was one dilemma. I've never kissed a girl before.

As I walked into my empty house, and put in my annoying yet helpful contacts, as I started to think of ways to learn how to kiss a girl. I started wondering how other guys learned. They probably actually kissed girls and it was just natural for them. But then again, every other male on the face of the Earth had more luck with girls than I did.

Then I thought maybe I could watch a lot of my mom's chick flicks. They have a lot of kissing in them so I figured why not. I ran downstairs and grabbed a couple from our movie collection downstairs and took them upstairs to watch in my room.

I sat the movies by the TV popping the first one in the DVD player as I went to check on Mount Rushmore, hoping it miraculously went away overnight. As I checked it in my bathroom I noticed it was getting smaller, but definitely won't be gone by tomorrow. Shoot a Stormtrooper! I had to try and give Bella an amazing kiss while still having that on my forehead.

I grumbled as I made my way back out to my room. As I sat in my bed I started the first of my torture of chick flicks, The Notebook. Then I moved onto Pretty Woman, Titanic, Casablanca, Dirty Dancing and then finally Never Been Kissed.

I will admit that every time there was a kissing scene I watched it a couple times taking notes and then trying to execute such kiss on one of my pillows. It wasn't something that I was going to share with many people that I did that, but that's how I thought you learned how. When it felt like I wasn't making any progress, not that the pillow gave me feedback at all, but it was just that it was as if I needed step-by-step instructions. So I did what any other normal person would do when they're stuck…I Googled it.

I went to my computer and went to Google. In the search box I typed 'How to kiss a girl?' and then his 'Search'. And I felt pretty relieved when it came up with numerous hits instead of it just saying, 'Sorry, you are a loser for Googling this and need to get a life,' which I can't say I would argue with it.

I clicked on a couple links opening them and reading all they told me to do. For once I felt like I was studying something useful. Don't get me wrong, school is important and all that, but I guess when you're like me and you read ahead all the time and ask for extra work, you hit a point where you can't learn anymore. So it was fascinating to learn about something completely foreign to me.

Many of them told you what to do in a dating environment or how to it while or at the end of a date. I wish that was the case, but I had to do the best with what I had. Even a couple had instructional videos that had a step-by-step instruction on what to do as you saw a couple kissing.

After reading a couple of them, and with them talking about having good breath and how good dental hygiene is a factor, I got up to go brush my teeth, even though I haven't even eaten lunch yet.

When I got back from brushing, flossing and even using mouthwash, I started my research again. One even suggested to practice on my finger so I know if it feels good. That also helps to know how much pressure my lips should apply.

Though I thought it was a bit weird, I would probably get better feedback this way than if I kept kissing my pillow. So I brought my index finger up to my mouth and at first it felt really weird kissing my own finger. But then I remembered why I was doing this. So I closed my eyes and pretended it was Bella that I was kissing instead. When I did that it didn't feel as weird and as I found it easier to practice if I did that. Then I heard a voice from my door.

"Edward, why were you kissing your finger?" my father asked very confused.

I immediately dropped my hand as I tried to think of a good explanation. Because talking about kissing a girl wasn't a subject that I didn't feel like going over. My parents and I were close and I knew I was able to talk to them about anything I needed to but when during the whole 'sex talk' you could see your dad thinking about your mom it makes you hesitant of talking to them about any type of physical relationship aspect. The last thing I needed was a mental picture of those two.

"Umm…I was just testing something I heard my teacher talk about."

"And that would be…?" he asked still confused.

"The wear on skin, how different parts of your body are rougher than others due to amount of use as well as wear and tear," I replied hoping it didn't sound too stupid.

"I see, and why are you home when it's just about lunch time? And where are your glasses?"

"My glasses broke so I have to use the contacts and I'm home because I had to come back home to get them so that I didn't go through the whole day blind. Once I got here I figured I should just stay home," I shrugged.

"Are you okay, because you've never missed a day of school?"

"Yeah, dad, I'm fine. Just needing a break from it right now, and besides I don't think I'll miss much. Also, it's kind of healthy to ditch class now and then."

"Okay, just as long as I don't see you home every other day. I know you're smart but even the smart ones need to go to school."

"Yes, father," I replied as he left and I blew out a sigh of relief. I know I wasn't caught doing anything that bad, but trying to explain to your parents that you were practicing kissing on your finger would be a bit awkward. Then along with that embarrassment he would probably try and help giving me tips. But all the tips he would be giving me would be how my mom likes to be kissed, which again, I don't need that mental image.

Once I knew that my dad had gone downstairs I kept searching through to see if there was anything else that would help me. When I couldn't find anything else I just decided to practice on my finger some more trying different things out. As I was getting ready to head downstairs my cell phone started to ring.


"Hey, Edward, it's Alice Brandon. Bella said that you would help out at the carnival tomorrow."

"Of course, Alice I'd love to."

"Thanks so much. And I just wanted to make sure you wore some old clothes. I'm having you work at the 'Balloon Paining' stand."

"The what?"

"It's a new one. We have balloons filled with paint and we're going to pin them to a big canvas. People are going to pay to pop the balloons and at the school auction, if it looks pretty cool, we're going to auction it off."

"Oh, okay, sounds interesting."

"Yup, so just remember to wear clothes you don't mind getting paint on. I'm not sure how much it'll splatter."

"Thanks and where is it going to be located?"

"It's going to be a couple booths away from the kissing booth, so just look for the signs we normally have for that one and you'll find yours."

"Okay, and thanks again."

"You're welcome and thanks for helping."

"No problem, Alice, I'll see you tomorrow."

"Bye," she chirped and hung up the phone.

After our conversation I headed downstairs for some food and saw my mother home. Thankfully as I talked to my parents for a bit my dad didn't bring up the whole, 'I saw Edward earlier kissing his finger'. After a bit my mom took me up to the school so that I was able to get my car since I had to drive to the carnival.

That night I had to rummage through my closet to find some clothes that I wouldn't mind getting some paint on. Which was hard, considering I never really had 'work' clothes, before. Eventually I found a pair of old jeans that were a bit loose and an old white t-shirt to go with it. I got ready for bed and before I fell asleep I made sure to get some kissing practice in before I did.

The next morning it was the normal kind of weather in Forks. I took a quick shower and got dressed. After poking myself in the eye a couple times I finally got my contacts in and headed to my car so that I could head there.

Once I got there I headed towards one of the higher signs that was labeled 'kissing booth', with a cartoon drawling of a couple kissing with a heart in the background behind their heads. I passed some people that I recognized and gave a polite wave or nod in their direction. As I got closer I saw that the kissing booth was set up differently this year. Instead of a simple little booth it was raised up a bit like a mini stage. They had six stools grouped in pairs. I guess they decided that having three girls do it at the same time might help get through the line quicker.

After examining the new kissing booth I looked around for the one I was going to be working at and saw Jasper setting things up. He was Alice's boyfriend and one of Bella's close friends. Knowing that if I did anything stupid today while working with him, not only will Bella possibly see, but he'll probably tell her what a dork I am, not that it would be new news.

As I approached he noticed me and gave me one of those 'manly nods'. I just gave one back not really sure how else to respond.

"So I guess we're the lucky ones who get to get pain all over them," he said with his a southern drawl that he was known for.

"I guess," I shrugged. "What can I do to help?"

"You can start to carefully put the balloons up. I'm gonna start trying to make some more." he told me as he grabbed a funnel from a box.

"Oh and be careful because—" He was cut off because as I placed a balloon on a canvas it popped and sprayed red paint all over my shirt and pants. "they pop easily," Jasper finished laughing a bit. He handed me some paper towels as I tried to wipe it off.

"Don't worry, the same thing happened to me," he motioning to the pink paint splashed over his clothes. "Just be lucky you don't have to wear this color all day."

"True," I replied as I gave up trying to get the red paint off, since all I was doing was smearing it more.

After getting all the balloons in place and a couple more popping on us we were able to have people purposefully pop them to start the painting. At the beginning Jasper and I kept trying to find places to stand so we wouldn't get splashed as much. We eventually did find a spot, behind the other. As I was handing some darts to some kinds I saw Alice walking up to us with her hands full.

"Hey guy, look what I found," she said proudly as she held out some parkas. Then she saw that we already had quite a bit of paint on both of us. "I guess I didn't find them fast enough."

"It's okay, darlin', it's the thought that counts, thanks," Jasper said giving her a kiss without getting any paint on her. They stood there talking for a bit, and I'm not sure what it was, but the moment they were together seemed so private that I had to look away.

As I looked away my vision passed over the kissing booth. I couldn't help but notice the long line that was already forming. I saw Rosalie up there along with Bella and the third stool was empty. As I looked closer I saw that there were two lines, so people could choose who they got the kiss from. I wasn't surprised to see that Bella's line was just as long as Rosalie's was. Though I was a bit surprised not to see Emmett up there making all the guys walk away instead of getting their kiss from Rosalie.

"Good luck with the rest of the day. I better get to the kissing booth before Bella and Rose freak out," Alice said as she started to pull away from Jasper.

"Alice, do you really have to?" he pleaded not liking the idea of his girlfriend being kissed by many guys.

"I have to or else Bella and Rose will come down and drag me up there and make me work the booth by myself for the rest of the day, and I know you and I both don't want that."

"Fine," he sighed.

"Don't worry, I'll be thinking of you the whole time," she winked as she walked away and a lazy smile crept up on Jasper's face as he watched her dance away.

The rest of the day I couldn't help but look over at the booth just to see Bella. She looked stunning in her jean skirt and dark blue tank top that was a perfect contrast to her skin. Her hair was down in its natural waves and I was just wondering when I would be able to go over and kiss her. That is if I could work up the nerve to do that.

"How long have you liked her?" I heard Jasper ask from behind me.

"I…I um, don't know what you mean," I turned and tried to find something to do.

"Yes, you do. Besides I have a gift for knowing what people are feeling."

"What like an empath?"

"Yeah, kind of," he chuckled. "But even if I wasn't at all, I would still be able to tell that you like Bella."

"Is it that obvious?" I asked worried that she probably knew and referred to me as 'the nerd who has a crush on her'.

"Well, to everyone but Bella. She may be smart and fairly observant, but that's one thing she can't see."

"Oh," I replied. I knew it was probably obvious, but I didn't think it was that bad.

"Yeah, so if you want my advice I would tell you to go over there and kiss her," he told me as he put up more balloons.


"Yeah, I mean why not? That's what I did with Alice. She kept talking and wouldn't stop so I just kissed her. Which I quickly learned was a very effective way to get her to be quiet." I laughed at the small story, because Alice was known for being energetic, perky and especially talkative.

"You sure, I mean, isn't that ungentlemanly?"

"I know we don't know each other that well, but I'm not the kind of person who would tell someone to do something just to make fun of them. Besides sometimes to really make an impression and get a girl's attention you need to just do things that may be a bit ungentlemanly."

"Yeah, but I can't just leave you alone—"

"Dude, I'll be fine. Just go," he said nodding towards the kissing booth.

"O-okay, I'm umm…I'm going," I stuttered over my words as my feet did that weird stutter step not sure if I would be able to. In just a few short strides I was in line along with dozens of other guys waiting for their chance to kiss Bella.

As I stood there I kept thinking of all the things I read about kissing a girl. I kept going through the list of do's and don'ts. I reached frantically into my pockets. After searching them I found my breath spray and chap stick. Once I sprayed my mouth a thousand times I applied some chap stick to make sure my lips were soft. Soft lips were supposed to make a kiss better.

As I got closer to her the butterflies in my stomach started to multiply and go crazy. I couldn't control the way my hands were shaking and no matter how many times I wiped my palms on my jeans, they kept getting sweaty. I'm sure that's just what she wanted, my sweaty hands holding her face.

Then before I knew it, it was my turn. I slowly walked up the steps to where the angel was sitting. I could hear my heart pounding in my ears as I sat down trying not to fall off the stool.

"Hey Edward, I didn't think I would see you at the kissing booth."

"Well, it's for charity right?" I shrugged nervous. Maybe she didn't like me at all; maybe she doesn't want to kiss me.

"That's what I have to keep talking myself as I'm doing this."

"If you want I can just go and you don't have to kiss me it's alright." Way to chicken out Cullen.

"No it's fine, besides the two Nazis over there may yell at me for not doing my part," she motioned to Alice and Rosalie.

"I guess I wouldn't want to get you in trouble with those two."

"You have no idea how bad they could be."

"Dude, c'mon, you don't have to flirt with her," I heard Crawley complain from behind me.

"I guess I should kiss you now since, there's a long line."

"That's what I'm here for," she shrugged.

"Ummm…o-okay…here...here it goes," I mumbled.

As we slowly leaned into one another I brought my right hand up cupping her face softly as my other hand went to the back of her neck letting me fingers entwine with her soft hair. When we were a mere inch apart I closed my eyes and wished for the best.

Then I felt her soft lips lightly graze mine at first. When they did, it was almost as an electric current coursed between us. It wasn't like the kind of static shock that make you repel, but the kind that made you want it more.

I pulled away a bit not wanting to push her father or act like some of the other guys just wanting to make out with her. When I did I felt her hands slide up my chest and grabbed onto my shirt to pull me back to her. So being the gentleman that I am and not denying a lady her request I obliged and kissed her again.

This time I opened my mouth slightly taking in her delicious taste. As we kissed our lips moved in sync with one another. I slowly felt her hands leave a blazing trail from my chest to my hair where she fisted it pulling slightly. I thought that she wanted me to pull away, but instead she pulled me closer to her as I pulled her closer as well.

I'm not sure where I got the boldness from but I slowly slipped my tongue out of my mouth and ran it along her bottom lip. Eagerly she opened her mouth letting me in. When I felt her tongue start, what can only be described as a dance for dominance, I couldn't help the moan that escaped. When it did she took her the advantage and won the dance, but I couldn't say that I was complaining.

As we kept kissing I felt her body move closer to mine and I felt her straddle my leg. To help make sure she didn't fall off I dropped my hand from her neck to her hip as I rubbed circles into it and when I did it was her turn to moan. I couldn't help the smile that spread across my lips at making her make that amazing sound.

Unfortunately, we both broke apart gasping for air. We were both panting heavily as we both leaned forward resting our foreheads together. Our breaths ghosted across each other's faces as our chests rose and fell at the same time.

Slowly, I opened my eyes, and almost afraid that this was just some dream and I would be waking up. But when I did, I was met with those beautiful brown orbs. It was as if we were in our own little world, her hair acting as a curtain to shield us from reality.

She gently ran her fingers through my hair making a low moan mixed with a growl escape. As I looked at her it seemed as if her eyes darkened with something that I didn't recognize. But no matter what it was I had to kiss her again, forever.

I glanced at her red swollen lips as if giving her a small warning. When I looked back at her eyes I saw her looking at mine as she swiped her tongue slowly across her bottom lip, sucking it into her mouth and chewing on it with anticipation. Once she did that I let my fingers slide down curling under her chin. Gently I pulled her lip from her mouth because I was afraid she was going to chew it off as well as the fact that I wanted to kiss them again.

As I did that she blushed slightly as if I was catching her doing some annoying habit. I could practically feel the heat radiating from her skin as if her body called to me. Once again I slowly leaned towards her as she mimicked my movements.

"C'mon, the hotel is across the street," Crowley said loud and annoyed right as we were about to kiss again, as well as popping and making our perfect little world fall apart. I could see Bella remembering where we were as her blush became a beautiful crimson. She quickly stood up and sat back down on her stool.

"Thank you for the kiss, Bella," I said in the smoothest voice I could muster.

"You-you're…you're umm…you're welcome," she stuttered. As I stood I picked up her hand placing a gentle kiss on it. Though it wasn't her lips it was the best I could do right now since I had to leave.

As I walked across the platform to the other side to exit I passed an excited Alice and an impressed looking Rosalie. Though it was very hard to contain, on the inside I was jumping up and down and bouncing off the walls like a five year old that just ate a foot long Pixie Stick.

Even if Bella would never choose me, I would have that memory forever. I would have a small part of her with me forever and that was better than nothing. But I really hoped that Bella would go out with me when I finally get to asking her.

But one thing I know for sure, thank God for Google.



Who knew that Edward Cullen could kiss like a Greek god? And who knew how good he could look in a simple jean and t-shirt combo. I definitely didn't think so. I always found him cute but more in a dorky and nerdy kind of way.

But man, did that kiss change my mind. When I first saw him coming up I just thought it was going to be another horrible one. Either too sloppy or to eager. But he was neither. He was…perfect.

This was the kind of kiss that you watch in movies, read about in books and dream about. And when you start thinking realistically you never think that those kinds of kisses are possible. But I definitely became a believer today.

Edward was soft and gentle at first making sure I got comfortable and enjoyed it. But when we started the second kiss it was as if fireworks went off and it was the grand finale. All I wanted was to be closer to him and just feel him. The way he made my body feel whenever and wherever he touched me just enhanced that need.

Before I knew it I was straddling his leg, but at that moment I couldn't care less. All I wanted was him. The way our lips moved together just made the kiss that much more magical.

When we needed to come up for air I started to curse my body for needing oxygen. I mean c'mon, if you got kissed like this, you definitely would want to put oxygen on the backburner. Once I opened my eyes I saw his amazingly vibrant green eyes. Everything about that moment seemed perfect, even with me blushing. Then it all had to go to ruins from stupid Tyler Crowley opening his big mouth, though the hotel suggestion didn't sound too bad right now.

When I thought all the things we could do in a secluded hotel room I couldn't help the blush that raged across my cheeks and my neck. Edward then proceeded to catch me even more off guard, by kissing my hand like the complete gentleman he was, and I could barely for a sentence. Once I squeaked out some kind of answer he casually walked away like he gave girls these kinds of kisses every day. And then I didn't see Edward the cute geeky guy any more. I saw Edward the perfect man and kisser and hopefully my future husband.

Wait, whoa, I just kissed the guy and I'm already thinking about marrying him. Hey after a kiss like that, a girl can dream right? Bella Cullen. Isabella Cullen. Isabella Marie Cullen. Mrs. Edward Cullen. Has a pretty nice ring to it, I thought to myself as I wide smile spread across my face.

As I was turning back to see who I was kissing next I caught the looks of both Rose and Alice. I knew I would be staying up late as they would ask me to spill. Sometimes I wish for once they couldn't read me like an open book.

"You ready for another amazing kiss?" I heard Crowley ask as he sat down.

I would rather punch you for interrupting the best kiss of my life.

I gave him a tight smile, which thankfully was enough to satisfy him as he pulled out his breathe spray and prepared to kiss me for the third time today. Then I thought if I imagined he was Edward it wouldn't be as bad. But then as he licked his lips making them look slobbery than a dog's, I knew that was never going to be possible

As the day went on and I figured there were about three things I was positive about. First, Edward was the best kisser ever. Second, there was a part of him, under the nerd, that showed so much more of him than anyone knew. And third, I definitely had to Google 'how to get a guy to kiss you more'. Though I could ask Rose or Alice tips, I didn't want them getting involved; besides I would hate to make Edward go through a makeover like I did. Though I'm sure Alice would bring the god-like qualities out for all to see.

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