~Somebody to Love~

~By Sunny-Lozza~



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Tadase sat, his feet resting comfortably on his father's desk. The blonde took a sip of the deep red wine his parents had brought back after one of their many trips overseas. It was lucky they had gone out for the night with some friends, because Tadase would have gotten quite a lecture from them for this. He'd never been allowed in here, and would never be allowed to touch their expensive alcohol.

But something was troubling Tadase. Images flew through his mind of what had happened the other night at the bar. A certain pink-haired girl found its way into his mind, and he frowned absent-mindedly. The way she had presented herself to him, and how she had tried to do get him to do THAT with her. She was not the young girl who had been - and probably still somewhat - his first crush.

Tadase sighed sadly, and put down his empty glass. If he drank anymore, his father would definitely know. In the past four years, Tadase had changed gradually. Kiseki's influence had rubbed off on him, and he had more confidence and was beginning to come out of his shell more. Although, Admittedly, Tadase still need Kiseki to chara-change with him - sometimes- for school assemblies, or when a girl confessed to him, but Tadase was learning to do it by himself more and more.

The blonde sighed as he shut the door to his Father's study, and began walking back down the hall to his bedroom, watching as the heavy rain pelted outside. He might as well get started on his weekend homework, that presentation for Computing was due on Monday morning.

Suddenly there was a cry, and a yell, from the front door, before the doorbell rang, and something hit the door with force. Tadase immediately turned around without a second thought as he bolted through the house and to the front door. He ripped it open, to see a crying, wet, broken Amu, collapsed onto his doorstep.

"A-Amu?" He asked and kneeled down next to her, and placed his hand on her arm. She looked up with bloodshot amber eyes for a second, before looking down at the rest of her again, even more tears leaking from her eyes. She was drenched, from the rain, and tear, and all her makeup had run from the wet, and although Amu's face was covered in salt and rain water, her natural beauty - That Tadase hadn't seen for over 4 years - Showed itself and made Tadase gasp in surprise.

Without a second thought, Tadase scooped Amu up, by placing his right arm under her knees, and his left supporting her shoulder blades, and carried her into the house. Amu still cried as he carried her through the house and into the bathroom. He placed her gently on the edge of the bathtub and kneeled down beside her.

"Are you alright?" He asked quietly and wiped her eyes gently with his fingers. She blinked a few times and looked up at him, her eyes red and her face blotchy. She shook her head and Tadase gave a small, sad smile.

"Please don't cry...can you tell me what's wrong?" Tadase asked quietly and brushed a small amount of lifeless looking pink hair out of her face. Her hand came up and wiped her nose, before she began to speak, her voice sounding cracked, and broken.

"I-I-I'm...P-P-Pregnant..." She wailed before bursting into a fresh batch of tears. Tadase gaped at her words, completely and utterly shocked, but he could also feel a sense of knowing. Considering her current lifestyle, this was inevitable, and would have probably happened eventually. She was just lucky that it happened now when she was 16, then any younger. Tadase snapped out of his trance like state and soothed her, his hands gently pulling her towards him and holding her tenderly against his chest as she sobbed.

"I-I-I c-c-came b-because...I-I need h-h-help...P-Please...d-don't l-leave me...I-I n-need someone..." Amu whispered, eventually trailing off, trying to nuzzle her face into Tadase's chest. Although Tadase couldn't comprehend what Amu was going through, he did feel sympathetic to the girl in his arms. But, even though he didn't exactly approve of what was happening to her and how she had abused her own body like this, he couldn't just leave her.

"Of course I won't leave you Amu-Chan...Do you know who the father is?" Tadase said calmly. Amu nodded slightly and looked up at him, with tear-filled yellow eyes. Her hands wound their way up into his shirt and she clutched onto it for dear life.

"I-It was that guy...a-at the b-bar t-the other night...A-And I've been feeling sick since I screwed him...a-and...a-and...Oh Tadase..." She murmured before breaking down again. Tadase just kept holding her and speaking soothing words to her as he gently rocked them back and forth.

Eventually Amu stopped crying but didn't let go of him, before she finally fell asleep in his arms. Tadase smiled sadly and scooped her up, trying not to wake her, and took her into his bedroom. He managed to balance her with one arm, while the other moved the blankets of his bed away.

Like Father would his sleeping daughter, Tadase gently put Amu in his bed and pulled the covers back over her, leaning down and gently kissing her forehead before smiling and leaving the room. Tadase went out to the hallway and got some blankets and pillows and went back to his room. He silently made a small make-shift bed on the up floor and lay down, and went to sleep.

He would find out more about everything that had happened in the morning. All that was on his mind was that he be there for her. Even if he wasn't this baby's biological father, he was still going to help Amu in anyway he could, because if he didn't...Who would?

- - - -

Tadase woke up to the rising sun's light. He yawned and absently wondered why he was sleeping on the floor, but immediately remembered the events of the night before, when he felt a certain pink-haired girl's arms around him. How she'd gotten onto the floor, he had no idea, but he didn't have the heart to wake the sleeping girl.

With her pink hair tussled and the makeup that usually caked her face gone, Hinamori Amu looked like the beautiful girl he remembered from four years ago, though she was older and her features had changed into something even more beautiful. Tadase gave a tired smile and softly hugged her back. Her body looked so fragile, that if he had hugged her tightly, she might break. It was hard to comprehend what was happening inside of her right now. The Blonde's fingers moved up to her face and they gently ran down her cheek. Her soft pink lips curved into a smile as Tadase's fingers gently trailed past them.

Tadase smiled, and sat up, gently prying himself from her weak grip. He stood up, and left the room to start making some breakfast for the two of them. In the kitchen, he made up two cups of coffee, and some toast for the both of them, and stood at the bench, a piece of toast in his mouth and his cup of coffee in his hand.

The Blonde's mind was still reeling after the events of last night. Randomly finding a distraught and broken Hinamori Amu on his doorstep was a little mind boggling. But, thinking back to the girl lying on the floor of his bedroom, he was a little relieved. Though he had never though he would see her again, and let alone doing what she did. He hated to think about her like that, but how else could he think about her? She had changed so much.

Tadase took another bite of his toast and sipped his coffee and sighed inwardly. He was exhausted, though now that Amu had graced his life with her presence again, Tadase couldn't stop worrying about her. Another sip of coffee, another bite of toast.

"T-Tadase?" A quiet voice asked, and Tadase jumped in surprise and knocked his cup of coffee off the bench. It fell on the ground and shattered, hot coffee flying everywhere. Amu squealed as some of the hot coffee spilt onto her legs, and shards of china scattered around her feet. Tadase managed to run over to her somehow, his mind reeling.

"I-I'm So Sorry Amu-Chan! Are you alright?" He asked urgently, his hands holding her arms gently. She shook her head as tears began to fall. The blonde frowned and brushed them away with his fingers.

"I-Its ok, alright? Just stay still," He said, before moving away to get a wet cloth. Amu stood there, tears still spilling from her eyelids from the pain of the hot coffee that had scalded her legs. Tadase raced back and began to wipe her legs off, with the heavily dripping cloth.

"I-I'll clean you up, and then you'll have to have a cool bath...otherwise they will hurt more," Tadase said, brushing the cloth up and over her knees. Amu took in a shaky breath and gave a small nod. She couldn't help but blush when Tadase smiled concernedly at her, but there were questions running through her mind, And she couldn't help but voice them.

"W-Why a-are y-you h-helping me? I-I'm a s-slut, a-and...I-I h-hurt you...W-W-Why?" She whispered as he continuously wiped her legs. He looked up at her, unsure of what to say to the crying girl. When he didn't reply, she cried even more. He jumped up and absent-mindedly pulled the girl into a hug. She froze up as he felt him pull her close, but relaxed against his chest, still crying.

"Because...Because...I-I can't n-not help my friends...whatever the circumstance..." He said quietly, hugging her a little closer. Amu stopped crying and looked up at him with wide, bright, tear-filled eyes. She was clearly astonished, and Tadase felt slightly confused. But then Amu smiled a genuine smile and quickly kissed his cheek before he could think again.

"S-Still the same old...T-Tadase..." She said, and relaxed against his chest. He was sure that she could feel that his heart was beating a million miles an hour. His cheeks were as red as a tomato, and he assumed - and hoped - hers were too.

'T-That kiss...I-I've never felt so euphoric in m-my life... e-except for that one time when s-she left...but....I-Is this L-Love again?' Tadase thought, eyes wide and his body numb. What was he feeling? Had the supposedly long lost feeling that had consumed him 4 years ago...back?

There was a creak as the front door opened, and two sets of feet walked into the house. Tadase was shocked as he realised who they belonged to.

"Tadase? Are you home?" The voice of Yui Hotori, Tadase's father asked, as he and his wife Mizue walked through the house, towards the Kitchen.

"Oh...Crap..." Tadase breathed.

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