"Sirius. Quit poking me." Liam chuckled, he was sitting behind Sirius, Lily and Remus in History class. Sirius was poking the now very annoyed Remus and it seemed as if he wasn't going to stop for a little while.

"Why?" said Sirius, still poking Remus in the arm.

"Because it's very annoying when you do that, and it's starting to hurt." Remus answered, glaring at the black haired boy. Sirius just moved his finger a little lower and started poking again.

"Does it hurt now?" Liam chuckled again.

"Yes, Sirius, it still hurts." Remus was gritting his teeth. Sirius lowered his finger more.

"Now?" Remus was ready to smack the annoying marauder when Lily spoke up.

"Sirius, stop poking Remus. You're distracting me." She said, without looking up from the notes she was taking. Liam had to slap his hand before his mouth to stop himself from laughing out loud.

"Ok, Lily. All you had to do was ask." Sirius quit and Remus growled at the innocent expression on Sirius' face. "Remus." Lily spoke up again.

"What?" Remus all but snapped.

"You're distracting me too." At this Liam couldn't hold it anymore and started laughing quite loudly. The rest of the class turned to him, but thankfully Binns hadn't noticed and just continued with his monotone lesson. Sirius grinned at Liam, causing a light fluttering feeling in Liam's stomach.

Liam had always adored Sirius in his own time, but in a parent way. Liam always loved everything that his Godfather did, although he had been 39 in his own time, he still acted as if he was seventeen. Fooling around, telling stupid jokes, pulling pranks. Sirius always seemed to try to contradict his own name. To be anything but serious. Liam loved his Godfather even more for that, and it seemed that the Sirius of this time wasn't very different than in his time. The only changes were that he's younger, obviously, slimmer, hotter, and less wrinkled. Liam adored this Sirius too. But the question was if Sirius would accept him as a friend. Sirius never had a good record with the Slytherins.

Liam sighed and looked at Binns again, trying to mentally speed up the time until the lesson was over. He had to go see Dumbledore after class.

Finally, the signal to leave class went off and Liam put his stuff into his bag quickly and hurried out of class. He was halfway down the corridor when suddenly someone called after him.

"Jackson!" Liam turned around to see Sirius trying to catch up with him.

"Sirius Black, wasn't it?" Liam asked and Sirius nodded. Sirius hesitated before he blurted out something inarticulate.

"Uhm, what?" Liam chuckled at Sirius' red face. The other was obviously nervous.

"Uhm... Well, I know your Slytherin and all that..." Liam nodded, encouraging Sirius to go on. "But... Well I was wondering if maybe you want to hang out with me... Uhm I mean us. You seem nice enough." Sirius stuttered out, obviously nervous about being rejected.

"Sure, fine to me. But I have to go and see Dumbledore now." Liam said, smiling at the other. "Oh all right." Sirius said. "Come and sit with us at dinner later on. You really seem nice." He yelled after him, when Liam continued on his way to meet Dumbledore.

A few minutes later Liam sat in the chair in front of Dumbledore's desk. "Lemon drop, Liam?" The professor asked him, but Liam politely declined.

"I'd rather we come straight to business professor." He said. "I want to finish my task as soon as possible." Dumbledore nodded.

"Sure Liam. Tell me everything you know about Voldemort."

So Liam told Dumbledore everything he knew about the Horcruxes, their locations and the ways to destroy them. He also told him that he himself had once been a Horcrux before they had managed to destroy the piece of Voldemort's soul in his body.

Dumbledore had been very curious about how they had managed to kill of the Horcrux without killing Liam himself.

"With a potion, sir." Liam smirked. "Severus Snape, who's a Potion's Master in my time created a potion that would kill any foreign living beings in one's body. It's actually based on the idea of a Muggles' antibiotic. But instead of killing bacteria, it kills magical living beings. And thus allowed me to live and meanwhile destroying a part of Voldemort's soul."

Dumbledore nodded at that. "That doesn't surprise me really, that Severus becomes a Potion's Master, he's well on his ways to become one right now."

It was silent for a few moments, and Liam noticed that Dumbledore hesitated to ask him something.

"Just ask professor, I can tell you. I'm meant to change the future remember?" Dumbledore smiled at that.

"Quite right my boy. So what can you tell me about your war and everything you know about this war?"

Liam smiled and told them about the tactics the Deatheaters had used in his time, and the tactics that Severus, the Order and Dumbledore himself had told him about. After he was done, he could see that Dumbledore wanted to ask him something again. He sighed.

"Just ask professor." Dumbledore hesitated still.

"It is quite personal my boy." He said, and Liam rolled his eyes. "Again, sir, just ask."

"Who are your parents, Liam?" Liam sighed at the question.

"Right now I'm confused about that myself. I used to think James Potter and Lily Evans were my parents." Dumbledore frowned. "Why the confusion, Liam?"

"Because I catched my father, uhm, James, kissing Severus Snape on my first day here. And they looked pretty much in love." Dumbledore nodded.

"I get your confusion my boy. But I fear it's something we'll never find out." It was silent for a few moments.

"Unless... You could brew a Heritage Potion." Dumbledore suggested and Liam's face brightened at that.

"Yes. I think I would like that professor. Thank you for the help."

Liam left quickly after discussing the next time they would meet. He was going down to the dungeons to brew the potion.

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