Harry Potter & The Order of the Midnight Phoenix

Chapter Five - The Seer's Spark

A series of pops in the air signaled the arrival of the Order of the Phoenix, a hundred meters away from the Bones manor, Dumbledore, Remus, Moody, Hestia and Kingsley appeared and immediately looked around the immediate area for danger, looking towards the manor they immediately spotted the Dark Mark floating above the house ominously.

"The battle's already over Albus," Moody said regretfully

"Yes… be alert, there may still be Death Eaters nearby," Dumbledore said sadly

The five moved together towards the manor and as they did they started to dread what they would find. They snapped out of their thoughts when a light shot up into the air from behind the Manor. The white light shot through the clouds and everybody watched in amazement as in the sky, the image of a beautiful black phoenix dove from the clouds and sunk it's talons into the skull cracking it, the phoenix then spread it's wings and held it's head up in pride.

"What the bloody hell is that?" Hestia said in astonishment.

"Someone else is here… hurry!" Dumbledore shouted with wide eyes.

They broke out into an all out sprint to the house, when they reached the front door they spotted two Death Eaters knocked out and a blast crater in the ground. With a flick of his wand Moody tied them both up.

The five carefully crept into the Manor and examined the hall, scorch marks, blasted walls but no bodies.

"Remus, Hestia, check upstairs, Kingsley guard the front entrance, Alistair with me, be on guard," Dumbledore ordered before slowly making his way into the living room.

A clinking sound drew Dumbledore and Moody's attention causing them to turn and point their wands. The sight astonished them, Amelia Bones stood at a cabinet pouring an amber liquid into a glass, her clothes were torn and dirty, she had a split lip and a cut on her forehead.

"Amelia, you're alive… thank goodness," Dumbledore said in astonishment.

"You don't have to sound so surprised Dumbledore," Amelia said in annoyance.

"Amelia what happened here? Where is Lord Voldemort?" Dumbledore asked.

"He was driven away by the ones who saved me. But that's really not your business Dumbledore, you're the Headmaster of Hogwarts but your authority ends there, you're trespassing," Amelia said while glaring at him.

"Amelia a member of the order brought knowledge to me that you were under attack, we came to help."

"The fight ended half an hour ago, if it wasn't for the Midnight Phoenix, I'd be dead and both Susan and Hannah would be…" Amelia clenched her teeth as she thought about what Voldemort told her.

"The Midnight Phoenix?" Dumbledore questioned as he remembered what happened to the Dark Mark "Who is the Midnight Phoenix Amelia?"

"That's none of your business Dumbledore. I'll not be joining your Order" Amelia said as she sat down and took a sip of her drink. Dumbledore was about to speak again when suddenly Remus and Hestia stumbled through the door.

"Albus, we found Greyback upstairs," Remus said.

"Is her restrained?" Dumbledore asked.

"No need, he has a silver dagger sticking out of his throat," Hestia said with a pale face looking like she was about to vomit.

"Dead?" Dumbledore asked in astonishment and received a nod from Remus.

"Amelia," Dumbledore said sternly "You must tell me who did this, whoever this Midnight Phoenix is, he's killed a man."

"Dumbledore… get out of my home," Amelia said with a glare.

Dumbledore hesitated before answering, "Very well, I'll be in touch Amelia," Dumbledore said as calmly as possible, which was quite the feat considering how angry he was inside. He turned around and walked from the room.

"Auror Jones, Moody, I'll speak to you before you go, Dumbledore tell Auror Kingsley to come in as well," Amelia said.

"May I enquire what you wish to speak with them about?" Dumbledore asked.

Amelia rolled hey eyes and let out an annoyed sigh before answering.

"May you, the Headmaster of a school. Enquire what I, the director of the DMLE wish to speak to three of my Aurors about? No you may not," Amelia said incredulously.

Without another word Dumbledore turned and walked out of the room followed by Remus, a few moments later Kingsley walked into the room and stood beside his fellow Aurors.

"Ok, first question. Jones, what is the standard procedure when the DMLE receives knowledge of an impending or ongoing Death Eater attack?" Amelia asked.

"A t-team of assault Aurors are mobilized and sent to the location under a-attack," Hestia stuttered out her response.

"Correct, second question. Kingsley, what is the schedule and personnel of the Assault Auror teams in the ministry?"

"Three teams of six Aurors on standby at all times rotating every ten hours for rest. Each team consisting of a scout, a medic and four hit wizards ma'am," Kingsley responded autonomously.

"Correct, third question. Moody, what is the approximate response time of the Assault Auror teams?" Amelia asked.

"Amelia I don't see the point of -," Moody started speaking but stopped when Amelia slammed her glass down on the table next to her.

"Jones, answer the question for him," Amelia said dangerously.

"T-Three minutes ma'am," Hestia said while trying to stop her hand from shaking.

"Correct… now lets see if I've got my facts straight. You received knowledge of an attack on my home and instead of doing what you were supposed to do which was go to the ministry and alert the Auror teams - who could have been here within three minutes with 18 Aurors - you went to Dumbledore and arrived in 45 minutes with one Auror, one junior Auror, one retired Auror, a former defense teacher and a 150 year old man who I'm starting to suspect is senile," Amelia finished and the three in front of her seemed to just now realize how badly they'd screwed up. Even Kingsley was starting to sweat.

"Last question, can any of you give me a good reason why I shouldn't fire you?" Amelia asked, moments later nobody had spoken.

"I didn't think so. Kingsley you're suspended for two months without pay. Jones, your career is just starting and already you've put it in grave danger, your on probation, one foot out of line and you're out. Moody I don't want to see you in my department anymore, you're retired, act like it," Amelia said as she stood up and looked at them firmly.

"The three of you need to have a long think about where your loyalties lie, pass that along to any other Aurors working in the order, now get out of my sight."


Dumbledore and Remus apparated back to Grimmauld place. Remus was in a state of shock that the man he hated most in life was dead, he had found Greyback with a knife in his throat in the remains of Amelia's office. Dumbledore on the other hand was frustrated, now there was a new player in the game, an unknown element who has no problem killing the Death Eaters.

'Who could it be? Who else could have known about the attack, Severus came straight to me with the knowledge, nobody else should have -' Dumbledore's eyes widened as he remembered something, he'd told Harry about the attack just before the meeting.

Turning from the hall he moved swiftly to the stairs and rushed up them. After reaching the third floor he made a beeline to Sirius' old room, without stopping to knock and grasped the handle and swung the door open. Sat at the foot of his bed was Harry surrounded by Hermione Granger, Tonks and Ginny Weasley, they were each holding muggle playing cards.

"Do you have any twos?" Harry asked

"Go fish," Tonks answered

As Harry reached for the deck in the middle of them all Harry noticed Dumbledore in the doorway.

"Oh, Headmaster, how did everything go?" Harry asked in a concerned tone

"What? Oh, fine Harry just fine, Amelia and Susan are both safe, Tonks, we're having a meeting in an hour to debrief everyone," Dumbledore told the pink haired Auror

"I'll be there sir," Tonks said with a smile

Dumbledore backed out of the room, closed the door and shook his head.

"You've been spending too much time with Alistair, getting paranoid," Dumbledore mumbled to himself "Of course it wasn't Harry, he doesn't have it in him to take a life."

Back inside the room Harry's face split into a grin.

"and the award for best actor goes to," Harry said before snapping his fingers making a small trophy appear in his hands and applause sound throughout the room from nowhere.

"Thank you, thank you," Harry said with a bashful smile.

The three girls were chuckling at Harry's display. The applause stopped as Harry turned to face the girls with the same grin.

"… and what would I be without my leading ladies?" Harry said with a smile as he snapped his fingers again, immediately their clothes changed and applause filled the air again, this time accompanied by wolf whistles. Ginny was dressed in a long red dress that reached down to her ankles and was slit down the side revealing some of her left leg. Tonks was dressed in a pink dress that showed off her cleavage and matched her hair. Hermione was dressed in the same periwinkle blue dress she wore at the Yule Ball almost two years ago. They blushed as the applause died down.

"How was Dumbledore able to just walk in here?" Hermione asked curiously

"I figured he might suspect I was the one who saved Amelia and would confront me, so I disabled the wards," Harry explained.

"Yeah did you see the look on his face when he saw us playing cards? Priceless," Tonks said with a grin.

With a smile on his face Harry clapped his hands together and waved them at the room, the room shimmered for a moment and the girls felt a rush of magic as Harry's wards reactivated, Harry potions lab reappeared too. Hermione noticed something, earlier there were only four cauldrons, now there was five.

"Harry, what's that new potion?" Hermione asked curiously.

Harry turned his heads and noticed the potion she was talking about.

"Oh, that's the Seer's Spark potion. Salazar invented it. If somebody has a latent seer abilities, this potion can reveal them," Harry explained.

"Harry you don't really believe that do you? Divination is-" Hermione spoke but was cut off by Harry.

"I know you don't believe in it Hermione but seers do exist. Trelawney is a fraud 99 percent of the time but that's just her," Harry explained.

Hermione took a deep breath and nodded.

"Fair enough Harry," Hermione said "So when will the potion be ready?"

"It's ready now, I'm gonna take some to see if I have the 'Spark' in a matter of speaking… you girls are welcome to try it too," Harry said while trying to stifle a yawn.

"Tired?" Tonks asked.

"Those spells really took it out of me. I may have the founders knowledge but my magical core is still the same as ever, I'm not used to these spells so they drain me," Harry said as he poured the Seer's Spark potion into four cups.

"So how about it? Who want to find out if they're a Seer?" Harry asked while holding out two cups.

"Got nothing to lose," Tonks said with a shrug as she took one of the cups, Ginny followed suit and took another. Harry picked up the final two cups and held one out to Hermione.

"How 'bout it?" Harry asked with a grin.

Hermione rolled her eyes and took the offered cup.

"Fine, you win," Hermione conceded

Harry held up his cup.

"To the Midnight Phoenix," Harry toasted. He three girls clashed their cups lightly against Harry's before the four of them tossed back the sparkling gold liquid.

"Hmm, kinda tastes like Caramel," Hermione said, licking her lips.

"Well? I don't feel any different," Ginny said.

"You won't, the Potion won't kick in until you fall asleep, if you have the ability then the potion will force it to give you a vision as you sleep," Harry explained.

"Then how'll we know if it's a vision or just a dream?" Hermione asked.

"You'll just know," Harry said simply.

After spending a few more minutes talking Harry couldn't hold back a strong yawn.

Agreeing to leave Harry to get some rest the girls left, Harry stripped down to his boxers, got into bed and quickly fell asleep.


Almost an hour later, the Order of the Phoenix convened, Tonks took a seat next to Remus as far away from Dumbledore as possible. The last to join them was Snape.

"Ah Severus, just in time, please take a seat," Dumbledore said with a smile. Snape sat down at the middle of the table, not too close to the Headmaster but not too far away either.

"Now, as you all know, Amelia Bones' house was attacked earlier tonight…"

Dumbledore went on to tell the Order what happened on the mission - arriving to see a Phoenix avatar crush the Dark Mark, Finding Amelia alive, finding Greyback dead, Amelia's dismissive attitude and finally Amelia's mention of the 'Midnight Phoenix'.

"Umm, excuse me but what exactly is a Midnight Phoenix?" Molly Weasley asked.

"I can answer that," Remus said drawing everyone's attention. "As you know Phoenix's can bond with a human much like Fawkes and the Headmaster. They can also break those bonds if they feel that the human has done something dishonourable.

"When a Phoenix breaks it's bond with a human it's feathers turn black and it becomes what is called a Midnight Phoenix" Remus finishes.

"So other than the colour there's no difference between a Midnight Phoenix and a normal one?" Arthur asked

"Actually there is one significant difference… a Midnight Phoenix can't revive itself. When it dies, instead of being reborn from the ashes it leaves behind an egg which hatches into a newborn Phoenix," Remus explains.

"Isn't it the same thing though?" Tonks asked curious about the creature Harry had chosen for their order's avatar.

"No, the egg it leaves behind is not the same Phoenix that died, it's a new one. It isn't revival, it's more alone the lines of reincarnation."

"Yes, yes I'm sure we're all thrilled to learn about these creatures, however we have more important things to discuss," Snape drawled.

"Indeed, we must stay focused, now Severus what has Voldemort told you?" Dumbledore asked.

"Just over an hour ago the Dark Lord returned from his attack in a fury, he ordered me to treat the attackers wounds, he however refused to speak of who thwarted his attack and ordered the others not to speak of it," Snape reported.

Tonks let out a breath she had been holding in, for a moment there she was worried that they'd been found out.

"Who's injuries did you tend to Severus?" Dumbledore asked

"Bellatrix Lestrange's ribcage was shattered and her left lung collapsed, she is in for a painful night on Skelegrow. The Lestrange Brothers had severe burns on their hands and faces as well as gashes on their backs from shattered glass, they seem to have been hit with the same spell, the Dark Lord appeared unharmed," Snape finished.

"This is disturbing, whoever this 'Midnight Phoenix' is, he must be found and stopped," Dumbledore said with authority.

"Why?" Moody said abruptly.

"Alastair, he has killed a man, Fenrir Greyback is dead," Dumbledore said as if it answered all their questions.

"That's not a reason to stop the 'Midnight Phoenix' it's a reason not to, I've been telling you for a year now Dumbledore, this war is not likely to end with a Disarming charm," Moody said gruffly.

"I agree, nobody with mourn Greyback after all the harm he has caused, in fact I know more than one person who would be happy to dance on his grave," Remus said with a small smile. "This is a day I've been waiting years for, if I ever meet the one who killed Greyback I'll shake his hand, not cuff them"

"Remus a man is dead-" Dumbledore started but was cut off when Remus stood up.

"Albus, I made myself a promise years ago. On the day Greyback dies, I party, and no amount of reprimanding on your part will stop me from getting completely shitfaced tonight, excuse me," with that said Remus stood up from the table and walked out of the room, most likely intending to leave Grimmauld Place and find a bar.

Dumbledore shook his head disapprovingly before continuing.

"Well, on to further-"

"Headmaster," Hestia cut Dumbledore off. "I'm out," Hestia said bluntly

"What?" Dumbledore asked in confusion

"Director Bones said a few things that I've been thinking about… I'm an Auror, when I heard about the attack I should have reported to the ministry, we could have gotten over a dozen fighters there to support the director within minutes, instead we arrived almost an hour later with less numbers… the Order of the Phoenix is doing more harm than good and…" Hestia struggled for a moment before coming to a decision "… and I want no more part in it," with that said Hestia stood up and left the room leaving everybody stunned. Tonks hid a smirk as she watched her friend leave.


Half an hour later the door to Harry's room clicked open and a Pink haired Auror sneaked in, closing the door behind her. Tonks quickly stripped her robes and jeans leaving her in just her panties and a baggy t-shirt. She quickly slipped into bed and cuddled up to Harry's right side. With a smile on her face Tonks quickly fell asleep.

Meanwhile down the hall from Harry's room, Hermione laid wide awake in her bed, every few minutes she rolled over and tried to sleep, she just couldn't get comfortable. She remembered the night before when she had slept more comfortably than ever in her life, snuggled against Harry after they'd-

Hermione blushed as she remembered what else she had done the night before.

After ten more minutes of fidgeting Hermione let out a huff of frustration before throwing off her covers and getting up out of bed. Leaving the deeply sleeping Ginny, Hermione snuck out of the room and made her way to Harry's room. Reaching the room she wasn't too surprised to find Tonks already sleeping against Harry. With a smile Hermione crawled into bed on Harry's opposite side, laying her head down on Harry's chest she smiled as the sound of Harry's heartbeat slowly sent her to sleep.


Hermione's eyes fluttered open and she was instantly confused. She found herself sitting in a comfy chair in the middle of a large library. Cautiously she stood up and looked around trying to figure out what was happening.

Her thoughts were interrupted however when a childish giggle echoed throughout the room, Hermione spun around to see a little girl running towards her, before Hermione could act the girl ran right into and through her making her spin around on the spot to watch the girl running. It took a moment for Hermione to realize she was looking at a younger version of herself, when she was maybe six or seven.

"The Seer potion!" Hermione realized. She was seeing a vision of her past.

"I'm… a Seer," Hermione said with a grimace "Harry is never going to let me hear the end of this."

Hermione watched as her younger self pulled a small ladder to a nearby bookshelf and carefully climbed it. Hermione searched her memories trying to remember what was happening but came up with nothing.

Her younger self reached to the side trying to reach a golden spined book when she suddenly lost her footing, Hermione let out a gasp as her younger self fell from the ladder and headed for the ground.

However, before she hit the ground a loud crack filled the air and somebody appeared and caught her. It was a man whose face was hidden in a shadow, Hermione could only make out black hair.

"And just what do you think you're doing young lady?" a man asked in a smooth

voice as he held the girl upside-down against his shoulder

Hermione was utterly confused, she had no recollection of any of this happening.

"Getting a book," young Hermione answered.

"What have we told you about the book cases?" the man asked sternly.

She hesitated before answering "If I want a book from that's higher than five shelves ask you or Mummy," the girl said in a sad tone knowing she was being told off.

"Yep, so now I'll have to punish you." the man said with a smirk as he started tickling her mercilessly.

"Hahahahaha, s-stop it hahaha, Honestly Daddy, put me down!"

Hermione's hands slapped to her mouth as it finally came to her, the angle was just right so she could see her younger self's eyes, they were bright green instead of brown. This wasn't a vision of the past she was seeing, it's the future.

Hermione took deep breaths trying to calm herself down as she felt a single tear seeping from the corner of her eye. She watched as the dark haired stranger stepped out of the shadow to reveal himself fully, he was older, more handsome and had a small amount of stubble but it was definitely Harry.

"You're lucky I came to get you for dinner Holly, if I'd been a few moments later you'd likely have broken your neck you silly girl. Scare me like that again and you're banned from the library for a month" Harry said gently to firmly.

"Okay, sorry Daddy" the girl apologized honestly.

Hermione watched as the older Harry slipped the Book Holly had been reaching for off the shelf and carried her carbon copy towards the door leading out of the library.

Hermione couldn't help but smile as she thought about what the future may hold for her and Harry.

"Holly, Holly Potter," Hermione whispered with a smile as she wiped away her tears. "I can't wait to meet you."

As Harry disappeared with holly the library seemed to turn into smoke and start to disappear around her.


Hermione's eyes fluttered open, this time she was back in Harry's bed as he looked at her in a concerned way.

"Hermione, you ok? You're crying," Harry asked.

Hermione smiled and leaned forwards catching his lips in a deep kiss, it was all she could do to avoid saying 'I want a baby, now!'

"I'm fine Harry, I just had a good dream is all" she explained.

"Lucky you," a new voice said from the lower section of the bed where Ginny was sitting in her nightgown. "I had a nightmare."

Hermione also noticed Tonks standing up getting dressed.

"What kind of nightmare?" Hermione asked.

"Me and Harry were married," Ginny answered.

Harry felt a little downcast at that.

"Don't worry Harry, that part was nice, the nightmare came later," Ginny explained.

"So what made it a nightmare?" Harry asked.

"You'd named our Son… Albus Severus Potter," Ginny said with a shiver also making Harry's eyes go wide and Hermione to burst out laughing.

"So I'm guessing you're not a Seer then Ginny, cos there's no way that's going to happen," Hermione said while laughing.

"Keep on laughing Hermione, you were married to Ron and had a son called Hugo" Ginny said with a grin. Hermione immediately stopped laughing. In her minds eye her image of Holly was being sullied by the new one. A boy with a red haired bowl cut stuffing sausages into his mouth and trying to say 'What's for dessert Mum?' at the same time.

'Never gonna happen! I'd never name my son Hugo and I'd certainly never have a child with that vile bastard!' Hermione repeated in her head like a mantra while remembering her vision of Harry tickling Holly.

"What about me?" Tonks asked

"Oh, you were married to Remus," Ginny said making Tonks roll her eyes.

"Oh for crying out loud! Why does everyone think I've got a thing for him? When I was little he used to bounce me in his lap and now everybody thinks I'm… I'm…" Tonks struggled to find the right words.

"Still bouncing in his lap" Ginny supplied with a grin.

"Oh, so not funny," Tonks said with a gag "No offence to Remus, he's an absolute sweetheart, but to be interested in him that way? Never gonna happen."

After getting dressed everyone went about their business for the day, Hermione went to the library, Ginny hung out with Fred and George, Tonks went to work and Harry stayed in his room working on a 'secret project' which intrigued the girls, however when questioned about it Harry answered "It's a surprise."

Later on in the day when Tonks got back the four met up in the library where Tonks reported what happened, Madam Bones had met with her and let her know what happened with Dumbledore the night before, after giving the report they found themselves with nothing to do.

"Waiting until your birthday is gonna be boring as hell," Tonks muttered.

"Ok, that's it, we're going out," Harry said with a flourish as he stood up from his chair.

"Out where?" Ginny asked excitedly.

"How'll we get past the guards?" Hermione asked worriedly.

"Well we can't go out in the wizarding world, too many people know us, we'll be walking targets. So we'll go out into the Muggle world. The cinema, I hear that Independence Day movie that just came out is supposed to be pretty good," Harry said with a grin. "As for getting past the Order, we'll need a distraction and for that I intend to ask the most distracting people I know"

"Fred and George" Ginny said knowingly.

To Be Continued…

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