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"Now they show you how detergents take out bloodstains, a pretty violent image there. I think if you've got a T-shirt with a bloodstain all over it, maybe laundry isn't your biggest problem. Maybe you should get rid of the body before you do the wash."
-Jerry Seinfeld.


Uzumaki Naruto never understood true pain before that day. He thought that pain couldn't get worse then what he had experienced as a helpless, clueless child. Between the beatings and the rapes he figured he had felt it all. He was wrong, he was so very, very wrong. He never knew what it felt like to die, to have his insides melt and boil, as his flesh broke, cracked, and then just dissolve into disgusting ooze onto the floor under him.

The young man stopped screaming a long time ago, not because he didn't want to but simply because he couldn't. His vocal cords have stopped working after two hours. The Bijuu's red tainted chakra was killing him from the inside out but repairing the damage and keeping him alive at the same time. It was pure torture, but not even Kyuubi could take his mind and shield it from the pain because he was experiencing the same thing.

Naruto's eyes had turned red when the first tail ripped its way out of his body. His nails had turned to claws and his canines lengthened. Fox ears grew out of his head as the seventh tail emerged from his lower spine.

The soldier was beyond all rational thought; all he knew was the pain and agony his world was revolving around. But that was okay, he deserved it. He had let them die; all of his friends were dead because he couldn't save him. He did deserve it, right? Another tail made of pure chakra ripped its way out and Naruto could no longer concentrate on anything but the pain.

Naruto had completely given up on escaping when the fourth tail emerged and all he could think about was the agony of burning alive without the added benefit of dying. Though the process of extracting the nine tailed fox demon would eventually kill him he wouldn't die until the last tail emerged. It took nearly two hours for each tail to appear and he was now on the seventh.

Uchiha Madara watched on in glee as his plan was finally coming to an end. Once he had the power of the Kyuubi no Kitsune, he could bring the entire shinobi world to its knees. Madara had even taken the time to torture him hours before the actual extraction even began.

Naruto and he had spent nearly a full day together, just them and his toys. He had violated him in the worst way possible, over and over again, and watched in fascination as the Kyuubi vessel healed all of his injuries. He had taken an especially sick pleasure in forcing himself inside the unprepared man below him, and then felt as Kyuubi healed the damage around his cock. It had felt amazing, like he was taking a virgin, again and again.

After he was done and tired for the moment, he would call in some of his subordinates to keep the blonde company until he was recovered enough to start again. He never heard a more exquisite scream then the one that tore its way out of the blonde's throat as he took him again and again, either with his own dick, or his many toys he had lying around. He had especially loved the sounds of denial the Jinchuriki had made when he had cummed deep inside of him, his pleas for him to pull it out, to cum somewhere else, just not inside of him. Madara had of course ignored him…most of the time, after all the blonde looked gorgeous covered in semen, eyes full of tears, and his cum falling off of his face.

By the time he was through playing with the younger man, the vessel was begging to be put out of his misery, and Madara was more then happy to comply. Not immediately though.

Kyuubi no Kitsune had not given up hope though, he fought through the pain and started to gather what strength he could to prepare both himself and his host for what was to come. Just as the ninth and final tail emerged the demon lord released the chakra all at once while reciting words in a long dead language.

Madara could see the red chakra as it started to pull away from the jinchuriki. His smile of triumph was ripped from his face when the chakra, instead of being sucked up into the statue turned around and went back to the blonde man lying upon the table. Words dark and sinister filled the air in a language he had never heard before. The gathering chakra started to swirl around the table and the whole room started to shake. The ceiling was crumbling above him as the walls cracked around him, and floor started to fall from underneath him. The whole building was coming down.

Abandoning his subjects and the young man who lay upon the table which he was so enamored with just moments prior, Madara fled from the room and made his way outside. It was all for nothing, his years of careful planning was falling apart around him, just like the building was.

The blonde, loudmouth shinobi screamed in agony for the first and last time. His body encased in the red chakra disappeared.



A hand flew out from underneath the covers of the bed as it slammed on the annoying green frog alarm effectively shutting it off before it snaked its way back underneath to the warmth. It stayed there for a minute before it reappeared with its counterpart and ripped the blanket from around the figure. A young child sat upon the bed, blonde hair spiked in every direction, huge blue eyes looking around in confusion, as if he couldn't comprehend what he was seeing.

His mouth opened and closed like a gapping fish in dire need of water before words started to form. "Wha'-The-Fuck?"

Not the most eloquent of words uttered at seven o'clock in the morning, nor were they the most appropriate for a child of his age. But they did sum up his situation quite well. Uzumaki Naruto sat in his bed that he hadn't slept in nearly seven years, inside an apartment that no longer existed, within a city that had been destroyed. He had a right to be confused, and confused he was, in fact he was more then confused, what he was they had no word for it.

"What-The-Fuck," his voice, clearly juvenile, high pitched, hasn't-hit-puberty-yet voice rang loudly through the desolate room. He repeated that same appropriate-inappropriate three words, hoping that by saying them it would reveal the strange events that were unfolding before them, and in a way they did.

A voice rang out through his ears, heard by none other then him. It held such wisdom and age, hate and love, and couldn't possible exist, but it did. "Come to me," it said, and he did.

Naruto closed his eyes, shutting out the image that couldn't possible be there, yet it was, and entered into a light meditation. It wasn't long before he found himself standing before the cage that housed the most feared demon in the entire human realm. Two large red eyes gazed at him through the bars too large for the beast to fit through, but plenty large enough for a child of his size. The blonde shinobi entered the cage, never once fearing for his life, and approached Kyuubi no Kitsune, the greatest of all Biju, who was lying down looking completely and utterly exhausted.

"I am sorry Kit, this was the only solution."

Naruto looked at the fox before him in confusion and waited for the ancient being to elaborate. "We were dying, it was the only solution."

"What the hell are you talking about, what solution. What the fuck is going on Kyuu? One minute I'm on the table being tortured by that mad man, and the next I wake up in my old apartment that burned down years ago," he was getting impatient. Kyuubi could tell just by his stance. The human stood before him, hands on his hips, leaning forward though he had to look up, indignation coloring each and every word. The demon lord would have found it amusing if the situation was anything but.

"That damn human was taking me from you, killing us both. I had no other choice. I brought us back."

Naruto looked around confused for second; as if the surroundings of his mindscape could reveal the answer the damned fox seemed to be dancing around. "Brought us back where?"

"To the beginning, to change everything, or nothing; it is your choice. Welcome to your past, Kit."

"My past…" It took nearly five whole minutes for the information to sink in. But when it finally didNaruto could do nothing but stand there gob-smacked. 'The past, he brought me back to the past?'

A million scenarios ran through the blonde's head, the things he could do, the people he could save, the chances he could make. And then the other side of the coin showed its dirty face. He couldn't live through it all again, Jiji dying, his friends withering away as the years took the toll on them, Konoha burning to the ground.

Kyuubi interrupted him before his thoughts could turn darker. "There is something else, Kit, and you're not going to like it," he waited till he had the human's attention before continuing. "The jutsu I used to bring us here, the jutsu that saved our lives, involved all of my Youki condensing within you at the exact same moment in order to work. A human body was never meant to hold so much Demonic Chakra. I had to alter you in order to ensure your survival."

"Alter how?"

His only reply was for Kyuubi to expel him from the prison, and Naruto found himself back in his impossible room, sitting in his impossible bed within the impossible village. Getting up, the now-boy made his way to the bathroom, having the sudden urge to look into a mirror. He knew he wouldn't like what he would see, but the container had always been slightly masochistic.

A long while passed before a reaction tore its way out of the juvenile body. A broken, disbelieving sob ripped its way from his throat as he gazed at his now twelve-year-old body. Two fluffy yellow red-tipped fox ears were perched upon his head, laying flat back into his blonde red-streaked hair in fear. His cerulean blue eyes were the same, except for the slitted pupils and his whisker marks were darker and longer, giving him a more feral look. The new elongated canines didn't help at all. His body was lithe and more muscular then he remembered. Claws had replaced his fingernails, and a yellow red-tipped bushy tail was now present at the base of his spine. It couldn't possibly get any worse then this.

Kyuubi had left him alone for a while to come to terms with their new predicament. But after an hour he was getting impatient. "Hurry up, Kit, or you'll be late to meet your new Jounin sensei. Oh, and might I suggest dropping a henge around your new appendages, the last thing you need is for someone to see you like this."

"Wha-what the hell did you do!"

Naruto could hear the fox sigh in exasperation. "What I had to. You are now hanyou, a half demon. Get used to it, Kit, because it won't change."

The newly titled hanyou stood in front of the mirror for several more minutes before his tenant's prompting got him moving again. He moved slowly, as if sedated, and grabbed his impossible orange jumpsuit that he hadn't worn in five years. Naruto stared at it for a moment before he put it on. He went back to the bathroom to brush his teeth and ended up breaking the mirror half way through in disgust.

Making his way to the window, Naruto almost leapt out to make his way to the academy before Kyuubi reminded him of his Hitai-ate lying innocently upon his night stand. He hadn't worn it for many years, not after Konahagakure burned, nobody had. He picked it up carefully as if expecting it to disappear at his touch. Tears came unbidden to his eyes as he remembered that this Hitai-ate used to belong to Iruka, his brother-father-friend, who had died protecting him. He could still remember his screams of pain and how they stopped so abruptly.

"You're going to be late, Kit," Kyuubi's voice was tired, but filled with compassion as Naruto wiped the tears away angrily, cast a henge upon his new features, and made his way to the academy.

He ran across the roof tops, he didn't think he could handle the villagers' glares at the weak emotional level he was at. Just as he was about to enter the school, Naruto took a moment to collect himself. Taking three deep breaths, he gathered his emotions, placed them within a chamber of his mind, closed the door and barred it shut, sealing them for the time being. He then carefully erected a mask around himself, of what he once was, and plastered a too big, too wide smile on his face and made his way inside. After all he didn't want anybody to become suspicious of him, because if they did, then they would see what a real monster he was.

It was with a heavy heart and mind that Naruto Uzumaki, the village idiot and prankster, twenty-four year old turned twelve, walked into the dead classroom full of dead friends.