The second Halloween story I was writing. Though nothing super amazing happens yet, the next chapter is trotting along :) Okay…so because I'm a late loser, this story is actually dedicated to my friend Lulu-Prints since she doesn't celebrate Halloween in Singapore. –cries- So…happy belated Halloween, and may the force (and silver Pair) be with you :D

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Hyoutei Halloween Fair

.Purple. Chocolate. Stars.

Dedicated to Lulu-Prints. Eat candy and be happy XD

The sounds of celebration and commotion surrounded the shorter boy as he stood next to his awkwardly taller junior, tugging on his costume slightly.

Approximately two hours before, Choutarou had barged into his room, getting past his parents with his innocent smile, insisting there was something he needed to talk to Shishidou-san about.

It was definitely the –san that got him through.

The tall, silver-haired boy entered the room while Shishidou was in the middle of re-reading his history text, lying on his bed, over mussed sheets while boredly poking at an amusing, large fold. Just as it seems, Shishidou Ryou was grounded on Halloween.

Shutting the door behind him, Choutarou rushed over to his senpai and embraced the vividly confused figure tightly, tumbling onto the bed himself. The bag he carried with him was left abandoned at the door frame, beside the closed door.

"Happy Halloween Shishidou-san!" the tall boy cheered, flopping down as gracefully as he could next to the startled boy.

Because Shishidou Ryou doesn't get scared; he gets startled.

"Oi, Choutarou what the hell're you doing here?!" He demanded, running a calloused hand through his choppy brown hair.

One of Choutarou's 'innocent-eyelash-battering-resistance-is-futile-smiles' crept onto his face as he went to retrieve the bag. It was about the size of a standard grocery bag, but was brown and the older boy was unable to see the contents.

In a flash, loose black leather pants, an open collared white shirt and a variety of accessories were dumped onto Shishidou's slightly stained blue sheets by the ever-enthusiastic Choutarou.

"Ah—what's this for?" He asked uneasily, unable to bring himself to reject his junior so bluntly. Choutarou just beamed his innocent smile and replied, "This is your costume for the festival tonight Shishidou-san!"(I'm just curious, how did they get his parents to let him out when he was grounded?) (Let's just say Choutarou is very persuasive =])


Shishidou tugged uneasily at the loose shirt that rustled in the wind as he walked closely next to Choutarou. It wasn't that he was embarrassed to be in a costume, it's just that he was cold. Yeah, cold.

A sudden breeze blew past them and the shorter brunette muttered a quick curse before attempting to close the uselessly open collar of his shirt.

Choutarou sent a worried glance at his senpai and stared at his shoes for a while, trying not to feel as guilty as he did.

It's not like this was my idea anyway…Oshtari-senpai just told me to bring him in this costume and then they'd cheer him up from being grounded so much. But…

In truthit was technically Choutarou's fault that the feisty brunette was grounded. After helping him with his Scud serve and staying out so late it's bound to get even the most innocent of teenagers grounded.

The Silver Pair was silent as they walked through crowds of students dressed in a variety of costumes, from zombie brides to glamorous rock stars. Choutarou personally felt out of place wearing a simple green sweater and brown cargo pants. He wished he could have dressed up, but Shishidou-san might have mentioned something about how lame he would've looked.

"A-ano, Shishidou-san, you can borrow my sweater if you'd like. I never knew it would be this cold…" Choutarou offered, stripping off his sweater and revealing a loose white t-shirt underneath. Nothing special to anyone else, but this is that part where I mention Shishidou's white-shirt-fetish.

"Choutarou…" Shishidou began, about to tell him not to look down on his senpai and lecture him about what would happen if he were to catch a cold, but was swiftly interrupted by the look of pure innocence beaming down at him.

"What is it Shishidou-san?" the silver haired boy asked, giving a few blinks of innocence for good measure, while holding his sweater out to him.

The thin white shirt beneath was one of those simple, white undershirts they would wear under their jerseies. The cotton material flapped in the wind and whispered the silver locks on the top of his head.

Small goose bumps covered Choutarou's long, pale arms and he resisted the urge to shiver from the cold.

Black and orange stalls adorned with decorative pumpkins and jack-o-lanterns surrounded them. Halloween oriented shaped lanterns lined the pathways and carefully hidden speakers emitted growling screams, spooky music and fright educing groans.

The tension between the two was unimaginable as Shishidou tugged nervously at the collar of Choutarou's sweater. Mere moments ago he was unpleasantly cold from the gusting winds, but after putting on Choutarou's sweater, which was much larger than himself, he found himself surrounded by the tall boy's scent due to the high collar. He couldn't help but feel heat rise, unvolentarily to his cheeks.

"Ne Shishidou-san, how about we go look inside the haunted house now?" Choutarou suggested. The brunette shrugged and agreed, cursing quietly when he bumped shoulders with a passerby, turning him closer to the silver haired tallness.

Passing several more stalls the pair arrived at the main attraction where groups of students and even teachers have gathered in outlandishly large groups surrounding the entrance, preventing entry past the doorframe.

They managed to shove their way through most of the crowd and peered curiously into the ominous doorway covered in cobwebs, lined with skulls and entirely blocked with people. Shishisdou gulped nervously and peeked at Choutarou for a split second. The taller boy's caramel eyes shone with excitement and a wide smile was plastered on his face.

"This is so cool! Isn't it Shishidou-san?"

A nervous laugh, then he replied with a cool, "I guess," masking his sudden uneasiness.

They avoided the crowd and crept towards the back of the building where there were fewer people so it would be easier to sneak in.

Rounding a corner, they unexpectedly encountered a startling surprise once the area was clear of people. And it wasn't even 'Atobe-in-a-bunny-suit' kind of unexpected. It was more of a…Gakuto and Oshitari sneaking out of the haunted house looking several variations of flustered kinf of unexpected.

The red-headed acrobat was riding piggy-back style on Oshitari's back with his lean arms draped over the taller boy's shoulders. Shishidou surveyed the scene for a second, and judging from what the girls in his third-year class constantly screamed about every free period, his face turned red and he took a step back out of precaution. Yaoi fangirls could take things one step too far, so eating lunch on the roof is usually a safe choice, especially when you're male.

"Eh? Yuushi, look; its Ryou and Ootori," Gakuto stated in a slightly drowsy voice. Whatever they had been doing, it seemed like they'd been in there for a while.

Choutarou greeted them with his obliviously innocent smile, waving. "I didn't think that we'd run into you two here."

The blue haired tensai smirked and replied, "Neither did I. You two aren't looking for somewhere to be alone are you?" They shared an embarrassed glance, as both their cheeks tinged pink (which was quite a feet for Choutarou, who seemed to remain oblivious throughout the contact with the opposing pair.)

"O-of course not you idiot! How the hell could you think we were trying to do that?!" Shishidou demanded, his face nearly matching the shade of Gakuto's hair.

The opposing pair shared the same taunting smirk and Gakuto hummed pleasantly, ignoring Ryou's protests. "Whatever Ryou, just make sure you…clean up when you're done okay? Let's go Yuushi! I want candy!"

The pair of tensai and acrobat took their leave and Shishidou sighed in frustration. Why were his teammates so difficult to deal with all the freaking time?

The tall tennis player next to him tugged on his sleeve nervously. While Shishidou's face was almost permanently stuck in a look of displeasure, Choutarou had a shy blush across his face and gave an apologetic look for the mischievous duo who had taken their leave.

"Shall we go in now Shishisdou-san?" He asked the shorter boy nervously.


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