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The Trip


Since Emmett and I were toddlers, my mom always said we should see the world. Being the children of a small town police chief didn't leave us with a whole lot of opportunities to do so. Never one to be deterred, our mom, Renee, would get us as far away as she could on a budget at least once a year. Our big family vacation she would call it. Charlie, our dad, who would rather be fishing or watching a sporting event would go along with whatever she would choose. Now, here on the eve of my 21st birthday Emmett and I were taking a sibling trip. He was taking me to Las Vegas to help me celebrate my birthday in style! At least that's what he said. In reality, he was trying to save me the horror of his 21st birthday. My parents took him to the local hole in the wall to order his first beer, while my mom took pictures! Pictures! He was mortified. Emmett told them that they were going to have the night before to ooo and aww over me, before he would whisk me away to Las Vegas. He knew I wasn't much into birthdays, and that I didn't like all of the attention, but he told me with the millions of people milling around Las Vegas, I would blend right in, and we would have the time of our lives. Plus it was sort of a do over for him too. The way his birthday should have been. My brother's giddiness over the situation was infectious and I was looking forward to hanging out with him for a week.

"All set Bells? Emmett is downstairs loading his stuff in the jeep, and your mom is already playing paparazzi with the camera on the front porch," My Dad said from the doorway.

"Dad I am shocked! You know the word paparazzi?" I giggled in his direction.

"Very funny, I am not that uncool." He retorted.

"Yes you are, but I still love you, and yes, I am ready." I said zipping the last of my duffel bags.

"I must say you pack nothing like your Mom. Her luggage weighs more than she does," My dad said smiling, while grabbing my bags for me and leading us downstairs.

"What can I say I am a minimalist, I must have gotten that from you," I said before tripping on the last step.

"That too," he replied while holding my arm to keep me steady.

I giggled and continued to walk out the door. True to my dad's word there on the front porch was my mom in paparazzi mode snapping photo after photo of Emmett loading the jeep. When she heard us come out the door, her attention immediately turned to me. "Mom I can barely walk when my vision isn't hindered, and here you're trying to blind me with flash photography?"

"Oh baby I am just so excited for you two! I really wish you would have reconsidered and let this be this year's Big Family Vacation'!" My mom said smiling sadly with tears in her eyes. " I just don't know how many more opportunities we will get as a family to travel together."

"Oh Renee, let them be. They don't want their folks with them on their first trip to Vegas. It's not like they aren't going to come back in a week," Charlie reassured.

"Well now that Bella is in the dorms, and Emmett is working, you know how little we see them now."

"Emmett is here every other day to eat dinner and have you do his laundry, and Bella is here every few days to get some peace from her annoying roommate. What do you mean you hardly see them? I think we see them more now then what we did when they lived here full-time."

"Bells, let's get this show on the road! We are Vegas bound baby!" Emmett bellowed from behind the jeep as he loaded the last of our things.

After a long drawn out goodbye and 3 rounds of hugs initiated by mom, we were finally on our way out of Forks.

"Em I am so excited! Thanks so much for all of this!"

"Not a problem, not a problem. You know I would do anything for you Bellaboo!"

"You are not allowed to call me that in Las Vegas!"

"Of course I am! It is my little baby Bellaboo's big birthday, and as my birthright I can call you whatever I want!" Emmett's booming laughter filled the jeep, and I, like a very mature 21 year old, stuck my tongue out him. "Now little sister, what say we crank the tunes to get the mood set just right?"

Cranking up the stereo, we bopped along to Emmett's "travel" playlist. We didn't always have the same taste in music, but the ones he picked out for our adventure really put us in the right mindset for this trip!

We arrived at Sea-Tac airport in great time, with a little over 2 hours until we were scheduled for departure. We parked the jeep in long-term parking and made our way to check in. I was thoroughly surprised that Emmett had reserved us first class tickets. "Emmett this is too much, I can't believe you paid for first class tickets!"

"It's one of your presents. Just enjoy it!" Emmett replied throwing his gigantic arm around my shoulders.

"I will, really. Thanks again!" I gave him a quick squeeze and briefly wondered if he had any other surprise presents up his sleeve. "So where are we staying when we get to Las Vegas?"

With a mischievous glint in his eye he replied, "It's another present, and you can't know until we get there."

After slowly making our way through the security check point and finding our terminal, we decided to get snacks. I told Emmett I would hold down the fort, if he would run and get the goodies. I should have gone for the snacks.

"Emmett what did you bring? Did you leave anything for anyone else to purchase? This must have cost a fortune!" I told my big brother in disbelief.

"Calm down, Mom. It's not that bad. I just covered our basics, Doritos, Hot Cheetos, Funyuns, Paydays because we are going to get paaaaiiiddd, Peanut M&M's, Hershey's with almonds, popcorn, pickles, hot butter pretzels with dipping sauces, Bubblicious watermelon bubblegum, water, sodas and chocolate milk," he stated factually.

"Chocolate milk?"

"Yes, chocolate milk. What's wrong with chocolate milk?"

"Nothing if your 5."

"I happen to enjoy a fine chocolate milk regularly."


Emmett began dividing our goodies, and we sat digging in. I had been so excited that I hadn't even realized that I was hungry.

"What's your favorite M&M color?" I began after popping in 2 of them.

"Blue. What is your favorite M&M color?"

"Green." We were interrupted by a shrieking noise in the distance. We both looked up and didn't see anything.

"What in the hell was that?"

"I don't know. It sounded like screaming? Or dying? Oh my goodness, Emmett, you don't think someone just died do you?" I asked him on the verge of panicking. I didn't want to think someone died while I was on my way to celebrate.

He stared at me for a minute before replying, "No I don't think anyone is dying, but it sounds like someone is very unhappy."

After a few moments, our flight began boarding. Emmett lead the way to our seats, and we both settled in. I'm glad he chose to fly first class, because there would have been no way I could have flown comfortably next to my gargantuan brother in normal seats. His arms were the size of my legs and we couldn't have shared an armrest. After-take off our overly flirty -stewardess came to take our drink orders and see if we needed anything. My brother was oblivious to the attention he was receiving, while I was slightly irked. I didn't care that women found my brother attractive, quite the opposite actually. What I didn't like was being ignored or treated like dirt by service people vying for my brothers attention. I rolled my eyes and interrupted her flirting by demanding a pillow and blanket. Thoroughly broken out of her reverie, she left us to retrieve my demand.

"Why so rude Bells?" My brother asked.

"I was tired of her ignoring me just so she could ogle you. Do you realize she never once looked in my direction while asking if we needed anything or asking what I wanted to drink? You know better than anyone, I never treat people rude just because," I said slightly annoyed.

"I'm sorry I didn't notice she was being that way. And you are right, I know that you would never intentionally be rude to someone nor do you treat people like they are beneath you," Emmett told me apologetically.

"It's fine Em. I just got a little carried away I guess," I said giving him a sad smile.

A few moments later our attendant returned with the blanket and pillow I had asked for, as well as one of each for Emmett.

"Bells maybe we should try to rest on this flight since there's no telling when we will sleep again. For all we know these 2 hours are all we may sleep until we come back home in a week!" Emmett told me nudging me on the shoulder and smiling his big dimply grin.

"You're right Emmett. I don't know if the attendant will want to wake you though, she may want to keep you around," I said waggling my eyebrows. He ruffled my hair and turned off his overhead light. I closed my eyes smiling full of anticipation for what the week would bring. I couldn't believe I was 21. The last thought I had before falling asleep was that I had the best brother in the universe.


Every year since Edward turned 18 and I turned 17, our parents have paid for us to go on vacation together for a few days to bond and reconnect as siblings. We still take family vacations several times a year, but our parents realized quickly after we became teenagers that they did not like hanging at crowded beaches, overly crowded amusement parks, concerts, and all the other places we wanted to go to. So my very responsible brother and I picked out something we both wanted to do and we went for a few days. This year we chose Las Vegas. As a family we had been to Las Vegas on several different occasions for several different reasons. This was very different though. This was the first time we had gone to Las Vegas since either of us turned 21. Edward turned 21 last year and instead of jetting off to Vegas, he told me he would wait for me to turn 21, and we would go together. So now that I was officially 21 we made plans to visit Las Vegas. I have had everything planned for months! We had to wait until September due to scheduling conflicts but I had a very good feeling about this particular week. Call it a sixth sense if you will but occasionally my woman's intuition gets very strong and I get really good or really bad feelings about choices I make. This whole trip has my intuition on overdrive and I was feeling very good about it.

"Mary Alice Brandon Cullen! Your brother is threatening to leave you here if you don't hurry up and get your things ready to go!" My mom exclaimed from downstairs.

"Perfection cannot be rushed!!" I hollered back.

"Alice!! I am leaving with or without you in 15 minutes!" Edward yelled from somewhere in the house.

"I am sorry I am not a minimalist like you dear brother, but I must absolutely look my best for this trip," I said while lugging my personalized Louis Vuitton luggage downstairs.

"Alice we will be gone a week, not a year!" he huffed rolling his eyes.

"Whatever. I'm ready now!" I declared impatiently while waving my hands in a hurrying manner.

"Oh now you want to rush, you little pixie?" Edward alleged smirking and taking my bags from me. I crossed my arms, turned on my heels, and walked out the door. I could hear him chuckling as I walked outside.

We lived in Tacoma, but it was still a little bit of a drive to the airport. Our parents were driving us, because Edward had issues with leaving his precious Volvo unattended for a week. He didn't trust valet parking, and he was even more suspicious of public parking. Not that I was complaining or disagreeing, I wasn't exactly offering up my Porsche for the drive. I am sure that my father would have insisted on driving us anyways. He loved driving his Mercedes and he would make any excuse to do so. We all piled in to my dad's car and started our drive to the airport. The drive passed by quickly and was relatively uneventful with me chattering on and on about the shopping I was planning on doing while in Vegas to my mom. Edward and my father kept busy talking about baseball and pre-season football. We said our goodbyes to our parents and went to check in. The airport was crazy like always, but we got through security and made it to our terminal with plenty of time to spare. We settled in to wait, Edward with his I-pod and I had my latest issue of Vogue to keep me occupied. A short time after we had settled in, we heard a shrieking noise coming from another terminal. I figured it was someone who hadn't gotten their way, but it was a horrible noise that caused me to jump slightly anyways. Edward had heard it too and looked in the direction of the noise. He didn't see anything, so he rolled his eyes and continued listening to his music. I heard the boarding announcement of another airline for a flight to Vegas. I should have booked with them, since they were leaving already. I was entirely too excited to get this show on the road! Our plane started boarding soon enough, and Edward and I were comfortably seated in first class awaiting take off. The stewardess came to take our drink orders and stood there dumbfounded when my brother flashed his thousand watt smile. Eww how annoying! She walked away fanning herself a moment later. "Eww, can't she swoon on her own time?" I huffed.

"Where? Who swooned?" My poor oblivious brother questioned.

"Nothing, forget it. I was just observing something," I sighed, leaving him to his obliviousness. Our plane was finally in the air, and I was vibrating in my excitement.

"Alice, I love you, but I don't think I can handle your hyperactivity in this enclosed space for the next 2 hours. Don't you think we should rest before we get to Las Vegas? I doubt we will be sleeping much once we get there? Do you?"

"You're right but I'm so excited. I know Edward, I know. I can feel that there is something wonderful waiting for us. I don't know what yet, but all of this feels right, like we are supposed to be in Las Vegas at this point in time. Like fate or something." Edward smiled at me sincerely and I returned it. Calming down I decided to close my eyes and try to rest before we got to Las Vegas. When my eyes were closed, I saw the form of a blonde headed man. His face was obscured but I could tell he was tall, lean and muscular but not overly so, and he was pale but not in a sickly manner. As I fell into a deeper sleep my mind stayed with my dream man.


Jasper and I had been wanting to go to Las Vegas for the longest time. Finally, time was on our side, and we had the time to go. We had been spending less time together as of late, due to our crazy schedules and the fact that we had both been in relationships. Jasper had been semi shacking up with some chick named Maria. She was a total lunatic, but he put up with her. I kept trying to tell him he deserved better, but of course he didn't listen to me. Not that I was much better. I was with Royce King, king of the ding-a-lings. Jasper told me every time we spoke what a bad guy Royce was and how I deserved better,

and that he had a bad feeling about him. We should have listened to each other, that much is certain. Jasper came home one day to find a very naked Maria in his living room covered in mud, surrounded by candles and pictures and personal articles of Jasper, chanting nonsense about him. Horrified, my brother kicked her out, got a restraining order, and threatened to burn the things she left at his apartment if someone in her sorority didn't come for them. My relationship with Royce ended after he went out one night drinking with his friends. He and his buddies showed up at my place in the middle of the night, completely wasted, banging on my door and forcing their way in. Thank goodness the police officer next door had the night off and heard the commotion. My frantic screams had him barge in with his gun drawn, but not before I had been thrown to the ground and kicked a couple of times for refusing them. Royce and his friends were taken to jail that night. Royce's dad got them all off with a slap on the wrist, but I was still granted restraining orders on all of them. It has been 3 months since I had seen any of them. After the incident, I hadn't been myself. I was hoping that this trip with Jasper will help put me back to the same fun loving outgoing person I used to be.

We arrived at Sea-Tac airport shortly after 4 in the afternoon with our flight scheduled to depart at 6:15. We checked in and went through security smoothly. Jasper was securing our boarding passes, while I was looking for 2 seats in the crowded terminal, when an arm wrapped around me.

I let out a blood curdling scream in sheer terror. There standing behind me with his arm around me was none other than Grey McJunkin, cohort of Royce King. One of the men that had tried to assault me. Jasper was pushing through people trying to get to me, and security had been called. "Let me go! You are not allowed within 100 yards of me!!" I yelled flailing my arms and trying to kick him. Jasper reached us quickly and pulled me away from him.

"You have a death wish McJunkin?" Jasper snarled through clenched teeth, while balling his fists against his side. Jasper was fiercely protective of me and after the assault even more so. It had taken everything in him not to go off and handle Royce and his friends alone.

"Jasper, nice to see you," Grey replied sarcastically. "Just saw Rosie here and didn't want to be rude and not come show her some love." Just then security arrived.

"What is the problem here?" A short, dark haired police officer asked, while a tall blonde officer began taking notes.

"You see, officer, my sister has a protective order against this man that he is clearly violating." Jasper replied calmly.

"Is that accurate Miss?" The officer asked.

"Yes sir, my attorney's name is Angela Webber, and she has all of the paper work on file if you need a copy. He is to be 100 yards away from me at all times and he just came up behind me and wrapped his arms around me!" I was shaking at this point and tears were threatening to spill over my burning eyes. Jasper had come to comfort me and was now rubbing soothing circles on my back. I loved my brother. He had always known how to calm me and keep me feeling safe, even in horrible situations like this.

"Sir, you will need to come with us. Miss, do you need anything?" The dark haired officer inquired.

"Just him away from me, officer..." I began.

"Truth, Joel Truth." He introduced himself. Then motioning to his partner said, " and this is my partner, Victor Glazer."

"Rosalie Hale-Whitlock, and this is my brother Jasper Hale-Whitlock," I replied while we exchanged handshakes with the officers. "Officer Truth, to be honest I just want to try and get this over with as quickly as possible so that I can calm down before my flight. I want to enjoy my trip and my brother's company, and him still being here is very trying." I gestured toward Grey.

"We understand, Miss Hale-Whitlock. We are going to escort him away, while we get the details of the protective order from your attorney. Please don't hesitate to call us if any more problems arrive while at Sea-Tac airport. Have a safe trip."

"Thank you very much," Jasper replied for us, and we exchanged handshakes once again. They walked away, and this time Jasper and I made our way together to get our boarding passes and find seats. Truth be told, I didn't want him to leave me alone this whole trip.

Time passed by quickly after all of the ruckus and we were called to board our plane. We settled in and before I knew it I had fallen asleep after my adrenaline had crashed.

The next thing I remembered was hearing a ding and "Welcome to Las Vegas the current temperature is 89 degrees. We thank you for choosing to fly with us, and we hope you have a wonderful time in Las Vegas!" Jasper stood, stretched, then moved to get our carry-ons. I stood as well, stretching, and checking to make sure we had everything.