Crash Into Me.

This is my sequel to "Stupified" which I began writing so long ago. If you haven't read Stupified, don't even try to understand this one, it builds upon my storyline. Stupified was a story about Fred, Hermione and the love that I wanted there. This is going to be a Draco and Hermione story about love, loss and falling apart.

So here is the Prologue, enjoy Potter Heads ;)

A/N - This is JK ROWLINGS, Not mine!

Ms. Hermione Granger,

I've been impressed by your work initiative and success in both the training of young employees and of your excellent bookkeeping. Because of your impressive work ethic, I (and the rest of the Magical Maladies staff) would like to offer you the position of Chief Unknown Maladies Examiner in the ward of Unknown Maladies.

This promotion includes a significant pay raise and a new office. Your office manager, Tad will still be working under you, but you will also acquire a new assistant whom you may help interview and choose.

We sincerely hope that you will accept this offer.

Many Thanks,

Roma Flute

Magical Maladies Head of Department.

Hey Hermione,

I heard about your promotion through Roma today! I'm surprised that she has a heart. I can't believe that she actually gave a promotion. I'm very pleased for you. This is just a note about what you asked me about this morning. Yes, the divorce is final. I'm sorry to say that Pansy admitted that the baby is not mine, and she will be moving out at the end of the month with a hefty sum of my money. Fantastic right? Thank you so much for your concern, it really means a lot.

Take care,


D –

I'm so sorry about Pansy. I was actually beginning to like her. Do you know who the father is? I'm sorry if that's insensitive. Yes, Roma gave me a promotion for some reason and we went through about 50 applicants until I chose a junior assistant, Claire. She went to Hogwarts and was 3 years younger than us. It's so strange being in the big office with the huge chairs and examining table, how do you survive in your ward? It's so overwhelming! Again, I'm sorry about your marriage, we always thought it would last. I hope this doesn't mean that you'll be missing the Christmas Party because we always rely on you for the wine; no one picks it like you!



What's with the initials? We aren't incognito are we? Because I call the name Jeeves if that's the case. And you can be Matilda. Anyways, I'll be at the Christmas Party with the wine Pansy doesn't take… It's really quite messy. The father has not been confirmed but it's so obviously Blaise, the two of them are already making plans for when she moves out. Don't worry too much, it'll be fine. I'm old enough to deal with it myself, I'm not a child. It's just incredibly annoying that I'm 23 and divorcing a woman that I stupidly married right out of school. I'll see you later, I think we're working on the same case.

Thanks for your support.


Hermione looked up from the last note and filed it in the back of her new black filing cabinet. She took her notebook out of her purse and stood up to begin her second day as Chief Magical Maladies Examiner.