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"If you don't go out on the limb…how are you going to get the good apple?"


Naruto lay gasping on the edge of the lake, still half in the water. He felt like a drowned rat, and shook his head to get the water out of his ears. Double checking to make sure that his henge was still in place, he stood slowly before making his way over to the group.

The fight went pretty much the same as last time, and feeling a little optimistic Naruto would say it was exactly the same. Kakashi dueled Zabuza before getting captured in the bubble. Naruto and Sasuke defended against the Mizu-Bunshin attack and eventually worked out a plan to free their Sensei. Tazuna stared at them in shock, and Sakura was completely useless.

The Hunter-Nin stepped in before Sensei could complete the killing blow, and left with Zabuza's body. Kakashi's eyes tracked the vanishing duo, but he didn't try to stop them. Naruto knew that using the Sharingan that much had wiped out Sensei's chakra reserves. He was surprised to see the man still standing, though he knew that that wouldn't be for much longer.

The fog around them was disappearing. Kakashi stood, dripping water and legs shaking as the adrenaline worked its way out of his system. Turning, Naruto watched as their Sensei took in his group, Sharingan flashing over them quickly. Tazuna was shaking behind him, Sakura next to him, looking just as scared. Sasuke kneeled on the hard ground, panting in exhaustion as Naruto jogged over to them, soaking wet and full of energy.

Stopping next to Sasuke, Naruto gaze flicked around to their surroundings, making sure that Zabuza and Haku had really left. He could hear Tazuna giving directions to his place in the background, but he didn't pay much attention to it. Turning back to the group, Naruto nearly jumped out of his skin when he noticed that Kakashi had moved a lot closer, now only several feet away.

"Is everyone okay?" He asked softly. Naruto shifted anxiously under his gaze, eyes darting between his teammates and the ground as they all confirmed no injuries. Fingers subconsciously playing with his bracelet, he never noticed as Kakashi's gaze was riveted on the small object, before their Sensei passed out from chakra exhaustion.


Naruto sat at the dining room table with the rest of his team, sans instructor. It had taken the rest of the day, and the better part of the next to get to Tazuna's house, dragging the comatose Kakashi between them. Naruto had to do most of the heavy lifting as Sakura was a girl and didn't have as much upper body strength, Sasuke was a prick and didn't care, and Tazuna was so drunk he could barely keep himself upright.

-"We need to go faster Naruto," mumble, slurred.

"Easy for you to say, Senpai," panting, exhausted, aggravated. "I'm the one hauling your fat ass through the fucking jungle."

Laughter, coughing, amusement. "Watch your mouth, Chibi. And you're not the one bleeding all over the fucking forest." Shouting, their getting closer. Faster, can't stop.-

Eating his rice slowly, Naruto took in his teammates. Sakura looked tired, but happy as her hair dried from the excessively long shower she had taken. Sasuke ate his own meal with perfect manners as he appeared unimpressed and uncaring about the whole affair. Tazuna and his family looked generally happy, even little Inari, glad that his grandfather survived the trip home.

Finishing his meal long before the others, Naruto excused himself and went upstairs to the room he shared with Sasuke and their Sensei. Grabbing his pajamas, Naruto quickly got changed and made his way over to his bedroll. He couldn't remember exactly when Kakashi would awaken, but he assumed it would be sometime tomorrow.

A soft groan from across the room had Naruto pausing from getting into his sleeping bag. Standing, he made his way over to Kakashi slowly, worried that he was in pain. Kneeling by his Senpai's bedroll, Naruto's eyes assessed the man quickly, searching for injuries that he hadn't noticed at first.

His vest and shirt were gone, being cleaned and sown by Tazuna's daughter, but his mask was still in place, despite Sakura's and surprisingly Sasuke's attempts at removing it. Naruto hadn't let them. The Hitai-ate, scratched and dented from years of wear and tear, lay near the prone man. Naruto had debated on whether or not to put it back on, but had ultimately decided against it. Though he was worried about chakra depletion it wasn't like the man slept with it on normally, and it couldn't be comfortable.

"Sensei?" Naruto questioned, worried as the man's face pinched and eyes clenched shut. Kakashi moaned softly before his grey eye opened, thankfully the other one didn't. Kakashi stared at the ceiling, unmoving and dazed. Worried, Naruto reached out, to do what he didn't know, but stopped short of actually touching him. "Kakashi?"

Before he could react, a gloved hand flew up and latched upon his wrist in a vice grip. It wasn't painful, but a little uncomfortable. Adrenaline pumped into him as his heart rate skyrocketed. Yanking his arm back, Naruto tried to break the grip, but Kakashi barely even budged.

Instead, the man sat up, pulling the wrist closer to himself and consequently Naruto as well. Catching himself, Naruto ended up in a half kneeling, half sprawled position, twisting his body so there was as little contact between them as possible. "Kashi…wha-"

But then he saw, Kakashi's Sharingan was open and spinning. Following his gaze, Naruto felt his heart falter as he realized it was the bracelet he was staring at, the bracelet that rested just above the near painful grip of his Sensei. He watched as if in a daze as Kakashi brought up his other hand, fingers gliding over the leather before resting on the knot holding it together. "No," Naruto whispered, jerking back, trying to throw his weight against the hold. He grabbed his own wrist, hand covering the bracelet. But Kakashi's grip didn't loosen at all.

"No, don't, you can't," Naruto didn't shout, but he was close. Trying to pry the fingers off he struggled as his heartbeat became fast and sporadic. He couldn't think, couldn't breathe, he had to get out.

-Hands yanking, pulling. Fingers digging into his head, pulling his hair. "If I so much as feel teeth, I will destroy the rest of your tiny resistance and make you watch as my men torture ever last man, woman, and child until their all dead."

Pressure on his lips, harsh laughter, disgust. "Open your mouth, little Naruto…don't make me ask again." Compliance, despair. "Suck," obey. "Oh, yeah, just like that." Hands gripping the back of his head, forcing, pushing, gagging. "That's it, take it all like the slut you are." Groaning, too much, can't breathe. Forcing more…all, pushing away, trying to get air. Lungs burning, liquid erupting, choking. "So beautiful."-


Kakashi stared at the bracelet in disbelief. He couldn't wrap his head around it. When he had first seen the bracelet, after the fight with Zabuza, he thought maybe he had been hallucinating. But he wasn't, and here was the proof. His Sharingan burned as what little chakra he had regained started to disappear, and Kakashi snapped his left eye shut. It wasn't like he needed to use it anymore anyway; he had already seen the object.

The Jounin wondered how Naruto was able to get a hold of such a piece of jewelry. As far as he knew, nobody outside the ANBU even knew they existed. And then he asked himself why? Why would Naruto need such a thing?

He turned to his student, fully intending to get answers. Quiet words met his ears as he took in Naruto's hunched form. They sounded like can't, and don't. "Naruto?" Kakashi questioned softly, but his student didn't seem to hear him and just continued to struggle against his harsh grip.

Kakashi looked at him, really looked, and he didn't like what he saw. The boy was shaking, yanking uselessly to get away, and hyperventilating. He was in a full blown panic attack. "Naruto," he questioned louder, trying to get the boy's attention. He felt his chest tighten uncomfortably when he realized that he had caused this. "Naruto, you need to calm down."

His words didn't seem to be working so he tried another tactic. Adjusting his grip, Kakashi pulled until Naruto fell into his lap, and used the new position to hug the boy to himself hoping that physical comfort would work, forgetting Naruto's aversion to touch. Naruto struggling increased greatly, but Kakashi quickly subdued him.

Leaning back, Kakashi used the wall to support them, one arm wrapped around Naruto; he released his wrist and instead used it to place Naruto's head against his chest. "Breathe Naruto," Kakashi told him, rubbing his back in slow circles. Taking deep breaths himself, Kakashi patiently coached Naruto until the boy started to copy him. It took a long while, but slowly Naruto started to relax into him, ear pressed against Kakashi's beating heart.

Kakashi could feel Naruto's hands move from being fisted into the blanket to curling against him. Carding his fingers through the blonde hair Kakashi hummed thoughtfully to himself as Naruto stopped shaking and his breathing became even and deep. Glancing down, he saw that the boy had fallen asleep. He smiled slightly before rolling his neck and thunking his head against the wall. Staring out the window, he thought upon what he was going to do. It was obvious now, that something was seriously wrong with his youngest Genin and if Naruto's reactions were any clue, it was a lot worse than he originally thought. Kakashi was going to find out what happened, and then he was going to make somebody pay.