Author Note: Just something I threw together ;) I was thinking of finishing this off as a miscommunication/frustrated ending between the two, but I decided that that would be much too cruel. So, enjoy.

Disclaimer: None.


Elphaba concentrates on the ends of the sheer white ribbons slipping from her grip and at the task at hand before her, for to look elsewhere—perhaps at Glinda's lovely bared shoulders, or to the elegantly crossed legs—is to invite ruin. Perched at the very foot of the bed, Glinda sits in unnerving stillness as Elphaba, crossed-legged on the bed behind her, loops the lengths of ribbon around her hands for better purchase and pulls, tugging the laces that crisscross down the back of the exquisitely detailed corset tight. Glinda lets out a small pained gasp but bears it stoically, hands never straying from their position clasped daintily together over her lap, just above the lacy tops of her thigh-high stockings.

To her credit, Elphaba is not totally lacking in grace, and after securing the tightest lacing possible, finishes off the extra ribbon in a loose bow that rests at the small of Glinda's back. The entire ordeal finally over, Elphaba sits back with palms flat against the bed and lets out a deep and extremely unfeminine sigh as Glinda runs her hands down the sides of her waist, smoothing imaginary wrinkles. Elphaba imagines her own hands on Glinda's hips, possessive and pulling Glinda flush against her, nimble fingers unthreading the carefully laced corset as she presses a kiss to the back of Glinda's neck, and in her mind Glinda yields willingly, all soft curves and throaty, whispered Elphabas as she presses up against her.

Glinda's head turns a mere fraction as she glances demurely over her shoulder, and her golden curls, previously swept over the front of one shoulder to allow Elphaba to aide her unhindered, shift with the barest of rustles as they tumble loosely down her back. Elphaba reaches out just as Glinda makes to sweep her hair back over her shoulder, and their fingers touch briefly. They freeze, both of their hearts pounding loud enough that surely the other must hear, and Glinda retracts her hand first, clasping it to her breast as she swallows. Elphaba brushes Glinda's curls out of the way, fingertips trailing sensuously along Glinda's back, over her shoulder, and coming to rest gently in the hollow above her collarbone, palm cupped halfway against her neck and pressed flat against warm skin.

Glinda lets out an unabashed gasp as Elphaba kisses the nape of her neck, arching her back and rolling her hips forward ever so slightly as Elphaba kisses her again, kisses up the side of her neck and to the blunt curve of her jaw and behind her ear where her breath wisps across Glinda's skin as she speaks and Glinda attempts to still her beating heart so that she can hear. The words are cruel and cold and spoken with a hint of chuckle, and Glinda very nearly throws a fit as they register.

"Finish dressing, my sweet. It's almost time for class."