Another fem Sasuke fanfic. This will contain mostly OCs unlike most of my previous fics. In the past I hated OCs, but I'm learning to be fond of them. I know I don't update anymore but here I am again with another new fic which I probably won't update soon also. Please just bear with me. I've lost inspiration. I need more time to think.

Many readers are asking for an update of Veiled Veracity: Hatake Kakashi(my fem Kakashi fic) and Tit for Tat(one of my fem Sasuke fics). I apologize for the lack of updates. I'm stuck! I hope you enjoy this too. I've never researched for any of my fics before, but I looked into some things just so I could write this.

Sasuke will probably end up with an OC. But I haven't decided which OC. We'll see.

I've said too much. Read on.

One:The Fateful Meeting

I saw her immediately, despite the blackness of the night. She, whose skin glowed under the moonlight, made my eyes want to cling to her forever. Disregarding all reason, I went to her, enthralled by the dark gaze that watched me.

My village once encountered an extremely rainy day. For many hours the water poured like needles, nearly consuming the entirety of our great village. Flashes of lightning were frequent, and over and over the thunder roared like an enraged dragon. On that day, even as the storm receded, lightning and thunder endured as if wanting to remain forever.

Because I was born on that day, the name Raidenwas chosen, from the characters 'rai' meaning thunder and 'den' meaning lightning.

Our family has always been favored by Seiryuu, and we in turn honor him the most out of the four gods of our village. My mother tells me that the storm had been a sign of his blessing, and that the dragon god rejoiced at my birth.

In my early childhood, growing up had been difficult as I had been constantly overshadowed by my older brothers. Since young they had shown potential to become the greatest of warriors. They grew to be the pride of the RyuumaClan, unmatched by many. I felt small beside them, insignificant and less loved.

However once I grew older, I learned that I could be on par with them, and I understood that I need not detest myself, or fear my brothers' strengths any longer. I realized that I had been a child who wanted the attention of his parents, and thought the only way for that to be so was to become a great warrior.

I had grown up. But due to this, Yuuken, the brother after me, the youngest of us, drifted away from me, who had been closest to him. He, who regarded our elder brothers just as I had, felt himself weak. I, who knew of his feelings, of his self-contempt of his powerlessness, did nothing to relieve his deep pain. To this day he continues his aim to be the finest warrior among us, fighting his private demons, the same ones I had been fighting, alone.

I knew of that painful desire and the unyielding claws of loneliness and alienation but I ignored it. I looked as if I didn't see, as if I knew nothing of his hell.

At age eleven I fell in love. She was five years older than me. I loved her because she was beautiful, because she was kind, because she had noticed me despite my insignificance. I swore to myself that once I was old enough, once I became strong, had become a man worthy of her, I would reveal my feelings. Two years later she had gotten married, then died not long after. I was unable to tell her I loved her. I realized how vast my love for her had been, but it did not compare to the grief of losing her.

I kept silent of my feelings. I endured my sorrow. On my own, I nursed my heartache.

At the age of twenty-seven I became bored. The missions, the scenery, sex with the same women—and men, on occasions— had become a monotony in life. It had become dreary existence. I decided to leave the village and travel. I wanted a time for myself, to wander a portion of the world before I become too old. And perhaps encounter the man who had come to our village and was able to defeat my elder brother. Afterwards I challenged him and was also defeated that same day.

Partway through the end of my travels there was an outbreak of war between an ancient lunatic and the rest of the shinobi nations. It lasted only for a few months, in favor of the allied shinobi nations.

In truth the war postponed my journey back home. I had been held back by unexpected incidents such as aiding powerless villages constantly attacked by bandits who were taking advantage of the ongoing conflict and the absence of employed ninjas.

And on that fateful night two days after the war ended, I saw a woman resting on top of a small hill. Even in the distance I noticed her loveliness—the white skin, the long black mane— and though it was late and I terribly exhausted, I went out of my way to her.

Finding a woman in the middle of nowhere was strange and suspicious. But I went to her not of suspicion but nameless attraction. I had been caught by the force of her magnificence, powerful even from afar.

I noticed blood from deep wounds and torn clothing. Perhaps a victim of war, I thought. She possessed all sorts of wounds, from her head all the way down. She bled plenty, so much that I was surprised she was still alive and conscious.

When she looked up at me my heart leaped so hard. I noticed how much younger she was.

At that time, I had no idea who she was but I could not stop myself. I took her with me, not knowing at that time how fate brought us together.

Raiden: Another name for Raijin, god of thunder and lightning in Japanese mythology.

Ryuuma: Ryuu, Japanese for dragon. Ma means pure, or genuine. (Got the name from somewhere in the Internet. I don't know what it means as a whole. Searching for the meaning ofma, I came across a few. I simply chose what I thought suited best.)

Seiryuu: The Blue/Green dragon. Guardian God of the East in Chinese and Japanese mythology.

Yuuken: From yuu meaning superior, and ken is blade or sword. (Completely made the name up.)