„Stop!" Haruka yelled while her claws popped out. The men looked at her fearful, jumped into their car and started the engine. Haruka increased her speed and jumped on the bonnet of the car just before it drove off. Michiru covered her eyes in fear while the other people who watched the scene cheered. Some teenagers even started to chant: "Wolverine, Wolverine!" Haruka grabbed the windscreen wiper for support, with the end effect that she tore it off. The blonde stared at it for a few seconds dumbfounded before she snarled, threw it away and smashed her fist against the windshield of the car. The driver yelped and hit the break hard, causing Haruka to fly off and hit a wall. "HARUKA!" Michiru yelled, jumping up from her seat. The blonde came to her legs amazingly fast, thankful for her increased healing rate, and ran over to the car. The doors of it opened, and the two men climbed out, aiming their guns at Haruka. The blonde just laughed at them and launched forward, her fists shooting forward. She hit the guns out of the men's hands and grabbed their collars, holding both of them up in the air. "Okay, let's have a talk." She then smiled. That was when police arrived.

Haruka leaned back in her chair, happily watching how Michiru counted the money her love had been paid. "Ten thousand yen!" the aqua haired girl finally grinned. Haruka smiled and patted her love's leg. "And that's just the start, honey. The police agreed to cooperate with me – after all, I'm some kind of hero – and tomorrow the story of my heroic actions will be in all newspapers." "And in the TV." Michiru added. "Oh, by the way, don't forget the interview. It's tomorrow." Haruka whined a little about that, but finally calmed down. "Okay okay. I'll do the interview…" she sighed when she saw Michirus scolding look. " But now I need some rest. And I have to clean my claws." Haruka stated before she got up and helped herself to a rag and car polish. "You use car polish to clean them?" Michiru yelped, and Haruka chuckled. "Sure. After all, they are metal. It's perfect. And it makes them glint nicely in the light. They look more threatening." Michiru shook her head and flinched when her love's claws popped out with the usual metallic sound. "I hate that noise." The aqua haired woman stated, and Haruka smiled. "First, I hated it too. But now I know that these nice claws are very useful." She informed her love. Michiru eyed them once more, still fascinated by their deadly aura. "Useful? Give me an example." She demanded, smiling. "Well…", Haruka mumbled, "you never need a letter opener." Michiru let out a desperate sigh at her love's childishness and buried her face in her hands. "You'll never grow up." She finally said, and Haruka laughed before she returned to polishing her claws. "That's what I missed." The blonde thought to herself. "The laughing and the love of Michiru…I'll never leave her again." Thinking that vow to herself, the blonde knew that she would never break it. She loved Michiru to much to leave again.


Author's Notes: Okay, this was short, that's why I write an Author's Note, to make it seem longer ^^;; anyhow, I like the Weapon X idea way to much to stop it with that story. I'm planning on writing more stories about Haruka as some kind of super human who helps people as private detective, and I will also bring in some original characters which will help her with her cases. If anyone is interested in stories like that, of course ^^

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