Chapter 3: Mission Gone Wrong

I gazed out the window of the plane, watching the clouds float by slowly and the landscape below seemed so far away.

"Drake, you ready?" Will called to me as he flew the dingy plane as best as he could.

"Yeah…"I sighed, still concentrating on how I allowed myself to be put in this situation.

"Good luck." Will yelled as I opened the door.

Outside gusts of wind ceased to stop but instead gained more speed. Needless to say, I was feeling less confident then I have before.

"Thanks." I replied as I jumped out of the metal bird.

The world raced closer to me. The wind went through my clothes, creating more fear within myself. I pulled on the cord once I calculated that I was at the appropriate level. The parachute soon caught up with the speed of the air and spread its wings, having me float down into a forest.

"You've got to be kidding me! Not another place full of trees." I complained, my feet hitting the ground hard causing my balance to become a little off precision.

"No, remember what I told you. It's an international business. This forest is the closest hidden location to their headquarters." Will explained once more.

I unhooked the parachute and headed towards the specific location.

"You know, you could have picked an easier assignment." I suggested, moving a branch away from my face.

"The client wanted somebody who was well skilled and had a good background and I delivered." I could tell that Will was smirking, obviously proud of himself on completing his obligation.

"You could have delivered somebody else." I responded sarcastically.

"Hey, you're the best. You might think that you would take that as a compliment." Will argued.

"I do, it's just that it always seems that I'm doing more work than anybody else in my department."

"That's what you get for being so good at your job." Will "complimented" again.

Will was a man that I had come to trust over the years but sometimes I wondered why I fulfilled his wishes as far as numerous assignments came along.

"Ha! Very funny!? I said, getting bored of the conversation already. "Will! I'm here." I whispered, trying to conceal my body from the guards that scouted about the perimeter, looking for any suspicious characters.

"Remember to hurry it up." Will scolded.

I had gone on many assignments not to mention that I had been doing my job for a long time and he still some what questioned my skills which in itself pissed me off a little.

"Yeah, I know. I have done this before, Will." I replied and rolled my eyes.

"gotcha." Will said.

I climbed up the nearest tree and slowly crawled a couple of branches that dangled over the barbed wire fence that completely surrounded the property. I let go of the branch and rolled my body. A piece of my black shirt scraped against the metal thorns that tore into my skin, blood immediately broke through the injury. I rolled on my land, not wanting anymore damage to come from some miscalculations. I scurried over to the side of the building, taking a closer look at the gash on my shoulder.

Out of all times, it just had to happen now

I sighed at the thought. I wiped the scratch with my shirt. I didn't have time to bandage it let alone worry about it.

A guard moved close in my direction. He rounded the corner and that was when I made my move. I grabbed the bulky man by the collar of his shirt and flung him towards the wall, knocking him unconscious. I swiftly ran around the corner to the other side of the building.

My heart was acceleration as the blood raced through my veins with such speed. A light blanket of sweat covered my face.

I gazed around the space that surrounded me. A security camera was turned in the other direction and a vent was just above my head. I grabbed the covering of the vent, applied little force and it popped off. I tossed the lid into the metal container, hooked my hands on the edge and pulled myself up. Once inside the vent, I reapplied the lid then crawled through the small space, only bumping my head once on the metal ceiling.

Soon I came across a vent that was located right above the office where the document was destined to be. I pressed my ear against the filter, listening for any voices that might be coming from the office. All I heard was silence. Excellent.

I removed the cover and hopped out of the metal tube and landed solidly on the soft carpeting below my feet. I strutted across the office to the wooden desk that sat in the back. I began moving paper that did not hold any significant meaning and soon found the document. I grabbed it quickly, ready to make an escape when I suddenly I heard a voice.

"Hey! What are you doing?!" somebody called out.

My heart just about nearly stopped when I heard their response. A thicker blanket of sweat covered every inch of my body now.

I can't believe that I had gotten caught. I felt anger boiling within myself. I looked up to see something that I was not at all expecting.