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Warnings: Vivian bashing, some sexual references, nothing explicit

Summary: It's Halloween, and everyone is gathered at the Kaiba mansion for a Halloween party. Will this party bring Yugi and Yami together as a couple, or will someone else get in the way?


It was the day before Halloween, and the Game Shop was busy with some kids.

Solomon had taken to stocking the store with Halloween costumes that looked like Duel Monsters for any age group, so there were people coming in to get some of the costumes last minute.

Yugi and Yami were the ones that were working the Game Shop.

It had been nearly a year since the Ceremonial Duel had been fought. Yami hadn't wanted to go to the afterlife, and the gods had allowed him to remain in the present day as he wished. Yami was given a body of his own.

As it turned out, Bakura and Marik were in love with their lights, and they were also given their own bodies and allowed to live in the present day under the condition that they stopped their evil ways. The two darks had agreed to it, and only caused a small amount of mischief every now and then.

In a surprise twist, Atemu, who was Yami's younger brother back in Egypt, was also allowed to come to the present day and live a new life since his was cut short.

Atemu and Yami both lived in the Game Shop with Solomon and Yugi.

Two months after Atemu and Yami moved in, Heba Mutou, Yugi's twin brother, came to live with them as well.

Atemu and Heba became fast friends, and they were dating only two months after Heba came to live with them.

Tea had had a crush on Yami, and she had asked him out, but Yami told her that he didn't feel that way about her. Tea had turned her attention to Tristan afterwards, and the two had been dating for three months since then.

Seto and Joey had finally admitted that the only reason they fought so much was because they liked each other and wanted the other's attention. The two had been dating for three months now. Joey lived with Seto now so that Joey didn't have to live with his drunken father anymore.

Serenity and Mokuba, oddly enough, found themselves attracted to each other, and they started to date after their brothers' finally gave their consent, which only took the 'puppy dog eye' that Yugi had taught the two young ones.

Yugi and Yami were the only ones who were not dating anyone.

Yami turned the sign on the Game Shop door to closed. "I am exhausted!" Yami said as he turned back around.

Yugi laughed. "Well, you can blame Grandpa. He's the one that decided to sell Halloween costumes this year." Yugi said.

"I know. Why did Atemu and Heba get out of helping?" Yami asked.

"Because they worked this morning, and from what Heba said, it was just as bad as now." Yugi said.

"Right." Yami agreed.

After the two cleaned up the shop, they headed back into the house.

"Where is Grandpa, anyway?" Yami asked.

"There was a party at the museum that Grandpa was invited to. There were several old friends of his that he went on digs on years before, and he wanted to see them again." Yugi answered.

"Understood." Yami said.

The two walked into the living room and sat down.

For about a second.

"ATEMU! I'M GOING TO KILL YOU FOR THIS ONE!" Heba suddenly shouted.

Yugi and Yami looked at each other before jumping up and dashing up the stairs. The two ran into Heba and Atemu's room to find that Heba was glaring at his boyfriend and Atemu was cowering.

"Please, Heba? It's just one time." Atemu said.

"Not on your life! There is no way that I am going to do this!" Heba snapped.

"But it goes with mine, Heba. Please?" Atemu pleaded.

"I SAID NO!" Heba growled.

"What's going on?" Yami asked.

"And why does Heba look like he wants to kill you, Atemu?" Yugi asked.

"Well, Heba told me that I could pick out our Halloween costumes, and he doesn't really like what I decided." Atemu admitted.

"He wants me to dress up like a freaking girl!" Heba shouted.

Atemu winced.

"You want him to dress up like a girl?" Yami asked with a raised eyebrow.

"Well, I was going to go as a Pharaoh, and I sort of wanted Heba to dress up like the Queen." Atemu said.

Heba glared heatedly at his boyfriend. "I will not dress up like a girl! I am male, in case you've forgotten!" Heba snapped.

"I know very well that you're a guy, Heba." Atemu said.

"Then why do you want me to dress up like a girl?!" Heba shouted.

Yugi shook his head and placed a hand on his brother's shoulder. "Heba, calm down. It is Halloween, and it's not that big of a deal. It's one time a year. Besides, you were the one that said Atemu could pick out the Halloween costumes, so you only have yourself to blame for this predicament." Yugi said.

"But-" Heba started.

"Come on, Heba. What's the big deal?" Yami asked.

Heba groaned. "I am never going to live this down." Heba said.

Yugi looked over at Atemu. "What does the costume look like?" Yugi asked.

Atemu got it out and showed him.

The costume was a dark blue dress that would reach Heba's ankles. It came with a blue necklace and a pair of flat shoes.

"Heba, it could have been worse." Yugi said.

"How?" Heba asked.

"It could have been pink." Yugi answered.

"That is true." Heba muttered.

"Please, Heba?" Atemu begged.

Heba groaned. "Fine, but you owe me for this." Heba said.

Atemu smirked. "I'll make it up to you tonight." Atemu said.

"We're leaving." Yami said, seeing where this was heading. He grabbed Yugi by the wrist and dragged him out of the room.

"Your brother is perverted." Yugi said.

"I know." Yami said. He shook his head. "I really wish that Atemu would stop handing out with Bakura and Marik. I think that they are a really bad influence on him." Yami said.

Yugi laughed. "You know that Seto, Joey, and Tristan aren't any better." Yugi said as the two walked into Yugi's room.

"I don't see why it bothers Heba so much. You're pretty much doing the same thing." Yami said.

Yugi turned red. "He, huh, doesn't know." Yugi said.

Yami blinked. "He doesn't?" Yami asked.

Yugi shook his head. "I'm a little embarrassed about this." Yugi said.

Yami smirked. "But it goes so well with mine." Yami said.

Yugi groaned. "I won't live this down." Yugi said.

"Don't worry, Aibou. It is Halloween." Yami said.

"I know." Yugi said.

"Hey, guys!" Tea said happily when Yami, Atemu, Heba, and Yugi joined them in the café that they were in.

"Hey, Tea. Sorry that we're a little late." Yugi said as the four sat down.

"Why? What happened?" Tristan asked.

"Atemu and Heba got into an argument over the costumes that Atemu had chosen for the party tomorrow." Yami answered.

"What was so bad about it, Heba?" Tea asked, turning her eyes to her friend.

"He wants me to dress up as a girl." Heba said.

"A girl?" Joey asked before he started laughing.

Atemu smirked. "I heard about your costume, Joey. You have room to talk." Atemu said.

Joey paled.

"What?" Tristan asked, wanting to rag his friend.

"Seto made us promise that we wouldn't tell anyone. You have to wait until the party tomorrow." Atemu said.

"What about you guys?" Yugi asked, looking at Ryou, Bakura, Marik, and Malik.

"You'll have to wait and see." Ryou answered.

"All right." Yugi said.

"What are you two doing?" Mokuba asked, looking at Yugi and Yami.

"Ours is a secret, too." Yami answered.

"They won't even tell us." Atemu said.

Yami shrugged. "You'll have to see." Yami said.

"Okay. How do we get those two idiots together?" Bakura asked.

"Kura!" Ryou scolded.

"What?" Bakura asked.

Tea rolled her eyes. "Ignoring him, we do need to figure out a way to get Yugi and Yami together." Tea remarked.

"Why not lock them in a room until they finally admitted the truth?" Malik asked, leaning back in his chair.

The group was at the Kaiba Mansion.

"Well, that won't work. Yami will just use his Shadow magic to blast down the door and then blast everyone involved." Atemu said.

"We're going to have to get Yami to make the first move. My brother's too shy to make the first move." Heba said.

"He right." Joey said.

Seto rolled his eyes. "I've got it covered." Seto said.

"You do?" everyone asked.

Seto nodded. "Yes. With a little luck, they'll be together before the party is over tomorrow." Seto said.

"I hope so. I'm sick of seeing them look at each other." Bakura said.

"Well, it is obvious that they love each other. Well, obvious to everyone except themselves, anyway." Tristan said.

"Let's hope that this works." Serenity said.

"No kidding. I mean, they're the only ones in our group that doesn't have anyone." Mokuba said.

"Well, they'll be together, or my name isn't Seto Kaiba." Seto declared.

"Let's hope so." Marik agreed.

Joey looked at Seto curiously. "What's the plan?" Joey asked.

Seto smirked. "You'll see." Seto said.

~Halloween Night~

"I still can't believe I let you talk me into this." Yugi said from inside the bathroom that connected to his room.

Yami rolled his eyes. "Yugi, you've been saying that for the last hour. Now will you come out of there please." Yami said.

Yami was dressed up in a costume that looked like the Dark Magician. He wore the exact same outfit, right down to the staff.

"Oh, all right." Yugi said. He finally came out of the bathroom, bright red.

Yugi was dressed up as Dark Magician Girl. He wore the skirt, had a hat along with a blonde wig, and had the staff.

'Man, he's hot.' Yami thought, his mind filling with perverted images.

"Well?" Yugi asked, not looking up.

"You look great, Aibou." Yami said.

Yugi finally looked up. "You think?" Yugi asked.

"I know so." Yami answered.

"Well, if you say so." Yugi said, still embarrassed to be dressed up like a female Duel Monster.

"Come on. We need to make sure Heba gets into the dress." Yami said.

The two walked out of Yugi's room and headed downstairs.

The two found Atemu and Heba in the living room.

Atemu and Heba were already in their Halloween costumes. Heba was sitting on Atemu's lap, and the two were in the middle of a make-out session.

Yugi leaned toward Yami and said, "I don't think we have to worry about Heba getting into the costume."

"I know." Yami said. He then cleared his throat.

Atemu and Heba heard, but they didn't bother breaking apart.

"If you two keep that up, we're going to be late for the party." Yami said.

Atemu and Heba finally broke apart and looked at Yugi and Yami.

Heba's moth fell open. "Yugi, you're dressed up like the Dark Magician Girl." Heba said.

Yugi blushed. "It was Yami's idea." Yugi mumbled.

Atemu raised an eyebrow. "How did you convince him to wear that?" Atemu asked.

Yami shrugged. "I was Pharaoh once. I know how to convince people to do things." Yami said.

"Can we go?" Yugi asked, wanting to escape this torture.

"Sure. Let's go." Atemu said.

Heba got out of Atemu's lap, and the four left to head to the party.

~Kaiba Mansion~

The Halloween party at the Kaiba mansion was already in full swing.

There was music, dancing, and food.

"Wow. He certainly went all out." Yugi said.

"When does Seto not go all out?" Atemu asked.

"Hey, guys." Joey said. He starred. "Yugi! You're Dark Magician Girl1" Joey exclaimed.

Heba and Yugi starred.

"Joey, you're dressed like a dog!" Yugi exclaimed.

Joey turned red. "It was Seto's idea." Joey muttered.

Joey wore dog ears on his head and he had a tail at the back on his ass. He also had on gloved and shoes made to look like dog paws. He also wore a brown suit and a collar around his neck."He lost a bet to me, so he wasn't he wore to the party." Seto said, walking up behind them.

Seto was dressed up like a dog trainer.

"I get the costumes." Yugi said.

"Okay. You can't make fun of me or Yugi, Joey. Not with that costume." Heba said.

"I didn't plan on it." Joey muttered.

"Hey, guys!"

The group turned to see Ryou, Bakura, Marik, and Malik walked in.

Marik was wearing a cat suit, and Malik was dressed up like a mouse.

"Cat and mouse?" Seto asked.

Malik blushed. "Marik's idea." Malik said.

"I can't wait to play cat and mouse later." Marik said, smirking at Malik.

"Marik!" Malik exclaimed, horrified by his dark's perverted words.

Bakura was dressed up like Freddy from the movies, and Ryou was dressed up like Jason.

"Freddy and Jason?" Yami asked.

"Bakura's idea." Ryou said.

"Two serial killers. Original." Yami said.

"Hey! I like it!" Bakura said.

"We can tell." Atemu said.

"Looks like everyone's here almost." Mokuba said, walking up with Serenity.

Serenity and Mokuba were dressed like Louis the XVI and Marie Antoinette.

"Actually, everyone is here now." Serenity said, pointing to where Tea and Tristan had walked in.

Tea was dressed up like a witch, and Tristan was a vampire.

"Hey, guys!" Yugi said.

"Hey." tea said.

"Wow! Love the fake blood, Tristan." Yami said, referring t blood coming from Tristan's mouth.

"Thanks." Tristan replied.

"I could have made it real." Bakura said.

"Um, no." Tristan said, taking a step back from the insane dark.

"Well, let's get partying!" Mokuba said.

The group then started to go their separate ways as they started to party.

Joey and Seto were walking around and talking to the other guests, playing their role as hosts.

"So, when does this plan to get Yugi and Yami together start?" Joey asked.

"Very soon, Puppy. After all, the best way to get Yami to go after Yugi is to make Yami jealous." Seto said.

"What are you doing?" Joey asked.

"You'll see." Seto said.

Yugi was over at the refreshment table, getting himself a drink.

"Hi, cutie." a feminine voice said.

Yugi turned to face Vivian Wong. "Uh, hi, Vivian." Yugi said nervously.

Vivian's eyes brightened. "Oh, I knew that you would remember me!" Vivian squealed. She was dressed up as a princess.

Yugi gulped. He remembered her all right. She scared him with all her flirting when he had dueled her at Seto's tournament.

"I'm so glad to see you again! We can really get to know each other now!" Vivian said.

Yugi stepped back. "Well, um, actually, I have to go." Yugi said, starting to leave.

Vivian reached and grabbed him by the wrist. "Oh, you can't leave yet, darling! We have so much to talk about!" Vivian said happily, not noticing Yugi's hesitance.

Yami was talking with Atemu, Bakura, and Marik.

"Whoa. When did that bitch come here?" Bakura asked.

"What bitch?" Marik asked.

"The one latched onto Yugi." Bakura answered.

Yami whirled around to find that Vivian has latched onto Yugi's arm. He felt anger go trough his veins.

"Why is she here?" Atemu asked. He could easily see that Yugi was really uneasy with Vivian hanging onto him.

Yami was pissed. 'Yugi's mind, and there's no way in hell that that bitch is going to steal him!' Yami thought angrily. He was in love with his light, and he wasn't about to lose him to her.

Bakura leaned over to Atemu. "Yami's going to kill her." Bakura said.

"I know." Atemu said.

Yugi was really uncomfortable. "Um, Vivian. I would really like to go. I need to, uh, talk to my friends." Yugi said.

"Oh, sweetie. You talk to them all the time, and you haven't seen me in a while. Come on! Let's go somewhere and talk privately." Vivian said in what she thought was a seductive voice.

Yugi felt sick. "No. I would rather not." Yugi said.

Vivian's eyes lit up. "Oh! I get it! You don't want to talk here! We can go back to my hotel and talk since you don't seem to want to be here, and I know your home is crowded!" Vivian said, giggling at the thought of being alone in her hotel alone with Yugi.

Yugi, however, felt even sicker at the thought of being alone with Vivian. He really needed to get away from her. "I need to go, Vivian." Yugi said, trying to pull out of her grip.

Vivian kept her grip strong. "Come on, Yugi. Let's dance before we leave." Vivian said, dragging Yugi out on the dance floor.

Yugi couldn't get away from her, so he didn't have a choice.

Yami was seething. He wanted to kill Vivian for even daring to touch his Yugi.


Yami turned to see Tea standing beside him. "What is it, Tea?" Yami asked.

"You know, instead of plotting Vivian's murder, you could go over and interrupt." Tea said.

"I don't know what you're talking about." Yami said, not looking at her.

"Yami, don't start with me!" Tea snapped.

Yami turned his full attention to her.

"Yami, our entire group knows that you're in love with Yugi. You don't have to act with me." Tea said.

Yami gulped. "Everyone knows?" Yami asked.

"Except for Yugi, yes." Rea said.

"I didn't know I was that obvious." Yami said, looking at where Yugi was dancing with Vivian. He growled at how close they were.

"Yami, go and cut in." Tea said.

"What?" Yami asked, looking at her confused.

"Yami, you can go and cut in. It's something that is done here. You go up and say "can I cut in" and then just grab Yugi and start dancing with him." Tea said.

"Wouldn't that be rude?" Yami asked.

"In this case, no. It might to that bitch, but she doesn't deserve someone like Yugi. I think you should cut in and tell Yugi how you feel." Tea said.

"You think?" Yami asked, looking at her.

Tea nodded. "You never know. You might be lucky. Besides, we all know that Yugi is gay, so that makes Vivian's chance with him zero, and that gives you a very good chance." Tea said.

"You think?" Yami asked.

"Yes! Now get your ass out there and win your guy over!" Tea said, giving Yami a light push.

Yami took the hint and walked on out on the dance floor, toward where Yugi and Vivian were.

Tea smirked. 'I don't know if this is what Seto had in mind, but this might work.' Tea thought.

Yugi was sick of this. He just wanted the bitch to let go of him. "Could you let go, Vivian?" Yugi asked.

"Why, darling? Are you tired of dancing?" Vivian asked, smiling seductively.

Yugi shivered at the look. "I just don't want to dance with you anymore." Yugi said.

"Okay! We can go to my hotel then, and it'll just be us. We can do anything we want." Vivian said, making sure the sexual undertone was understood.

"I-" Yugi started.

"Excuse me."

Yugi and Vivian turned to see Yami.

"May I cut in?" Yami asked.

Yugi was shocked.

Vivian smiled and said, "I appreciate the offer, but I would rather dance with Yugi."

"Actually, I was asking Yugi." Yami said.

Before Vivian or Yugi could answer, Yami had reached out, gotten Yugi out of Vivian's grasp, and led Yugi away before he started dancing with Yugi.

"Thanks, Yami. I thought she would never let go." Yugi said.

"No problem. I think that Tea and Vivian should switch costumes." Yami said.

Yugi blinked. "Why?" Yugi asked.

"Because Tea would be a better princess, and Vivian would make the perfect witch." Yami said.

Yugi started laughing. "You know, I didn't even pay attention to what she was wearing. I was too repulsed by her flirting. It needs more work to be subtle. She was really blunt." Yugi said.

Yami smirked. "She's fuming now." Yami said.

"She thinks that I'm hers, so I'm not surprised." Yugi said.

"Yugi, can I talk to you alone?" Yami asked.

"Sure." Yugi said. He didn't mind the thought of being alone with Yami.

The two walked out onto the balcony, leaving a fuming Vivian watching them.

"Was this your idea, Seto?" Mokuba asked as he watched the entire deal with Vivian.

"No. I planned to make Yami jealous by having someone flirt with him, but it wasn't her. I didn't even invite her." Seto replied.

"It worked out well. Yami's beyond jealous. I think that he might actually tell him." Tea said.

"Really?" Heba asked.

Tea nodded.

"Finally. I'm tired of the tension between the two of them." Atemu said.

Bakura smirked. "I don't think that Vivian will like it too much." Bakura said.

"Like we give a damn about what she thinks." Tea said.

"What is it, Yami?" Yugi asked.

"Well, I've been wanting to say this for a long time, but I never was able to find the courage to tell you before, and seeing you with Vivian made me realize that I need to tell you." Yami said.

"Tell me what?" Yugi asked, looking up at Yami.

Yami reached up and cupped Yugi's face in his hands. "Yugi, I love you. I've loved you for a long time. I always knew it, but I really accepted it when I lost you during that Orichalcos deal." Yami said. He smiled apologetically. "I love you, and I stayed after you won the Ceremonial Duel because I couldn't bear the thought of leaving you behind, Yugi. I don't know how you feel, but I really love you, Yugi." Yami told him.

Yugi smiled. "Yami, I wish that you would have told me sooner." Yugi said.

"Why?" Yami asked.

"Because of this." Yugi said. He rose up on his toes so that he could kiss Yami.

Yami was startled by this, but he soon closed his eyes as he returned the kiss.

The two soon broke apart.

"So, I take it that this means we're boyfriends now." Yami said.

"Yes. That's what I'm thinking." Yugi said.

Yami smiled and leaned down to kiss Yugi again.

"What the hell?!" a female voices shrieked.

Yugi and Yami broke apart to see Vivian standing there.

Yami was pissed that he and Yugi had been interrupted. "What do you want?!" Yami growled.

"How could you, Yugi?! You're supposed to be with me!" Vivian shrieked.

"Vivian, I don't like you. I wouldn't have danced with you, but you didn't give me a choice." Yugi said.

"Why not?!" Vivian demanded.

Yugi's eyes narrowed. "Because you're a spoiled, self-centered brat! You think that you are better than everyone else! Besides, I'm gay, and I will never be with a girl!" Yugi snapped.

Vivian's eyes widened.

Yami was impressed, but happy.

"How dare you!" Vivian growled.

"I suggest that you leave, Ms. Wong." a cold voice said.

Vivian turned to face Seto, who didn't look happy.

"I don't appreciate you crashing my party. Now, leave." Seto said.

"No." Vivian retorted.

"Very well." Seto said. He motioned for security who walked over, grabbed Vivian by the arm, and led her out, kicking and screaming.

"She does realize that she's making a fool of herself, doesn't she?" Yugi asked.

"Who knows? Doesn't matter now." Atemu said as everyone else joined them.

Heba smirked. "So, finally confess all?" Heba asked.

Yugi blushed.

"Yes. We did." Yami said, holding Yugi's hand.

"That's great!" Tea said, clapping her hands together.

"About time." Tristan added.

Ryou smiled. "You certainly wore the right costumes then." Ryou said.

Yugi turned red at being reminded he was dressed as Dark Magician Girl.

"Come on. Let's get back to the party!" Joey said.

The group went back to the party and enjoyed it.

~Mutou House~

Yugi, Yami, Atemu, and Heba entered the game Shop.

"Where's Grandpa?" Atemu asked.

"Here's a note." Yugi said.


I've gone to visit an old friend, and I'll be gone until Monday. Enjoy your weekend.


"Well, I guess we have the house to ourselves." Yami said.

"Yeah." Yugi agreed.

Atemu smirked. "Well, I know what I'm doing." Atemu said. He then picked Heba up bridal style.

"Ah! Atemu! What are you doing?!" Heba exclaimed.

"Well, the Pharaoh wants his Queen." Atemu said before heading upstairs.

"Put up a silencing spell, Atemu! We don't want to hear you two!" Yami shouted.

Yugi shook his head. "Those two are at is constantly." Yugi said.

"I know. At least with a silencing spell, we don't have to listen to it." Yami said.

"So, um, I'm going to go get out of my costume." Yugi said, heading upstairs.

Yami reached out and grabbed Yugi by the wrist. "Hold on. Why so soon?" Yami asked.

"Well, I want out of this costume." Yugi said.

Yami smirked. "Well, I think that I'd prefer that Dark Magician Girl stays with Dark Magician a little longer." Yami said.

"Yami!" Yugi whined.

"What?" Yami asked.

"Oh, all right! Fine! Just another hour at the most." Yugi said.

"Fine with me." Yami said. He pulled Yugi into a kiss. "You do make a cute girl." Yami said.

"Don't even think about it!" Yugi snapped.

Yami already was thinking about. He wondered if he could get Yugi to dress up as a girl more often when it was just them in the bedroom.

"Yami!" Yugi growled.

"What?" Yami asked before he kissed Yugi again.

Yugi sighed. "Happy Halloween, Yugi." Yami said.

"Happy Halloween, Yami." Yugi replied.

It was a Halloween that they would never forget.

Sorry that this one was late for Halloween.

Hope you liked it. I didn't want to use an OC, so I used Vivian instead.