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Chapter 4:

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Ron's POV:

So I just got my heart smashed by the love of my life. I just can't believe that the girl I fell in love with is actually gay and into my sister for that matter! I see Harry walk up to me and just put his hand on my shoulder. "Bro, you had to of seen this coming. Hermione has never been interested into guys." I look up at Harry. "Yea, I know but I thought it was because she wanted to be with me so she was turning all of the other guys down." "Let's go play quidditch Ron. It will help you out of your funk."

Hermione POV:

So I was enjoying my time down by the river with Ginny. After revealing our love to each other I sat up and leaned against the tree and pulled Ginny into me and wrapping my arms around her waist. I laid my head on her shoulder and nuzzled my face into her neck. I could feel her relax into my body and I was totally enjoying it. Then I heard her sweet voice whispering to me. "Hermione, I love you and I haven't been this happy in my whole life." I kiss her neck softly. "I feel the same way baby."

Ginny POV:

I was totally enjoying my time with Hermione in my favorite spot in my yard. But I could totally tell that Ronald was pissed because he kept staring down at us while he was playing Quidditch therefore he kept getting hit by the bludger. "Mione?" "Yes love" "Ron keeps staring at you from the sky and he is getting beat up pretty bad by the bludger." Hermione looked up and started laughing and I smiled because her laugh was the most amazing thing ever plus she was laughing at my brother's pain. I couldn't believe that this amazing girl was actually mine and that she chose me over my brother who was extremely pissed off. I watched him fly down to us and as he did I stood up to stand between him and Hermione. "What do you want Ron" I said as he landed. "I would like to talk to Hermione alone if you don't mind." I looked over at Hermione and she shook her head yes so I walked over to Harry to have a word with him. "How come Ron can't take the news as good as you are?" "I think it's because he feels like he has failed as a guy and doesn't want people to make fun of him at school for the only girl he has ever liked and that people think he is dating to have been gay this entire time." I looked at Hermione and Ron to make sure Ron wasn't trying anything with my girlfriend. "Wait Harry did you say the girl he is dating?" "Yea he told everyone at school that him and her were dating and people believed him cause they were always together" That's when Ginny Wesley snapped. She walked up to her brother and punched him in the ribs and walked off to her bedroom to wait for the punishment from her mom but more importantly Hermione.