Damp footsteps echoed through the alleys. No sound could be heard in the blistering streets of London, except the whoosh of bullets passing through the air and the clang of a blade on what was marble skin. As a stranger walked on the streets at this late hour, she didn't really see anything. But should she had looked a little closer she would've seen the glint of fierce gold and seemingly cat like eyes beside blue, silvers deciding on whether or not the new visitor was athreat. The passing visitors' instincts would've immediately kicked in telling her to start running easily sensing the danger. However her thoughts of escape would have been a pointless. For she would have been held, mesmerized by the eyes piercing through her making her spellbound and unable to move. Yet should the visitor had blinked, the eyes would have vanished with speed that was un-human…but that was if the visitor had only looked a little bit closer.