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Hyoutei Halloween Fair
Part 2

.Purple. Chocolate. Stars.

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The walls around them were dark blue, almost black and lined with cobwebs and skeletons. Live rats scurried across the floor. The pair wandered through the halls aimlessly, stopping every now and then to admire a decoration or to listen for a strange noise they heard.

They proceeded to the second floor after inspecting the kitchen to find that the fridge jammed shut and that there was nothing in there except for maybe a few mouldy provisions.

Eventually, the haunted mansion was beginning to empty out until there were only a few were left wandering the building.

Chountarou led Shishidou excitedly into the large study that Gakuto had told him about during practice in a vain attempt to scare him, but only resulted in exciting the Scud Server even further for the event to see the haunted house.

The tall boy walked backwards surveying the room with fascination, until he came in contact with something sticky and stringy, followed by an eight-legged creature brushing up against him.

The previously enthusiastic silver haired boy froze and his face visibly paled.

"Oi Chountarou, what's wrong?" Shishidou asked, uneasy from his kohai's sudden change of expression. He was frozen on the spot and didn't dare move when the insect climbed onto his shoulder.

"Shi-Shishidou-san….help me," Chountarou whispered, unable to move.

No matter how worried he was supposed to be at the moment, the helplessness of Chountarou's voice turned him on uncontrollably, and even though he was supposed to be rushing to save the younger boy, his feet were planted in place and holding back the blood rushing to his face was officially futile.

It was strange though. Chountarou, who normally adored all things terrifying and cringable, was suddenly scared of…spiders.

Chountarou was notorious among the regulars to have a profound love for zombies and horror movies. So for Shishidou, seeing his kohai being so shaken up by a spider (Even if it was almost 3 feet long) was strange.

Finally, the older player sprung into action and darted forward towards the frozen body. He took a firm hold of the furry object and tore it off Chountarou's shoulders, then glaring at it after dropping it, then sending it across the room with a swift kick for good measure.

He turned back to the younger student and looked up due to the height difference. "You okay Chountarou?" But without even responding, the tower of a tennis player collapsed onto Shishidou's shorter stature.

Releasing a sudden curse, the brunette attempted to manage the new addition of weight, but only resulted in falling backward, with the carpet below him, saving him from the hard wood floor.

Squirming, he escaped from under the taller boy, and turned him over so that he was facing the ceiling. His eyes were shut and his limbs were bent irregularly.

When he finished his work, Shishidou was straddling the fallen body with his hands in his pocket, waiting for Chountarou to awaken. To anyone who would simply wander into the room, it would look particularly wrong, but it makes sense. With Chountarou knocked out for the mean time and Shishidou straddling him just waiting for something to happen, you could think whatever you want.

But suddenly, Chountarou stirred. His brows knotted for a moment, then relaxed. His eyes opened revealing the sleepy caramel orbs staring into Shishidou's. As he reached up to rub the sleep from his eyes, one of Chountarou's hands skimmed his waist, causing the boy on top of him to squirm slightly, which them cause one thing to rub against another and…

"Ah! Sorry Shishidou-san!" Chountarou exclaimed, scrambling to escape from under his senpai, but the friction only furthered its reaction on the older student.

Unable to contain himself anymore, Shishidou released a needy moan and Chountarou frozen his place, his eyes wide from the bulge in his senpai's pants. He was leaned back on his elbows with Shishidou over his waist, where the level of his pants was threatening to escalate as well.

Chocolate eyes glazing over, Shishidou leaned forward, supporting himself by putting his arms on either side of Chountarou's torso and leaning towards his shocked face.

"Chountarou…I can't hold it anymore…" the brunette mumbled through moist lips. A crimson blush occupied Chountarou's face, "W-what? What is it s-senpai?"

"Call my name…let me hear your voice Chountarou…" came a hoarse whisper, while Chountarou opted to form as much space as he could between him and Shishidou. Releasing the pressure on his arms, he fell to the ground, but realized the fault in his plan when he was trapped between the cage Shishidou's arms created.

"Please Chountarou…you need to help me…" the same lips that said these words, suddenly attached themselves to Chountarou's slender neck, which caused the usually taller male squirm uncontrollably under Shishidou.

Let me hear your voice…

"S-senpai!" he cried out, only provoking Shishidou further who extended his tongue out to lick the area of his neck where his pulse was located.

Shishidou's tennis trained hands travelled down Chountarou's sides, and fiddled with the hem of his shirt.

"I want to hear my name…please Chountarou," Shishidou gasped into his collar. "Please…"

The hands at the tall boy's slim waist played with the waistband of his shorts. The two were panting and groaning for each other; Shishidou quietly demanding release and Chountarou who was a pile of needy moans.


Lips were crashed together in a sudden urgency when his name was said and Shishidou's hands busied themselves with the hasty undoing of Chountarou's pants.

Once he persevered through the tedious button, belt and zipper, the fabric was yanked down to his knees. Between rasping pants, Chountarou squeezed his eyes shut and let out a deep moan when Shishidou's tongue managed into the warm cavern of his mouth.

Soon though, oxygen became a necessity and taking the shorter boy's shoulders firmly, Chountarou shoved him off and bowed his head, panting into the space between them.

"Shishidou-san, I—"

"I love you Chountarou." His hoarse voice interrupted the nearly exhausted teen, and caused him to raise his head and look up into the serene chocolate orbs. Shishidou's eyes stared down between them, almost shyly. His arms rested comfortably against Chountarou's waist as he inhaled the silver haired boy's sweet scent.

"I love you so much Chountarou and…I've wanted this from you for so long…" The confession caused the bridge of Shishidou's nose and beyond to turn an even shade of crimson.

It seemed as if the act of blushing furiously was contagious, for mere seconds later, once all of the information digested through Chountarou's mind, his face too, began to burn bright red. It took him a second, but it finally came out.

"I-I love you too Shishidou-san…"

For a while, the just laid there against each other, appreciating the other for just being there at that moment. Both of them were red in the face and panting quietly as they leant against the other for support.

Shishidou was the first to speak up, "Ne Chountarou…"

His head inclined slightly to look up at his senpai's winded face. He responded with a slight shuffle against his body.

"I…want to try something okay?" He asked. Chountarou turned his head to look at the older student properly. His expression was laced with curiosity and innocence, and the pink tinges to his cheeks were not helping the steady-throbbing bulge in Shishidou's pants at all.

Chountarou nodded, then sat up, which Shishidou quickly followed, growing more and more uncomfortable with each motion. The older student crawled on his knees closer to the blushing kohai and nudged at his knees to open.

The blush on Chountarou's face seemed to have returned ten fold when he squeezed his slightly teary eyes shut and complied.

The expression on the silver haired boy's face was almost too much to handle. With the red spreading across his features and his eyes half lidded and glazed with lust, it was nearly enough to drive Shishidou off the edge.

Shuffling between the younger student's legs, he whispered into his ear, his voice lowering by an octave or so, "Don't you see what you do to me Chountarou…?"

A cute whimper escaped Chountarou's kiss bruised lips. Hearing the alluring sound, Shishidou lunged forward and closed his lips over the younger's, earning a deep moan to resurface. Meanwhile, Shishidou's tennis trained hands worked on the button and zipper of his kohai's pants.

He didn't even contain the patience to pull them down and opted to shoving his hand down, past the zipper as far as he could, while working the article off of his hips with his free hand.

Continuous sounds of pleasure seeped from the younger student as Shishidou's head was lowered to meet to the slightly twitching member, practically groaning for its freedom out of the cotton restraints. Wait, that groan was from Chountarou.

With his mind clouded with lust, Shishidou took a few experimental nudges and pokes at the appendage with his cheek and nose.

Then effectively catching the squirming boy by surprise, a warm tongue was prodded past kiss-bruised lips and traced the surface of slightly staining cotton, earning arousing moans from his prey.

Chountarou's hips suddenly bucked against Shishidou's features and all the brunette heard was a chocked cry of pleasure and urgency. "Please Shishidou-san…I can't wait any longer."

The innocence, mixed with the bliss and arousal in his voice was plenty enough to drive Shishidou off the edge, but resisted.

Tanned thumbs hooked against Chountarou's boxers and slid the fabric slowly downward, the friction between the organ and fabric inevitable due to how large it was already gotten. Plus, Chountarou's frantic squirming for the removal of the garment.

Finally, after all those years, Chountarou was completely exposed to him, and he was going to make sure he never regrets it.

Shishidou's voice, still rough and lustful, mumbled a quick (and quite hot), "I'm going to put it in now."

The gruffness of his voice made Chountarou whimper cutely, and sent shivers down his spine, straight to his groin; while images and sounds of himself being taken by his senpai caused him to suddenly jerk his hips into the hot cavern of Shishisdou's mouth.

Though that wasn't exactly what he had described, it didn't fail to send frantic waves of ecstasy throughout Chountarou's body, causing the boy to grip at the carpet beneath him and moan softly.

Shishidou's tongue swirled around the member and he let loose a low moan when the cock was thrusted, with resistance into his mouth.

As he effectively pleasured the first few inches of Chountarou's hot member, on of his free hands was busy ravishing the boy's firm buttocks, while the other was spread against his hip and massaging the twitching muscles.


"Scream my name," the brunette muttered, removing the cock from his mouth and licking it lustfully on its underside. The action forced the younger one to clench his teeth shut, only releasing a few silenced whimpers.

Displeased with the sudden lack of whimpers and moans from his partner, Shishidou engulfed the entire mass into his mouth, savouring the taste of the pre cum releasing from the tip and successfully deep throating the other.

And then he got exactly what he wanted.


Electricity shot through Chountarou's body like lightning as he felt himself release into his senpai's mouth. Though he struggled to swallow all of it, the cum dripped down onto his chin and was wiped away with one of his hands.

Licking his lips, Shishidou backed away from Chountarou's crotch and licked his cum covered hand seductively. The crimson blush on Chountarou's face never faltered for a second and he simply laid back, exhausted from his senpai's actions.

The feeling of Shishidou's arms wrapping protectively around him gave him the best feeling in the world. The older student whispered sweet nothings into his ear and kissed his cheek softly.

"Mm…senpai…" was all Chountarou could mutter out quietly.

"Shh…rest," Shishidou commanded, caressing his face and kissing him sweetly on the lips. Chountarou summoned what was left of his energy and grabbed the two hands caressing his features.

"Senpai, I want you…to feel good too."

Shocked, Shishidou froze and was unable to contain Chountarou as he turned them over so that Shishidou was underneath him.

"C-Chountarou, you…idio—"

The brunette was interrupted in mid-sentence by his own needy moan.

"I love you Shishidou-san…"


"Oi Shishidou! Chountarou! Get up or you won't be able to awaken in time for practice tomorrow," the slumbering pair heard through a loud speaker. Shishidou glanced at his fallen watch with sleepy eyes. It was nearly 4 o'clock in the morning and in two hours he and Chountarou would have to drag their tired bodies to morning tennis practice.

Though something was defiantly wrong, and the voice he just heard sounded a lot like—

"Eh? R-ryou, what's Atobe-buchou doing here?" Chountarou asked, rubbing his eyes.

His eyes shot open and he shot up, turning his head wildly around the room, searching for the source of the voice.

"Oi! Atobe! Show yourself!" Shishidou demanded, sitting up.

A lewd laugh was heard then all was silent.

Elsewhere in the surveillance room where Jirou insisted that it'd be fun to see what people did inside the haunted mansion, the honey-blonde was snuggled up against the captain's arm, mumbling sleepily.

"Mm…Kei-chan, you can bug Chou and 'Shido when its morning. Just rest now," the sleeping boy mumbled, tugging weakly onto Atobe's silk robe.

Looking down at the boy longingly, Atobe complied and laid back down, snapping, which effectively shut the surveillance system down. But he'd keep the tape; for blackmail.

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