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Mortified, utterly humiliated, embarrassed, and horrified didn't even begin to describe my first encounter with Edward. A perfect, and I do mean perfect, stranger saw me stumble and fall, naked as the day I was born! At first I had been terrified of him. I was worried he was one of those stalkers or serial killers that prey on unassuming women like the ones I'd seen on the news. I was frantic. Emmett was nowhere in sight. He was way bigger than this guy, and if he was sitting here calmly, did that mean he'd already overpowered Emmett? Was he hurt? These kind of thoughts rushed through my mind. I went into survival mode thinking if I could just lock myself in the bathroom, I could use the phone in there that I had seen earlier. I had never been more grateful for the excesses of the rich like I was right then. Never in a million years would it have occurred to me to have a phone in the bathroom. I slowly started making my way towards bathroom, when the Swan curse left me utterly useless, in a naked heap, on the floor. Defense tactics my father and Emmett armed me with over the years flooded my brain and forced me to react when I thought Edward was going to hurt me. I kicked him, hard in the groin, causing him to go down. I felt utterly horrific when he explained that he and Emmett had gotten tangled up downstairs and ended up switching keys. I mean seriously, way to give a guy a chance Bella. As if that didn't make me feel bad enough, he remained a complete gentleman through the whole thing, never letting his eyes wander. He remained polite even though I could have seriously jeopardized his chances of having children one day. He told me he was glad that I was trying to defend myself and that he didn't have any ill feelings over it. I was glad that he had a little sister and that he was protective of her, just like Emmett was of me. He left to go check on her when he realized that she probably had an encounter with my gorilla sized brother at the same time.

Emmett returned to the room no worse for the wear after his encounter with, his nickname not mine, fun-size Alice. He said she was like a miniature candy bars people hand out at Halloween. "She is a riot, a fiery little bossy thing," Emmett relayed their encounter. "I think you would like her a lot, Bella. When I told her I was here with my sister, she went on and on about all the things we could do as a group while we're here." "I don't know, Em, I think I pretty much ruined any kind of potential friendship when I kicked her brother in the family jewels."

"While I am sure Edward, had to ice them bad boys," Emmett chuckled while nudging my arm, "I think you wooed him more than anything else. When he got to the suite, he told us what happened. Instead of being angry, he smiled when he talked about you. He said that he wished you two would have met under different circumstances so you would have had a better first impression of him," Emmett told me with a sly grin. That grin never meant anything good when it came to Emmett. It meant the sneaky side of his brain was running full force.
"Yeah, he said as much when he was leaving. I think no matter the circumstance, I would have still made a fool of myself in front of him."
"Swan curse?"
"Of course."

"I am so lucky I got skipped on that particular trait," Emmett replied grinning ear to ear.
"The looks skipped you too, sadly," I replied giving him a sad look.
"As if, little sista! I got the looks and the skills that are ill," he replied crossing his arms over his chest, running his hand over his chin, and slanting a little to the side in a move reminiscent of the old school rappers with the word to your mother look. I laughed loudly at him until a throw pillow from the couch hit me square in the head. I would have lobbed it right back at him except for the fact that I threw like a girl, and my coordination was severely lacking. I probably would have only hurt myself. Satisfied that he had shut me up, Emmett looked around and said, "So, little sister, what's next?"
"Well Em, it's still a bit early for dinner. We could go check out the hotel's casino and shops, or wander around the strip until we find a good place to eat. There are plenty of restaurants to choose from, and we have all night. Maybe we can find ridiculous places to take pictures in front of and text some of them to Mom." "Nice! I am going to change into something more "Vegas cool," and then we'll head out. Cool?"


I smiled to myself, reflecting back on the day's events. I knew coming here would change our lives, but it wasn't until I saw the smile on my brother's face when he talked about Bella, that I realized how our lives were going to change. My intuitions had been on overdrive since we arrived, and I had no idea why. I came up to our suite fully intent on taking a long, luxurious shower, when my sixth sense told me to wait. Sure enough, not 10 minutes later, Emmett bounded into our suite, yelling for his sister, Bella. Instinctively I knew not to be scared. Moments later, when he entered the living area I was in, his sheer size should have terrified me, again though, my gut reaction was peaceful. I gave him a shy smile as confusion washed over his features.

"What are you doing in my room? Where is Bella?" Emmett stated starting to panic.

"I don't know who Bella is, and you are in my room. How did you get a key?"

"They gave me a key. My sister she didn't come in here?"

"Who is 'they,' and why did they give you a key?"

"The concierge gave me a key, who else?"

"I am just trying to figure out how you ended up here. I'm Alice Cullen by the way," I said extending my hand.

"Emmett, Emmett Swan. Wait! Did you say Cullen?"

"Yes, why?"

"Uh, Edward, do you know Edward Cullen?" he asked starting to pace.

"He's my brother. How do you know Edward?"

"I don't, not really anyway. We literally bumped into each other downstairs. Crap! Bella!" Emmett exclaimed slapping himself in the forehead. "We must have accidentally switched keys!"

"What?" I asked trying to wrap my head around everything I was hearing.

"When we collided, we both dropped everything we'd been carrying. I must have handed him the wrong key." He was getting frantic. "I have to get back to my sister, Bella. She will flip her chicken if he walks into our room!"

"Chicken? What are you talking about?"

"It's an expression. You know, like freaking out? Losing her mind? It will scare her to death if a stranger shows up in our room. She was already worried that we would encounter serial killers and crazy stalkers when we got here," Emmett explained.

"I wouldn't worry about that. Edward can be very charming, dazzling even. I'm sure they will be fine, but if you are so worried about it, we can call downstairs and find out what room you are supposed to be in. We can even call the room and warn her before her gets there."

"I have to beat him to the room. Bella isn't exactly reasonable when she is in panic mode. She told me she was going to shower when she got to the room. Hopefully she took a long shower, and I can get there before your brother does.''

"Let's call right now, and I will even go with you. It will all work out, I can feel it." Just then we heard a knock at the door. Emmett and I opened the door to a very slow moving Edward.

"Edward, what's wrong?" I asked concerned.

A genuine smile crossed his face, and he said, "Emmett your sister has a swift sure kick when she is scared."

Emmett winced, and I was teetering between amused at the situation, curiosity about Edward's reaction to Bella, awe of Bella, and concern for Edward and his heir makers; all in one breath.

"I am glad she remembered her self defense, although I am sorry she aimed it at you."

"It's all good. Once everything was gotten cleared up, she felt bad about it. I'm glad she reacted the way she did. I hope Alice would have done the same in that situation. In fact, she was worried that Alice had done the same thing to you," Edward continued. "I suppose not, considering you aren't in any pain and seem to be moving fine."

"I wasn't in the shower yet. Woman's intuition and all that jazz had me waiting a few more minutes," I told him.

"Emmett and I were concerned for you and Bella though. He told me about her fear of encountering dangerous people while visiting here."

"Bella is lovely. I really wish we would have met under better circumstances though," Edward said grinning from ear to ear. "I would have loved to leave her with a better first impression."

"I'm sure it's fine. If she does have a bad first impression of you, I will help clear it up."

"I'm so excited that there is another set of siblings we can hang out with, Edward!" I exclaimed bouncing up and down.

"Oh no, Alice, don't start. It's enough that you are in complete control of our vacation. It's not fair of you to try and hijack theirs too!" Edward retorted.

"What do you have in mind, Fun-Size?" Emmett asked with a mischievous glint in his eye.

"I would love to meet Bella first of all," I started but then was rudely interrupted.

"You have no idea what you just asked, Emmett. I need ice and rest, now preferably," Edward groaned while slowly hobbling away.

"Ignore him. He's just grouchy, because with you and Bella on my side, we'll be unstoppable, and he will have to go along with whatever I say. Especially if Miss Bella is going. Think of it, Emmett, there are so many things we can do as a foursome. We can see shows, have dinner, ride roller coasters, gamble, sky dive, SHOP! The list is endless!!"

"Whoa there, Fun-size, we are only here for a week."

"So are we. That's plenty of time to get everything done. Plus, think of all the guy things you and Edward can do while Bella and I do girlie things."

"Bella isn't into shopping. I don't know what else you would do with her."

"Emmett aren't there areas of Las Vegas you want to explore that having a sister with you wouldn't exactly compliment? I mean she can't very well help you score with the ladies, and I'm sure you don't want to help her land a dude."

"I don't exactly have to worry about landing a dude for Bella, she's a bit prudish. She hasn't exactly cashed in her V-card if you know what I am saying."

"Oh if Edward ever found out that I was even telling someone else he would kill me, but, he's a card carrying member as well. If your sister didn't permanently break him."

Emmett grimaced then said,"Well aren't those two a match made in heaven?"

"Yes, Emmett, they are," I responded grinning my knowing grin.

"What's that look for?" Emmett inquired.

"Oh Emmett, I have never seen Edward respond to anyone the way he did your sister. He usually doesn't even notice girls, especially the ones that throw themselves at him. I was beginning to wonder if he was asexual or something, but even after Bella kicked him in the baby maker, he smiled when talked about her. It almost sounded like he revered her."

"I saw that too. I just didn't know what to make of it. Listen, you know how to get a hold of us now. Don't be strangers. I'm going to go check on Bella now. She is probably worried," Emmett said as he walked toward the door.

"Sure, let's exchange cell numbers too, if you brought yours."

"I don't leave home without it." He told me his number, and I couldn't believe it.

"You have a Washington state phone number?"

"Of course, wait, how did you know it's from Washington?"

"We're from Washington!"

"No way, what part?"


"We are from Forks, but I have been living in Seattle since I went to college."

"Awesome. I knew we were suppose to meet you." I gave him my number too.

"Thanks, Alice, I'll be hearing from you soon, I hope."

"Most definitely! Now go check on Bella while I check on Edward. We will have to get together soon!" I exclaimed while giving Emmett a squeeze. I gently shut the door after Emmett left and went to check on Edward. "How are you feeling? Will you be able to carry on the Cullen name eventually?"

"Very funny, Fun Size. Emmett took awhile to leave. What kind of things are you going to subject us all too?"

"Ha ha, I would have you know that Emmett and I did not cement any plans. However, I did find out some very interesting news about the Swans."

"Really? What kind of news?"

"Wouldn't you like to know? I think I'll keep it under my hat for the time being, dear brother. Are you up for doing anything tonight? If you are too sore or whatever, I'm sure we can find stuff to do around the hotel."

"We can go out for dinner and hit a few casinos. Believe it or not, little sister, I'm feeling lucky."

We decided to make reservations at the Bellagio's restaurant, Picasso and after dinner we would go to Club Priv , the high limit lounge in the Bellagio. I left Edward to his own devices and finally took the luxurious shower that had been calling my name since we arrived.

Dinner was fantastic. I was so excited to try my hand at gambling. I just knew it was something I was going to be good at. I think my sixth sense was going to come in mighty handy at whatever I chose to try in Vegas.


Dinner was exquisite. Jasper had really chosen a fantastic restaurant. Everything was so decadent, I felt like I'd never eaten before. The food was so good. Our conversation during dinner was lively. We reminisced about childhood pranks and how many fights my brother was in because of me. We laughed about how many girls I had to scare, within an inch of their lives, when they started rumors about my brother. I reminded him about the times I drug him all over the mall because he got his driver's license first and the time he tricked me into thinking we were going to the mall, when in fact he drove me to a Civil War reenactment with hideous costumes and people speaking in the most random ways. Turns out they were speaking the way people did in those times, but really I was fifteen what did I care? We talked about starting college and how much things had changed in such a short amount of time. Lucky for us, or maybe for the rest of the restaurant, it was time for the show to start. I happened to glance up and noticed people staring at us. I kicked Jasper under the table, who was still laughing uncontrollably and banging his hand on the table. La Reve was absolutely breathtaking. The way they moved their bodies in and out of the water and the sheer athleticism they exhibited was just awe-striking. I was a dancer up through most of my teen years, but my body was never that graceful. Up until this point I had taken pride in my talent, but now I realized I was an amateur compared to these people. I wasn't even sure they were people when they moved like that. They must have been otherworldly. I was completely taken with it and time passed by too quickly. Jasper and I sat and waited out most of the crowd before we left the amphitheatre.
"That was so fantastic, Jasper, thank you. Did you like it? I know this isn't your type of thing exactly."
"I thought it was cool. I figured you would have enjoyed it more than the UFC match I wanted to drag you to. Although, if you want to go, there's still time..."

"Jasper, for you I would definitely go watch half naked behemoths beating each other to bloody pulps."
Jasper laughed and shook his head at me. "So, sister dear, what do you feel like doing next? I am not really tired. It's still early."
"What do you say to some drinks and checking out The Bellagio's casino?"
"It's like you read my mind."
"Cool, lets go!" Jasper said leading me out of the theatre and into our waiting car. The cool, dry dessert air was refreshing compared to the thick, humid air of home. The drive back to the Bellagio was packed full of people watching. It was amazing that in the amount of time it took us to get back to the Bellagio, we passed all different types of people. I was most stunned by the eccentricities of the way people wore their clothes, if that's even what you could call them. I was appalled at all of the half naked people that were running around. Jasper seemed equally horrified, so it made me feel better. I supposed we were more sheltered than I thought. When we got to the Bellagio's casino, we immediately began discussing which direction we would go first. I wanted to hit the craps tables, but Jasper was itching to play Texas hold 'em. Agreeing to disagree, we went our separate ways. I was a big girl after all, even though my highly protective older brother would never agree. On my way to the table of my choice I saw him, the man of my dreams. He was tall with broad shoulders, curly dark hair, muscular but not grossly, and dimples that made my knees weak. I wanted to run up to him, wrap myself around him, and never let go. Unfortunately he was walking with a pretty little brunette. The good ones were always taken, I didn't know why I even bothered to hope. "Excuse me, Miss? May I stand next to you?" It was him, the man of my dreams, and he was talking to me. Unfortunately, my brain-mouth coordination faltered, and I just straight up stared into his beautiful blue eyes. Finally after a few moments, I was able to regain my composure and responded, "Of course. I don't own the space next to me." I had to turn on my aloofness, before he saw how much he unnerved me. Chuckling, he responded, "I didn't think you did. I was just trying to be polite."
"Just don't stand too close. I don't want you giving me bad luck," I said crossing my arms over my chest. Meanwhile, my insides were screaming, 'if you get too close, I may respond inappropriately for a public place.' He did as I asked and kept his distance. After a few rounds, a Stupid Drunken Frat Boy came and squeezed himself between us. Just as I was about to protest, he reached out and grabbed my behind! "Nice butt, Mama!" Stupid Drunken Frat Boy said. Before I knew what was happening, my dream guy and Jasper, who appeared out of nowhere, were on SDFB. Shortly after security was escorting him out. Man of my dreams and Jasper made their way back to me.
Man of my dreams reached me first. "Are you okay?" "Rosalie, let get out of here," Jasper said as soon as he caught up.
"Jasper, I'm fine. We don't have to go. Thank you, sir. You saved him from a broken nose. If you hadn't stepped in I would have punched him."
"I'm sorry. I didn't mean to imply that you couldn't take care of yourself. I just don't like it when trash like that thinks they can put their hands wherever they want,"
he told me sheepishly.
"Thank you. Unfortunately, it's not the first time I've had to deal with those types of idiots. I'm Rosalie, by the way."

"My name is Emmett McCarty, pleased to meet you," he said extending his hand to me.
"This is my brother and body guard, Jasper," I said introducing them. They exchanged handshakes as well.
"I'm going to go find my sister and head out. I think I've had about all the excitement I can handle for the evening. It was a pleasure meeting you both. I hope we see each other around again, hopefully under better circumstances," Emmett said shaking our hands again. After he disappeared from our sight, I decided I'd had enough too.

"You know, Jasper, I guess you're right, we should go. We have a lot to look forward to, and we should try and rest." He nodded and followed me back to our room. We got comfortable and decided to watch a movie before bed.