Damon had finally succeeded in winning the heart of his Queen of Darkness.

He and Elena lived in a house together in California after she chose him over Stefan. Elena had been distraught about him- and she had told the brothers her decision at Stefan's boarding house, so Stefan had had to bear the heartbreak of actually watching his girlfriend leave his house to be in love with his brother.

Damon, to begin with, hadn't cared about Stefan. He had won his Princess, and that was all that mattered for a while. But lately, Damon had begun to notice that he missed his little brother. Only a little though, but it was enough to make him ponder over sneaking back to Fell's Church to see if he was still there. And sometimes Damon wondered if his brother had killed himself. It wouldn't be unlike him to do something as drastic as that. But no- Damon thought. Stefan wouldn't have done that to his little human friends.

Elena had moped around the house when they had arrived for a few weeks. Damon could easily tell it was because of Stefan's absence: she was still in love with him. But Elena had chosen Damon, and so she only had herself to blame.

Sometimes, when Damon lay next to his Princess in bed, he wondered about what his brother would be doing- and if Stefan was eating enough. Even when Stefan had been human, when he was upset or angry he lost weight from his lack of eating. The vampire Stefan wasn't any different. Elena had packed her bag the day she left him- and the last time Damon had seen his brother was when he was loading it into the trunk of his black Ferrari. He had looked over at Stefan- who was standing in the doorway. There were tears running down his cheeks, and his eyes were full of hurt. Damon had never seen such pain in his brother's eyes before, and to be truthful to himself, he was wondering about what Stefan would do next. Would he try and follow them? Or try and kill Damon?

But he didn't try anything. He just stood- and watched as his girlfriend left him for his elder brother. Anybody else who had watched would have wept at the dramatic scene. Elena had continuous tears running down her face too, and her mouth was in a straight line as if she was trying her best not to burst into a sob. She hadn't looked back at Stefan- probably to afraid to see the hurt she had caused.

Overall- it was a very dramatic night for Damon.

He had found a house in California which he knew Elena would grow to love when she stopped grieving about Stefan. It was a three-bedroom, very spacious house with a large back garden. It was quite a rural place that Damon had chosen- which suited Elena fine as she hadn't wanted to make friends in the new neighborhood.

She hadn't been particularly bothered about where they were going to live- as she was only thinking about Stefan. She had abandoned all her friends and family to be with Damon, and he had been glad. But when he looked into her mind- he saw so much love still there for Stefan that he reigned in his Powers sharply. He knew that she would continue to love him for a while, but Elena was feeling so disgusted with herself for hurting the people she loved that Damon didn't dwell on the thought.

That was all four months ago, and they were both settled into their new home together. Damon had never lived with a girl for an entire four months, so he had to get used to all the crappy gossip magazines lying around the whole place. Elena seemed happy, but when Damon took a quick peek into her mind- he noticed a lot of sadness in her thoughts. He knew she loved him, but he also knew that she was feeling guilty that she should be so happy while Stefan was probably miserable. In fact- there was no 'probably' about that.

Damon had once tried to track down his brother by using his Power to trace him- but there was nothing. Not even a glimmer of Stefan. This could mean either one of two things: Stefan had killed himself OR he was shielding himself- and Damon had no way of telling which one his brother was doing.

Elena loved living with Damon, but a lot of the time he caught her looking out in the street at the just-visible neighborhood which was a good distance away from their house- and he knew she was thinking about her friends. Damon only remembered two of their names: Scary Meredith, and Bonnie. He sometimes found himself wondering what would have happened if Elena hadn't picked him- would he have run off with Bonnie? She was a very pretty girl, with her long ginger hair and big brown eyes. But she was also no Elena.

Stefan had had such wonderful things planned for himself and Elena: they were going to get married, get a house, and live together while all the time being madly in love.

And Damon had realized that his life was what Stefan had dreamed of doing most with Elena- having their own home and being happy.

And Damon had shattered that dream into a million pieces.

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