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Chapter Nineteen: Time to Pay the Piper

Cameraman's POV

I was finally back in L.A. after my Seattle vacation, eager to talk to Ashton about that Cullen family in Forks, Washington. I hadn't been able to think of anything else while I was up there. As soon as the cab dropped me off from LAX, I picked up the phone and dialed Ashton's number.

"Hey, Ashton? Yeah, it's me. I just got back. Listen, the reason why I'm calling is while I was on vacation there was this family that pulled off the ultimate prank… Seriously, dude, it was the funniest thing I've seen outside the show. I think you might want to contact the family and maybe feature the prank on a special episode… Yeah, it is hilarious! This is what happened. I got this call from my agent asking me to film a prank taking place inside a police station…"

Edward's POV

Things were back to normal in the Cullen and Swan households. Emmett was on his best behavior. He still teased Bella, but in a harmless way, no pranks involved. Of course he made it a point to mention that he'd qualified his "no more pranks" promise when he said he wouldn't prank Bella while she was still human, but that was okay. When the time came and the prank wars started, Bella and I would be ready.

What Emmett should have been worried about was his punishment for losing Prank #5. Alice and I were ready to collect on it and had come up with the perfect punishment guaranteed to never let him forget that he'd been Punk'd…Cullen style.

Alice said she wanted it to be a surprise for Bella and asked me to let her handle it while I spent the day with Bella at the meadow. She wanted to see the look on Bella's face when she saw what had been done. I have to admit, I couldn't wait to see it either.

Alice's POV

Things were finally back to normal. We were counting down the days to Edward and Bella's wedding and her subsequent transformation to vampire. Emmett was on his behavior these days, having learned his lesson. He still teased Bella, but there were no pranks involved. Of course, he kept insisting his promise to not prank her held only until she'd been changed and then all bets were off. He still didn't believe Bella would be able to kick his you-know-what when she was a newborn. No matter. When Emmett started up his prank wars again, we would be ready. I would be standing by my sister and we'd give him another dose of revenge…Cullen style!

However, there was still one last thing that needed to be done before we could put all of this behind us. Emmett still had to face his punishment for losing Prank #5 and I'd come up with the perfect one. Nothing harsh, but definitely a permanent reminder of what happens when he tries to prank the best!

I went upstairs to find my husband. He needed to record what was going to happen. I found him in our room reading a book in the armchair near the window. "Jasper, are you ready?"

He looked up and smiled, reaching around the armchair to grab the small camcorder that had filmed the last prank. He gave me a quick hug and we walked downstairs hand in hand to the living room where Emmett was currently playing video games.

As Jasper hit the record button on the camcorder, I walked up to Emmett and said in my sweetest voice, "Oh Emmett, it's time." His look of confusion quickly turned into a look of horror as he realized what "time" I was referring to.

I beckoned with my finger. "In the kitchen, please. NOW!"

We walked to the kitchen where Esme, Carlisle and Rosalie were already gathered. Edward and Bella were at the meadow, per my request to Edward. They would be arriving back at the house in about ten minutes and I couldn't wait to see their expressions when they saw what had been done.

I patted the stool next to the kitchen island and gestured to Emmett to take a seat. On the island countertop there were two small items: scissors and tweezers. Emmett's eyes grew wide as he realized what was in store.

Oh yeah, revenge…such a sweet thing!

Bella's POV

Edward and I had just returned to the Cullen's house after spending the afternoon at our meadow. We walked into the house and I noticed how quiet it was, except for voices coming from the kitchen. It looked like everyone was gathered around the kitchen island. I could see Jasper and it looked like he had the camcorder in hand again. I was beginning to wonder what was going on when Edward started laughing. He was laughing so hard, if he were human there would have been tears falling from his eyes.

"What is it, Edward? What's so funny?" I was starting to laugh just because he was.

After a few seconds he gained control of himself.

"Bella, love, this isn't something I can tell you. You'll have to see it for yourself." He took me by the hand and pulled me towards the kitchen. I was right, everyone was in the kitchen and from the looks of it they were trying to stifle their own laughter. If I didn't know better I would have thought Jasper had given everyone his own brand of laughing gas.

The only one not laughing was Emmett, who was seated at a stool next to the kitchen island. His back was turned to me. Edward pulled me closer and pointed to the back of Emmett's head. Oh my god! It looked like individual hairs had been removed from his scalp to form some sort of writing. It was so small a human wouldn't be able to read it unless it was pointed out to them. In Alice's fine script it read:

I'm Emmett Cullen and I was Punk'd…Cullen Style!

Everyone, including myself, started laughing! Brilliant!

In the background the phone started ringing and Carlisle went to answer. "Hello? Yes, this is the Cullen residence... Just a moment, please."

Carlisle turned towards the room and asked, "Does anyone know an Ashton Kutcher? He's calling about some show called "Punk'd" and he says he's interested in the film footage from the jail interrogation…"

Emmett's head swiveled around so fast if he were human he would have given himself whiplash!

Jasper handed the camcorder to Alice and held out his hand to Carlisle for the phone. "I think I'll take this call, Carlisle." He was smiling as he walked out of the room. About five seconds later Emmett jumped up from the stool and raced after Jasper.

The rest of us, well, we kept laughing. I turned to Edward and said, "So, do we really have to until after I'm changed before the prank wars can begin?"

Edward pulled me into his arms. "Yes, we do, but that doesn't mean we can't start planning what we're going to do when the time comes!"

I looked at Edward and Alice and squealed as Edward picked me up and ran to his room, followed by Alice who was squealing because she was always squealing! It was time to start making those plans! When the time came, we'd be ready and Emmett wouldn't know what hit him!

The End.

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