Author's Notes: This story takes place six months after Lost and Found. Haruka still didn't come back to Michiru, but the aqua haired girl won't give up hope. And her hope will be rewarded :-) Disclaimer: I do not own Haruka or Michiru, but I own the plot.

Dedication: I dedicate this story to Nyx_Girl, she'll probably wonder why now ^^ Just because she always gives me nice reviews, and I live for them! So: Thanks, Nyx!

Haruka's Return

Michiru yawned and put her pencil down. It had been six months since Harukas disappearance, and still the newspapers were full of the mysterious woman who kept saving people from various dangerous situations. The Tokyo Times had started to call Haruka "The Wolf" or "Wolverine", according to the claws that looked like those of the Marvel Comics character Wolverine. Every time Michiru read about her love saving someone, she felt proud and happy, but she still waited for Haruka to come back. Thoughtfully, the aqua haired woman stared at one of the pictures she had cut out of a newspaper. It showed a well-done sketch of Haruka, standing on the street, a burning building in the background. Over the blondes shoulder hung two unconscious people, and the claws were glistening in the fire. "That painter sure has great talent." Michiru thought to herself while her eyes wandered across the caption. "Tokyo's unknown hero Wolverine saves people again!" it read. "Wolverine…who comes up with something like that?" Michiru thought to herself, shaking her head. She had bought a X-Men comic the day before and had found out, much to her dismay, that the original Wolverine was a muscled brute – and he was very hairy. Michiru grabbed a pin from her drawer and pinned the picture on her blackboard, where already ten others hung, all of them pencil sketches. For some weird reason, no photo that was made of Haruka turned out well; Michiru assumed that it had something to do with the metal that covered the blondes skeleton. "Time to go home." The aqua haired girl now thought to herself. She packed her things into her handbag, put on her darkblue coat and made her way out of the office over to the elevator. She pushed the button that called it up, and the elevator made it's way up with a buzzing noise. When it arrived at the floor where Michiru waited, a soft "Bing" noise came from it, and the doors opened. Michirus eyes went wide, and her heart skipped a beat when she saw who stood inside the lift.

"Hello Michiru." The person walked out of the elevator and leaned against the wall casually, smiling. Michiru wanted to say something, but found herself unable to do so, since there suddenly was a huge lump in her throat. Instead of talking, the aqua haired woman through herself into the waiting arms of her love. Haruka had finally returned to her. And now, that she finally felt the strong arms of the blonde wrapped around her again, Michiru started to cry. "Shht." Haruka whispered while holding her love close, stroking her shaking back all the time. "Calm down, Michiru." "Oh God, Haruka…I missed you so much…I hoped you would come back to me some day, but I never knew for sure…" "But I'm here now." Haruka spoke, her voice sounding deep and husky. Michiru looked up at her love and smiled. "I see that, Haruka. Now…what about a reunion-kiss?" Haruka laughed and nodded before she bent down and kissed Michiru softly on the lips. She wrapped her arms around the smaller woman, and after the kiss they stood embracing each other for a very long time.

Finally, after the two women had managed to depart from each other, Michiru begged Haruka to come home with her. Harukas answer drove a splinter of pain into the aqua haired woman's heart. "I can't, Michiru, I'm sorry." "What…what do you mean, you can't?" Michiru asked, tears welling up in her blue eyes. Haruka looked down at the polished tips of her cowboy boots and made her claws pop out. "I can't come home with you because of that." She then said, raising her hands so the claws glistened in the light. "You see, Michiru…Weapon X is still inside me, and it tries to regain control. I have to defeat it before I can come home." "And you want to defeat it by helping people." Michiru answered, and it wasn't a question, it was a fact. Haruka nodded, and Michiru looked down for a second. "Why are you doing this to me?" she then asked, looking up and directly into Harukas eyes. "Why do you come here to me, when you won't come home with me?" "I'm sorry." Haruka answered helpless. "I just…" She swallowed and spoke on, in a softer voice. "I just wanted to see you." Michiru closed her eyes, tears running out of them. "Okay." she finally whispered. "Then leave now. You saw me, you kissed me, and now you'll leave again." "Michiru, please…" Haruka started, reaching out for her loves shoulder. Michiru backed away. "Please just go, Haruka." "I'll come back when I'm ready." Haruka promised, and Michiru managed to smile at her. "That's alright. I'll wait for you, Haruka." "I love you", Haruka said, still sounding helpless, before she turned and walked into the elevator. As soon as the doors had closed, Michiru broke down on the hallway crying.

To be continued….