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Chapter 8

I could only imagine my expression. Open mouth, wide eyes, and blatantly gawking at the spiky haired male in front of me shoveling down food like he would die. It wasn't to hard to picture considering everyone else was staring too.

After going to a quaint little spot I liked to eat at I led Train to a seat outside and away from the majority of people inside. It was a small place with delicious food; perfect place for a eat and chat kinda thing. But nothing could've prepared me for when Train ordered half the menu as if it were nothing, and continued to gobble it down once it touched the table…again as if it were nothing. I closed my mouth coming a bit out of my daze when Train picked up his empty milk bottle and looked around-still chewing- for the waiter. Not wanting to bother the poor man any more- seeing as he had scurried away as fast as possible after giving us our food- I pushed my glass over frowning at his attempt of a mouth full thank you.

"Train slow down or you'll choke!" I half yelled sighing in relief when he finally seemed to swallow and proceeded to slow down on the food eating. I took a cautious bite of my burger almost afraid of it after the spectacle I had just witnessed. Gulping down the bite I looked back up at Train. "Are you always this hungry?" I asked glaring. But he just shrugged scratching the back of his head with a nervous laugh.

"Well its been a while since I had a good meal! Sven says its to expensive and never lets me eat my fill." He muttered glaring at his napkin, a mocking laugh escaping my lips. "Ha! Gee I wonder why," I glared as he again laughed nervously. But my mind was back on track now. I had questions that needed answering.

"Train," I began with an expressionless tone that, from Trains now uncharastically serious face, I knew had gotten my point across. My mind was whirling with all the events and questions I wanted…no needed answered. Yet my body went rigid when the hollow yellow eyes of the creature popped in my mind telling me where to begin. "W…what was that…thing that attacked us that night?" I cringed at the stuttering wanting to sound completely sure and steady. But I knew it couldn't be helped with a situation like this, one completely un-ordinary. Still Trains eyes never left me. As if searching my face as if I was the one who held all the answers. Finally he sat back mouth forming a thin line as if in a grimace looking down at the table.

"Before you know anything, you have to understand something," he looked back up at me mouth still a thin line. "There are things in this world that you've gone your whole life thinking impossible. There are creatures, beings, powers beyond both our comprehension that we may never understand. Though once you enter this world you can never be normal. You will be thrust into this life that I wouldn't wish on…anyone." His voice trailed into a sad whisper letting me know how deeply he felt about this as he closed his eyes, but in an instant they were open and staring at me once again. Determination blazing in them, "If you do not want to leave the life you live in now then don't ask me anything. Just get up and leave and you wont ever see me again. Its not cowardly of you Kairi it would be smart." He finished eyes pleading as my face fell into a frown. What he had said were things I had already known and prepared myself for. Besides my life was nothing but a map without an X. Endlessly searching for the treasure. But what had me frown was how my heart had skipped a beat when he had said that I would never see him again. So jaw set I looked back at him with my own gaze desperately begging for him to understand…there was no turning back. To my relief he gave a resigned sigh as if realizing how truly stubborn I was. "Well were going to have to go some place quieter. You can stay out late right?" He asked standing up, not before shoveling down the rest of the food and milk, and began walking away whistling to himself.

"H…hey wait up!" I waited for him to stop before rushing to go pay the check. Seven minutes later anime tears streamed down my face as I looked at my now empty wallet, the money I had even stolen from John gone. I glared up at Train crying more when I realised he was was a good 3 inches taller then me. I hated people calling me short when I was a perfectly average 5'5. Yet he just grinned at me whistling away with feigned innocence.

"So where we going?" he asked looking back to me as I almost face planted.

"Stop walking off like you know where your going!" I yelled attempting to get angry at him and failing miserably. He just laughed at my face and continued to walk off with his hands in his pockets.

I had been leading Train for a good 10 minutes and I could tell he was starting to get antsy. Asking where we were every 6 seconds like a kid didn't help either. I couldn't repress the sigh of relief when I finally saw we were close. The sound of waves reached our ears shutting up Train instantly, however both of us stopping to look out over the sun set ocean. Nothing was said as we both just appreciated the beauty lay open for us. Nothing needed to be said. But it was getting late and soon it would be harder for us to get where we needed when it got dark. "C'mon," I sighed continuing to the place I knew we needed to go. Soon we were on the Peer out of the corner of my eye I could see Train looking around with wonder bright in his gold eyes. Out of no where I took a side step where some secret stairs were. It wasn't that they were secret it was just that they were so tucked away no one ever found them. I myself had only found them after tripping on air and falling down them. Needless to say the painful discovery had been worth it. And by the wide eyed, awed expression on Trains face I knew he appreciated it just as much. The ocean lay below us, waves rocking steadily under the twilight sky. I sat down letting my feet hang over the edge looking up expectantly at Train. He sat down next to me and we both let a comfortable silence ensue. Though just as it felt things would start turning awkward Train spoke making me jump unexpectedly. "You have a lot of spots like this don't you?" he asked glancing at me. I merely chuckled shaking my bangs out of my eyes.

"Not really, The Tree and this spot are it." I shrugged. But I let my face fall slightly when I realized that this moment would have to end. Never taking my eyes off of the waves I spoke. "I need to know Train, I know I can never be fully prepared for what I'm getting into. But I have to know, Ive always known their was more…hoped their was more, but I never sought it out. I knew that if I was meant to know I would. And by the turn of events I would say that destiny has finally given me hope that there is an X on my map." I said in a monotone voice the last part referring to my earlier analogy. Feeling his eyes on me once more I turned to look at his steady gaze searching my face warily for answers.

"You believe in destiny?" he asked almost skeptically. I merely smiled though.

"Not really, I just don't believe in coincidence." He nodded his head in agreement understanding. There was another pause in which we both tried to get an understanding of the other, each searching the other for un-answered questions that only the other could tell.

"They're called Hollows." He glanced over at me to make sure he had my attention. "They were once souls whom were unable to pass on and were sooner or later corrupted with darkness. They became nothing more then a shell, lacking both body and soul, due to their total lack of emotional capacity. However they aren't supposed to exist in this realm."

"What do you mean realm?" I interrupted. But he didn't seem to mind.

"There are three realms in which the universe is separated into. The realm of light where the souls of those good enough go once they pass on, the realm of darkness where souls evil and corrupted preside, and the human realm the realm of twilight. Both good and bad acting on a playing field. Hollows are created in the realm of darkness and they exist in it for all eternity. Beings created of shadows and dark matter. However lately Hollows have been appearing in this realm…and I don't know why." He frowned down at his hands thinking over something that I wish I knew. We sat there in silence just staring out at the darkened sea. I was thinking over the information about the realms. It wasn't to hard to believe and in essence it made perfect sense. Humans from the beginning had thought of the concept of heaven and hell. We had just come to call them by this instead of light and darkness. However I still had many more questions that I wanted answers to.

"What was with the eye glowing thing?" Train glanced at me with a look that asked me if I was crazy. 'Yeah I'm the crazy one.' I couldn't help think. "You know when you were fighting that girl? Why were your eyes glowing?" Comprehension seemed to come to him as I explained. However he couldn't seem to find the words to explain it considering his "fish out of water" look.

"Ah, well you see. Its honestly kinda impossible to explain. Besides your going to learn how to control it anyway." he finished shrugging. I nodded about to move on when what he'd said registered with me.

"Wait, what!" He grinned and I knew this couldn't be good if the mischievous look in his eyes meant anything.

"You didn't think I was gonna let you go unprotected now didja?" In the span of 10 seconds his face turned serious. I swear he was bipolar with his ever changing moods. "Besides Alexa will have told the organization about you. They will come after you now that they know you're a threat." He seemed to say this slowly, as if to make sure I understood the gravity of it all.

"How are you gonna teach me?" It might've just been my impression of him. But he didn't seem like the teaching type. Though I wasn't sure if I wanted to know by the sideways grin ever present on his face again.

"Oh don't you worry about that. You just let me take care of that." And he stood taking one last glance at the ocean before treading back up the stairs. With an indignant shout for him to wait up I scurried to catch back up with him. Crying out in shock when he snuck up behind me and shouted boo. Walking ahead of the hysterical boy I knew I still had questions, I knew that I still had to figure things out for myself, and I knew that things would never be the same.