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Card Captor Harry

by Shadow Crystal Mage

Card 25, The Song: Of Friends, Old and New

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The minute they were through the door, she was all over him, shoving him against the wall and pressing him against it so hard he almost couldn't breathe. Harry James Evans Potter, the Boy-Who-Lived, Friend-of-House-Elves-Who-Want-to-be-Free, Sorcerer's Stone Protector, Basilisk Slayer, Dark Lord Frustrator, Gryffindor Seeker, Card Captor, all around nice guy, and hero of this little piece, began to sweat, as Hermione Granger leaned in towards his ear. "Take me now…" she said seductively…


The minute they were through the door, they were all over him, shoving him against the wall and pressing him against it so hard he almost couldn't breathe. Harry began to sweat, as Hermione leaned in with a slightly manic look in her eyes. "Well? Did you score? How often? TELL ME EVERYTHING!"

"Hello to you too Hermione," Harry said dryly. "Why yes, I did have a nice vacation abroad. The food was a little weird, but had a great time, saw some sights, and met a lot of nice people, none of whom seemed to be obsessed with sex."

As Ron snickered, Hermione tried to glare at Harry while pouting at the same time, and managed to look like a very annoyed fish. "You are being very difficult, Harry Potter," Hermione said. "How are we supposed to help you with your love life if you won't give us any relevant information?"

"This from two people who're still single," Harry shot back. "Because the only people I've seen you two with is each other. Unless…"

"HARRY!" Ron and Hermione chorused, going red.

Grinning widely, Harry managed to squeeze around them and headed towards where Ron had unceremoniously dropped off his trunk and—he winced– his laptop bag. He really hoped it was as tough as Syaoran had said it was.

Setting it to the side for the moment– despite the almost physical urge to open it and see if anything was broken– Harry started to unpack his trunk. Down below, they could hear Ginny give a shrill cry.

"And Winter nearly walks off the stairs yet again," Harry sighs as he pulls out his souvenirs. "Enjoy," he told Ron as he shoved an obscenely large bag overflowing with a mind-numbingly diverse array of chocolates into Ron's arms. As Ron stared at the shear sugary goodness of it all, Harry closed in on Hermione and, before she could react or protest, quickly pulled her hair back into a ponytail and clipped it together using a star-shaped hair ornament. "There. Something for you too."

Hermione, turned as if to look behind her, before reaching back and pulling of the ornament. "How come Ron gets a ton of chocolate?" Hermione said teasingly, turning the little star over between her fingers.

"Do you want to get fat?" Harry asked.

"No, but I'd like the option," Hermione retorted.

The door opened just then, Ginny looking more than a little frazzled as Winter Moon followed in her wake, book in hand and half open.


Dinner, held outdoors since they all couldn't fit inside, was wonderful. The food in Hong Kong had been unusual, but good, and the food they'd served on the airplane hadn't been as bad as he'd been led to believe, but at the taste of Mrs. Weasley's steak and kidney pie, he knew he was home

Between mouthfuls, he and Winter answered questions about what Hong Kong had been like. Harry let her handle their queries, concentrating on eating. Ah, bliss…

"– and then we ran into Lee and her family," Winter said, while Ron, Ginny and Hermione listened, the latter obviously taking mental notes. "Harry seemed very taken by Lee's sister. They were practically inseparable while we were there!"

Harry realized how bad that was when Hermione's ears practically perked up at those words, looking at him speculatively. Frantically, he swallowed. "It's not what it sounds! I was trying to make Lee mad and Meilin was willing to play along!"

"Ah, the jealousy ploy," Winter said knowingly. "You were trying to get Lee jealous so she'd pay more attention to you."

Behind her, Hermione raised her eyebrow at Harry in wry amusement.

Past them, Percy and Mr. Weasley were talking about work. "– the Chinese are being stubborn about cauldron standardization, and that we should be using glass beakers anyway," Percy was saying. "They say they're too busy to deal with cauldron bottoms when they still have to take care of cleaning up after that water spirit–"

Harry and Winter sat up straight at those words. It did not go unnoticed.

"Oh, that's right," Mr. Weasley said to them. "The two of you were there when that happened, weren't you?"

Harry and Winter did not look at one another as everyone's attention was focused on them. Nevertheless, the same thoughts passed through their heads, so similar they were practically having a telepathic conversation. They weren't to mention the Madoushi. They weren't to mention their involvement. Definitely not their involvement. Actually, best to deny knowing anything about it…

Harry managed to finish thinking of BS first. "Is that what that was? The muggle news said that it was a series of freak waterspouts."

"I think we were asleep when it happened," Winter added.

"In separate rooms," Harry interrupted, glaring at Hermione, who looked disappointed. "What did happen?"

He relaxed as Percy, Hermione ,and the occasional kibitzer explained how a powerful water spirit ("One of the strange foreign dark creatures they have over there," Percy said loftily, while Bil roled his eyes behind him) had gone on a rampage, before disappearing ("They said it had been exorcised, although they wouldn't say how or by who," Hermione said), leaving people with no idea what had caused it or stopped it. "It happened right out in the open, in front of all the muggles and everything," Percy concluded.

"Waterspouts," Mr. Weasley said, shaking his head. "Waterspouts!"

"I read they almost finished dealing with it," Hermione said. "Luckily, no one was hurt."

"Yeah, lucky," Harry said.

"I can't believe we missed all that," Winter added.

As they dug inti the pudding (homemade strawberry ice-cream), Harry and Winter quite casually did not look at each other, though both could practically feel the other's relief at having avoided mentioning their involvement. Still, as dessert-induced feelings of peace came over him, Harry had o wonder whether he should let Ron and Hermione in on things this year. It seemed… wrong… that they didn't.

Watching the gnomes running through the bushes away from Crookshanks, he resolved to talk to Kero about it…


"You ate strawberry ice-cream without me?" Keroberos hissed at Harry, managing to convey a low-decibel outrage.

"Keep your voice down!" Harry hissed back, eyes darting about in the pre-dawn light, trying to see if anyone noticed how he was apparently talking to the inside of his jacket. Fortunately, everyone was too sleepy-eyed to be paying attention to him, more focused on watching the ground as they climbed Stoathead's hill. Hermione and Ginny occasionally had to wake up Winter, who sometimes fell asleep on her feet, settling on the dewy ground. "I couldn't get any for you, all right?"

Ker oglared at him, before settling back inside the jacket, muttering inaudibly. The Clow Book he'd Spellotaped to the inside back of his jacket bumped against the small of his back as he climbed, and he really hoped it didn't fall off. He wouldn't want to answer those questions…


Portkeys, Harry decided as he and the others followed Mr. Weasley towards their destination, sucked. Helping Mr Weasley pay Mr. Roberts, they went to their assigned plot. The unusual and occasionally absurdly lavish tents– turrets and peacocks? Really? – caught his eyes, and Winter's as well, and he could feel the magic flowing all around him, but Kero's pained muttering under his jacket was very distracting. Apparently he'd ended up under Harry when they'd landed. The little Guardian was stronger than he looked, but he wasn't about to let go of a good gripe.

Setting up the tent and getting ready took up most of the morning, and by the time they'd managed to cook lunch, Bill, Charlie and Percy had arrived. Halfway through the food, Mr. Weasley's friend Ludo Bagman and Percy's boss Mr. Crouch joined them.

Harry listened half-heartedly too all the office discussions and Percy's attempts to ingratiate himself to his boss. It was all interesting, but Kero was making a fuss inside his jacket, trying to get at a packet of sausages Harry had wrapped with a napkin. It was taking a lot of effort to keep the Sun Guardian away from the food. He had no intention of letting him eat in his jacket!

As Bagman and Crouch rose to leave, Harry suddenly found himself tackled from behind, much to everyone's surprise. "Harry!" his assailant cried, yelling practically in his ear as arms wrapped around his shoulders.

He froze, and his attacker took the opportunity to tighten their grip. That voice… he knew that voice…

"Meilin?" he and Winter said, as he turned his head to see a little better. A toothy smile grinned at him from past his shoulder, causing his blood to run cold.

He hadn't really been paying attention to those around, but with Meilin suddenly there, he felt more familiar presences as he concentrated. Very familiar…

Turning around a bit– difficult, since Meilin was practically hanging off his back– he found himself looking into a seething pair of wine-colored eyes. "Hey Lee," he greeted through his own toothy grin.

Lee Fei glared at him with an intensity to make her Head of House proud. The Slytherin showed teeth. "Potter," she said, the word laced with enough venom for a basilisk, in tones that made it sound like 'scum'.

The air thickened with tension the younger Weasleys and Hermione stepping back slightly as a precaution.

"Ah, Mr. Crouch. Someone said you would be here," a soft, composed voice said, dissolving the tension like lava on wax. Lee Yelan managed to look stately, regal and almost royal despite wearing hiking boots, blue jeans and a flannel shirt. Harry almost didn't notice Syaoran and his sisters behind her, wearing much the same. The other boy greeted him with a solemn nod, accompanied by a quick quirk of his lips that might have been a smile. It probably was.

Yelan turned towards Harry and inclined her head ever-so-slightly, bent her spine a trifle in what could have been a bow if you noticed it. "Mr. Potter. It is a pleasure to see you again so soon. I trust you had a pleasant flight?"

Harry wasn't sure if he should bow or what, so he settled for bobbing his head to be on the safe side. "Mrs. Lee. Nice to see you again too. The flight was all right. Thank you for the upgrade." He knew he sounded inane, an image not helped by the fact Meilin was still clinging to him like a limpet.

That didn't deter people from staring at him, however. Quite the opposite, possibly.

Yelan's presence, however, made Mr. Crouch a bit more animate. "Mrs. Lee," he said, bowing deeply, then stepping forward to shake her had when she reciprocated. "A pleasure, a pleasure. Weatherby, take note, Mrs. Lee is–"

Harry wasn't able to hear exactly what Yelan was as, with a loud cry consisting of his name, he found himself surrounded by Syaoran's sisters. Melin tightened her grip almost possessively as he was swarmed. He could hear a brief yelp as Winter found herself reunited with them as well.

"Harry, it's so wonderful to see you again–!"

"You've gotten cuter–!"

"What a surprise to find you here–!"

"Winter, you look simply adorable–!"

"This light is very becoming–"

"And who are these fine ladies and gentlemen?"

When the tide receded, Harry blinked to get his bearings back. Bill and Charlie each had one of Syaoran's sister's giggling on their arm, while the rest were swarmed around Ron, the twins, Ginny and Hermione. Mr. Crouch and Bagman were gone, as was Yelan.

"Kinda reminds me of piranha," Meilin commented.

"Yeah," Harry agreed. "Get off me now, please?"

Meilin sighed, and let go, but managed to snag one of Harry's arms and held on that way. He sighed.

"So, Harry, where are your seats?" Meilin asked.

"Um, Bagman said we were in the Top Box– " Harry said.

"What a coincidence! So are we!" said Meilin.

Of course, Harry thought gloomily.

"So be careful, Potter," Lee said as she walked up next to him, watching Syaoran's sister's shenanigans. "You might go over the edge."

"Drop dead, Slytherin garbage," Harry said out of the corner of his mouth.

"Gryffindor trash," Lee shot back casually.

"Crazy lesbian."

"I'm STRAIGHT, damn it!"

"Suuuuuuure you are…"

"Harry, how do you know these peo-" Hermione asked as she moved towards him, only to pause as she saw Lee so close to him.

"The mad women are Lee's cousins," Harry said, by way of explanation. Meilin made herself obvious by settling against Harry's arm. He sighed. "And this is Lee's sister, Meilin."

"Hi," Meilin said.

"Um, hi," Hermione said hesitantly. Over her shoulder, Fred and George were practically basking in the attention, while Ron, and Ginny looked as uncomfortable as Harry had. Mr. Weasley watched in amusement, while Percy was looking very much left out. "You're Lee's sister?" she repeated, as if unable to believe.

"Twin sister," Meilin clarified. She looked at Hermione calculatingly, though without any malice

Hermione looked at Harry.

"Yeah, I was surprised to find out they were related too," Harry said.

Winter joined them, smiling brightly. "Wow, they sure are enthusiastic, aren't they? Hey Meilin , Lee!"

"Moon," Lee said neutrally in greeting. Meilin rolled her eyes.

Behind Hermione, Syaoran was had Ginny and Ron in tow, his sisters now devoting their attention to Ron's brothers. Percy was no longer looking so left out, having been roped in as well. Mr. Weasley had sat down for another cup of tea. "Harry," the Chinese bow said, raising a hand in greeting.

"Syaoran," Harry answered in kind. "You didn't tell me you'd be here."

The other boy shrugged. "You didn't say you'd be coming. We'd have offered to bring you with us, and you could have stayed two more days."

Harry made introductions as Ron and Syaoran shook hands, while Ginny, Hermione and Meilin did the same, the Weasley girl a bit stiffly as she eyed Meilin hanging off Harry's arm. Ron looked at the two with suspicion when he heard how they were related to Lee, but seemed to accept Harry's assurances they were all right. Soon they'd all sat down again, Hermione eagerly asking Syaoran about eastern magics. He, for one, seemed willing to talk to her about it, sounding more enthusiastic than at any other time Harry had heard him without Sakura around.

And in Harry's jacket, Kero was kicking and still frantically trying to get at the sausages.


It had to end. All things do. This was his life, after all. When was it ever easy?

He couldn't recall what they were talking about when it happened. Kero had managed to finally eat the sausages by sneaking out the back of his jacket, and sneaking back in to nap. And then…

Harry barely managed to keep his head from jerking to the side and staring as he felt it. Lee had gone still, her eyes going slightly blank as she concentrated on something inside, her body relaxing. Syaoran blinked, looking off to the side, in the direction Harry wanted to. Hermione frowned, concerned. "Syaoran?"

Harry tensed, and he later wondered why. It wasn't his problem.

"I just remembered that, ah–" Syaoran fumbled.

Lee's foot abruptly moved, 'accidentally' kicking over a bucket of water. She and the people seated close to her– Bill, two of Syaoran's sisters and Winter– got up hurriedly from the suddenly muddy ground.

"Nothing to worry about, nothing to worry about," the curse-breaker said as he vanished the water away, which brought up a new round of admiring praise from Syaoran's sisters. "Just a little water, that's all."

"We'll get another bucket," Lee said, grabbing the fallen bucket. "Come on, Syaoran, Mei. We were supposed to find out where the water faucets were anyway, remember? I take it that's why you broke off just now?"

Syaoran, at least, was very quick on the uptake. "Yes, of course. Harry, could you maybe show us the way?"

"Uh, sure," Harry said, getting up a little awkwardly, since his legs needed stretching. He'd barely taken a step before Meilin was back and latched on to his arm again.

"I'm coming too!" she declared, very enthusiastically. Winter looked on in bemusement, while Harry frantically tried to discreetly signal for help.

"I guess I'll come along too, to chaperone," Winter said, shrugging. Then had to hurry, since Lee had already begun moving, and she and Syaoran were almost out of sight.

Conversation returned to the little camp site, though Ginny kept looking at the direction they'd gone. Finally, she grabbed the other empty bucket and said something about going after them. Hermione rolled her eyes.


"The Weasley girl is following us," Lee said, glancing quickly over her shoulder.

"She has a name, you know," Harry growled at her. "Meilin, please let go of my arm."

Meilin pouted at him, then sighed loudly and let go. Winter was going through her pockets.

"So, is it a Clow Card?" she asked, making a happy little sound as she pulled out a small notebook and a pen. Harry nodded absently as he darted a quick look over his shoulder. He could see Ginny's red hair some ways back. "Ooh, how to start… 'Our noble heroes stride through the crowd, moving through the seething mass of humanity like sharks through the reeds. They hunt for the Card they seek, and to the mightiest hunter go the spoils'…"

Winter realized the four of them were staring at her. "What?"

"We need to lose Weasley," Lee said, hefting her bucket. "Mei, can you–?"

"She won't be able to," Harry said. "Find me someplace I can call up a Card. I have an idea."

"Those tents are empty," Syaoran said pointing towards a row of tents arranged in a straight line. A group of people were having a picnic off to the side, plainly the owners. Harry reached up to his neck, puling out his Key. He turned towards the tents, the others following, and he turned into them, briefly blocking Ginny's view. It took only a little time for him to change it into the Wand, and a little more to draw out a Card. The clock was ticking.

"Mirror," Harry said, flicking her Card up and bringing down the Sealing Wand, "I need you."

A Harry Potter moved out of the tents to intercept Ginny. The five of them watched as Mirror 'bumped into' Ginny (metaphorically), diverting her. They only stayed long enough to see they were moving in another direction, before heading towards where they felt the Card was. It had been some time since they felt it, and were taking the lack of major incident as a good sign.

Harry checked the Cards he'd now moved to his pocket, the Book now in Winter's care. He'd have to find a way to secure it again later.

"It feels like it's coming from the woods," Syaoran said as they walked, drawing closer to the tree-line.

"Good," Harry and Lee chorused, then glared at each other.

They reached the trees. Lee and, surprising, Syaoran both drew swords. Harry drew the Windy from his pocket, hefting his wand. The three of them stepped in front of Meilin and Winter. "Kero? Can you tell which one it is?"

Kero slipped out of Harry's jacket, frowning. He shook his head. "It's still too vague. I can't tell."

"The hard way, then," Harry said.

Lee gestured. "After you, Potter."

That's when the second thing happened.

The air… buzzed. That was the best way to describe it. It was like someone was taking a jackhammer to the fabric of the universe, causing it to flap like a sail in tornado, making the air buzz with its agitation. The three of them in the lead looked around, hands tightening on what they were holding. They could feel power suddenly hanging in the air, growing seemingly from out of nowhere. It was unlike anything they had ever felt before. It… tasted different, for lack of a better term. Wisps of black mist began to rise, coming from out of nowhere.

"Is that it?" Winter asked, sounding excited as usual, and with a start, Harry remembered she couldn't feel this like he could, couldn't tell it was something else.

"Get back," he and Lee chorused, and both spared a moment to glare at each other again.

"Do that later," Syaoran snapped at them, and the two of them came back to the here and now, feeling the power grow stronger. It seemed… cold somehow. Icy. The black mist was growing thicker, yet for some reason wasn't spreading, gathering in one spot…

They felt a strong burst of energy that made them step back involuntarily, as the black mist seemed to condense, twisting like someone was using it as a corkscrew on the cork of the moment, and then–

Then the spike they felt dipped, and the black mist was fading and someone was standing where it all had been. He looked at the two sword-points directed in his general direction, and slowly raised both hands. "I come in peace for all mankind?"

He was wearing black, like the mist had congealed on him. Black trousers, black shirt, a floor-length black coat of the kind that had become popular since Keanu Reeve's movie. A pendant hung from his neck, a darkened frame of twisted asymmetrical metal around a black orb. It seemed to pulse. A lot of the cold feeling was coming from it. Then Harry looked at his face and nearly dropped his Sealing Wand. The Windy Card fluttered to the ground.

Clear green eyes looked at him from behind a face unobscured by glasses, looking at him up and down, studying his companions. He saw then widen as it turned to Syaoran, stare for a moment as they came to Kero, lingered appreciatively at the girls. Lee squirmed uncomfortably, shock dissolving as her hands shifted to properly grip her blade.

"Mirror?" Winter asked, surprised at the sudden appearance, senses blind to what Harry was feeling. Not all the cold came from the pendant.

"No thank you, I don't need one," a voice said, and it wasn't Harry's, though it should have been. A smile quirked on lips, and Harry had to wonder if he maybe Snape had a point about him looking arrogant and impertinent. Did his hair really look that messy? No wonder Uncle Vernon was always annoyed with him about it….

And all this was still shock talking. Harry tried to get a grip on himself. There was an explanation to this, of course. A Time-Turner, perhaps? But it didn't feel like a Time-Turner. "Wh-" he cleared his throat as his voice broke, tried again. "Who– what… What's going on here?!?"

Something cold seemed to brush against his skin, except it didn't. There was something cold in his head, ever so briefly, then it was gone. He saw Lee and Syaoran shudder, and guessed they'd felt the same thing.

"I guess this is the expository dialogue part of the conversation," the person in front of them said, lowering his hands to tap his chin thoughtfully. "Maybe I should make a pamphlet. This looks like it might become a habit." One foot extended forward, and he bowed, one hand flourishing the coat like it was a cape. "Harry Potter, at your service…"


- To be continued...


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