Haphazard Musings

Prompt: Birthday Dinner

Kagetora held them up slowly and then set them in direct contact with the heat of the bonfire he had made. They sat there, skewered through by a long stick, cooking away steadily through the night. The fresh aroma of fish filled his nostrils, and this made him smile widely.

Fifteen minutes passed, and they were done! Eagerly, he took the fish meat from the skewer and wrapped them up inside a huge banana leaf. They smelled like spice, and fresh ginger—which indicated that the seasonings were perfect.

Smilingly, he lifted the hot meal in his hands and jogged back into the Fujiwara mansion, which was bright and illuminated amidst the darkness of the night.

As he approached the porch, he found his target sitting alone overlooking the small pond. And being an excellent ninja of stealth, he molded himself into the shadows effortlessly.

So when he practically jumped on her, singing "Happy Birthday Beni-sama!" from behind her, she almost fell into the pond in front of her.

"Kage—" He presented his banana leaf-wrapped fish to her, cutting her off.

"I made a meal for you." He smiled his impeccable smile.

"A meal…?" she asked, quite confused. Then she examined this gift of his with much more scrutiny, and the impact of the aroma hit her senses.

"Woooow!" Beni cheered excitedly, and then took the meal into her hands right away. She was, however, gravely unaware of how hot it was. As soon as the heat made contact with her skin, she shrieked. Simultaneously, Kagetora took it back from her grasp.

"Careful!" he assuaged her, rubbing his fingers with hers. He inspected her delicate hands for burns. "Beni-sama, please let me serve you myself. I wouldn't want you to get hurt just for a very simple reason."

Her cheeks grew hot. Looking down on her lap, she quietly murmured, "I-I'm sorry. It's just that no one ever does these kinds of things for me…" She trailed off while slowly lifting her gaze back up at her bodyguard.

His eyes glimmered from the light reflected from the pond before them, softening as he continued to stare at her.

"I'm very happy, then, to be the first one to offer you such service."

She smiled widely. "Thank you Kagetora." And then, looking at the wrapped gift he had on his side, she announced, "Let's eat!"

Sometime during the middle of their very simple meal, Beni noticed that her fish was slightly undercooked. Upon closer inspection, she found out that there were orange and yellow scales sticking out.

Then, shooting her eyes to the fish pond, it all clicked together. There were only two koi fishes left, swirling in a slow dance beneath the water.


"Are you okay, Beni-sama? Does the fish… taste bad?"

She looked at him and saw how dejected his face was. And all she could do was laugh out loud in a fit of hysterics, leaving Kagetora bewildered.

"D-Did… Did I do something wrong?"

Waving her hand at him dismissively, she replied, "This tastes wonderful! I'm so happy right now." She leaned in to plant a soft kiss on his fish-seasoned lips. "I would rather have this than a banquet, or a ceremony."

At that, Kagetora beamed, clearly proud of himself as he finished up the rest of his meal.

Beni, on the other hand, still had an inward smile plastered on her face. Obviously she was enjoying a private joke. So it was only for her entertainment, knowing that Kagetora had just murdered her father's two million-yen's worth of koi fishes for her birthday.

It was probably the best gift she could ever have.

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