Title: Jealous

Summary: SupernaturalxHigh School Musical Crossover Drabble! /"You're jealous...of the...Impala?"/ DeanxSharpay

Genre: Humor, Romance

Rating: T


Silent Knight: I only own the plot for this drabble and the drabble itself, nothing else. =]



"You're jealous...of the...Impala?" Dean Winchester asked disbelievingly to his girlfriend, Sharpay Evans.

"No!" Sharpay lied, looking everywhere except for the twenty-six year old in front of her. Dean would've believed her had he not have had a brother - Sam Winchester - who constantly lied to him, and because of Sam, he could easily tell when a person was lying. Plus, Sharpay was blushing like crazy. Dean then grinned his shit-eating grin, leaning back against the Impala, his tools long forgotten on the floor.

The blond had been minding his own business, underneath the Impala, fixing it when his girlfriend came up to him, saying that she was bored. When he told her that he was busy fixing the Impala, Sharpay went into a full-out speech, stating how Dean always cared for the Impala rather than her. And that was when Dean slid out from underneath his car, grinning up at her. Getting off of the floor, Dean accused Sharpay of being jealous of the Impala, and now, there they were: Dean grinning at Sharpay, Sharpay blushing, looking everywhere but him. Never had Dean actually thought his girlfriend would actually be jealous, of anyone or anything. But she was, and of the Impala!

With a small snort, Dean came closer to Sharpay and kissed her softly, pulling away to hug her, smiling into her soft, strawberry-scented hair. "Sharpay, you don't need to be jealous, you're more beautiful to me than anything in the world...and I love you." Dean stated easily, brushing some honey blond hair away to kiss her neck. Goosebumps immediately scattered on Sharpay's skin, making Dean smile even more.

"You...you love me?" Sharpay said, shocked. Dean's eyes widened as he realized what he had just said. But then, he smiled softly once more, hugging Sharpay even tighter, if possible.

"Yeah, I love you, Shar." Sharpay smile when she heard the nickname that only Dean and Sam - sometimes Ryan Evans, her brother - could use on her, her arms sneaking around Dean's torso to hug him tightly.

"I-I love you too, Dean." The blond girl whispered, burying her now-red face in Dean's neck just like he was doing to her. This was the second time - in her life - that she had blushed. What was going on with her these days?

It was silent as they stayed in that position, in each others' embrace. Finally, Dean spoke, "But I think I love the Impala more."


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