Title: Hermione's Deep Secret

Rating: K

Summary: Voldemort has been defeated but during a drunken night of celebration Harry mistakes Hermione for Ginny and soon Hermione finds herself hiding a secret for the sake of her friendship to Harry and to insure that Ginny is happy. But all secrets do come out in the end. Of course Hermione finds that she's not the only one that's hiding secrets as well.

Disclaimer: I don't own any of the Harry Potter characters but I do own Hermione's children's names.

Chapter 1

Hermione knew that celebration and booze just don't mix and when you partake in it you better accept whatever consequences that comes with it. When Hermione woke up the next morning she felt as though her head had been packed in wet sand and her tongue felt as though it was made from sandpaper. She took some Hangover Relief potion, the last that the late Headmaster had made and felt instantly better. She took a bath, relieving some of the ache that had probably came with doing something that she wasn't supposed to do, though she couldn't remember anything from last night.

She then got dressed and left the Hogwarts grounds. She needed to get some personals due to the fact that she was due to start her period in two days and she hadn't gotten any. She passed by Hagrid, who was insuring that his hut was finally being rebuilt after Snape had set fire to it, and then Apprated to London. She had some muggle money with her and so she used that to get her personals. She then returned to Hogwarts to talk with Headmistress McGonagall about her retake of her final year.

"I'm glad that you asked, Miss Granger," McGonagall said when Hermione asked her about retaking her final year. "Mr. Potter and Weasley have been offered a chance to be Aurors without taking their N.E.W.T'S and they've accepted. You'll be the only one of his close friends to return for their final year."

"So I can retake my final year," Hermione said.

"Of course, Miss Granger," McGonagall said.

"Thanks," Hermione said and then left.

Hermione then spent the next couple of days helping Professor Flitwick make the castle safe for the returning students and help Professor Slughorn brew more additional potions that Madam Pomfrey needed for the cold, flu, and girl's periods. As she worked, and helped out, she totally forgotten that she was supposed to check to make sure that she had started her period but then it suddenly hit her that she might have forgotten to do this. She raced to her room and checked herself.

She wasn't bleeding, nothing, she was bone dry. Fearing the worse she went to Madam Pomfrey. Madam Pomfrey took time to calm Hermione down and then had her lie down on one of the beds.

"I'm going to give you a potion that will enable me to detect any sign of life," Madam Pomfrey explained. "If you're pregnant then it will show."

Hermione took the potion and drank it. She felt sort of off but let Madam Pomfrey use her wand. A few minutes passed and Madam Pomfrey gave her a huge smile.

"Your pregnant, my dear," she told Hermione.

"What, no," Hermione moaned. "I don't want to be. I have lessons to go to and I want to go to the Ministry."

"You can still do that while you're pregnant and I'm sure that house elves would love to help you out."

"I highly doubt that," Hermione said. "Not after all the hell that I gave about them working for witches and wizards."

"Well I'm sure their willing to forgive," Madam Pomfrey said. "Oh and your going to have a son and a daughter, if you want to know."

Hermione almost passed out from hearing that news.

It took Hermione several days to get over the fact that she was pregnant. Hermione was sure that she had taken potions to prevent it but she had read that some potions nullify when you've taken alcohol. Hermione vowed that this would be the last time that she would ever get drunk while she was near a man. Of course Hermione wondered who the father was and if he had been just as drunk as she had been. Naturally this question led her back to the library.

Madam Pince wasn't back from vacation so Hermione was able to use the library without interruption. She fingered through the different books until she found one that caught her eye. Pulling it out she opened it and started to finger through its pages. Half way through she found a potion that might be able to help her.

Advance Paternity Potion

This potion is the most advance form to identify the father within a week of conception. However be warned that this potion has a direct link with the Ministry of Magic and can nullify any children from claims of being heir to said father after brewers children have been born.

Hermione bit her lip, thinking about what the book had said. If she found out who the father was any chance that any children born from another woman would have no claim to his fortune, if he had any.

"Oh god, I hope it wasn't Malfoy," Hermione muttered as she copied it down and left the library.


A/N: Boy we feel sorry for Hermione. In the next chapter Hermione brews the potion and it tells her exactly who the father is, thus begins her secret. I'm sorry to say that I'm not going to include Hermione's final year in this story I will be moving on with her years at the Ministry and you'll find out who the first born is and who is the second.