They were both violent in the sense that neither left the room without some form of bruise or cut or abrasion littering their bodies. That's just how they were, and they chalked it up to the bitch, Fate, who, being cruel and most likely PMSing the moment she decided this arrangment, made them roommates their freshman year of college. Someone even went as far as putting up a bloody caution sign over their door reading, 'Dangerous--Testosterone Fueled Males. Enter With Caution...Or Not At All Preferably.'

The last bit was scratched into the wooden sign with a crude hand. Most thought it was Gaara who did it.

One night, the entire dorm building listened with gritted teeth and pillows shoved over heads as the two boys had another scuffle--yelling, shouting, objects thrown, the like. It was going to be a long night.

Or not.

"Damn it, Gaara! We decided this was my part of the fucking room!" Came a sudden, angered shout.

The monotone reply: "I signed no contract in blood stating as such."

Silence. Quiet seething.

"GAH!" A glass ornament thrown, deftly dodged by an impassive red-head.

Gaara narrowed his eyes and shook his head. "Man, you are way too violent. My life feels threatened and I'm going to have to ask you to leave. I don't feel safe sharing a room with you."

An incredulous, flabbergasted look of pure shock painted itself over one Uchiha's face following this statement. What?!

"But you--"

"Now. Or I'm calling security."

They were both violent. But only one managed to claim the title of 'sly little bastard'.


A/N: Random as hell, right? Well, funny story actually. See, my brother--being the amazing comedian he is--was having a short little verbal fight with yours truly! And after a rather colorful threat from me, it got real quiet....And then he leaned back on his heels and said in very serious voice, "I don't feel comfortable with you in here, you're too violent and I feel like my life is in danger. I would like you to leave. Now."

This coming from the guy that can squish me like a itty-bitty bug since he's like 6 ft. tall and I'm way short and he trains for UFC for cripes sake. So it was very hilarious and I couldn't resist putting it with these two since they are the only two I could think off at the moment. Please review? Even if it's to tell me "GOD THIS WAS SO STUPID" I'd appreciate the thoughts!