E/O Challenge: "Green"

Just a little shameless h/c, set during ITGPSW. Enjoy, and happy belated Halloween!


Typical stretch of ancient highway. Potholes every few metres. Dean glances at his brother, his eyes shut tight, a bloody towel pressed over his nose.

"You okay, there, Sammy?" He says gruffly. "You're lookin' a little green."

"Think my head's gonna split open." Breathless, pained.

Dean pulls over and they wait. Deep breaths, trembling hands, tears flecked in the corners of his eyes. His terrifyingly powerful little brother, angels and demons scared of him. Dean scared of him. It was just so...wrong.

He's hesitant, than assertive. Places a firm hand on Sam's shoulder, quells the tremors.

They breathe through it.