"Hells Bells, promise me we will be friends for ever?" Edward asked as I placed the white daisy he picked for me behind my ear.

"Forever is a long time Edward." I teased him.

"I know how long forever is Bella, which is why I asked if you would be my friend for that long?"

I smiled at him, "Of course I will, now come on I want to go watch Spongebob." He took my small hand into his and we walked to my house, for a five year old life was pretty amazing.

……….5 years later……….

"Ok here we go Bella, one, two, three." Edward suddenly let go of the seat and I focused on keeping the bicycle upright. "That's it Bella just keep stepping on those pedals!" Edward yelled behind me.

"Edward I'm doing it….I'm doing it." I shouted back with joy, looking back to where he was running after me. Unfortunately I didn't look where I was driving and drove straight into a pothole. I went flying over the handle bars.

"Bella!" Edward screamed in shock and was at my side before I could even figure out if I was injured. "You okay?" He asked as I sat up.

"Yeah, I just scraped my elbow." I lifted it up so he could see the small scrape at my arm. He took out his handkerchief and wiped the debris from the wound before quickly kissing it.

"My mother says love can heel almost anything."

I smiled, "Did you see… I was doing it; I finally rode a bike all on my own." I asked excitedly and he nodded smiling.

"Yeah I did then I saw you almost breaking your neck to. Hells Bells, how are we supposed to stay friends forever if you go kill yourself?"

……….5 years later……….

"Jasper said that Rosalie wants to go to the Spring Formal with me. Can you believe it Bells? The most beautiful girl in school wants to go with me. You don't mind, do you Bells?" Edward asked falling back onto my bed, arms crossed behind his head. He stared into space, probably dreaming about dancing with Rosalie.

"Of course not Edward, we said we would only go together if we couldn't find anyone else." I said calmly, he didn't notice the slight tremble of my lip.

"Great but you have to come; you can ask Jacob to come with you." Edward suggested changing his pose so that he was no laying on his stomach facing me where I was sitting on the floor doing our Biology task.

"Yeah Jacob, whatever am I going to talk to him about." I said more to the floor than to Edward, afraid he might see how hurt I was.

"Hells Bells, Jacob isn't so bad. His acne is almost better and both of you love animals. You'll have loads to talk about." But Jacob isn't you and I can't compare to Rosalie. I thought to myself.

"But he can't dance." I pointed out just to say something.

"Then I will dance with you, friends forever right?" He said ruffling my hair.

"Yeah, friends….forever."

……….3 years later……….

"Edward your loser friend is coming this way." I heard Emmett say as I approached Edward where he was talking to his new found friends. I never had much patience for the football jocks who Edward now so proudly called his friends. Emmett for example was sleeping with Tanya behind Edward's back.

"What do you want Isabella?" Edward asked rudely. He always acted like this with his new friends, treating me like trash in front of them but when he wanted help with his homework he always came running to me.

"Mr. Kolinsky said that you'd better remember to hand in your essay tomorrow or you are going to fail your class." I turned and walked away from him.

"Look at what she is wearing, total geek. I can't believe that you are actually friends with that freak Edward." I heard Tanya say as I walked away.

"I need her for homework, being friends with me is the highlight of her life." Edward replied and his friends laughed. Tears began to pool in my eyes. "Hey Isabella wait up." He called but I just kept on walking. "Bella, stop for a minute." He caught my elbow forcing me to a stop.

"Leave me alone Edward, go back to your new friends." I said and he smiled softly.

"Hells Bells, you know I didn't mean anything by what I said. Those losers just don't know you like I do." He said giving me my favorite crooked smile, for the first time my hart didn't start beating frantically.

"Do you even know yourself Edward?" I asked and he frowned a little.

"Of course I do, know look would you please write this essay for me, I could get kicked out of the football team if I fail this class." He said making his puppy dog pout.

"Screw you and your essay Edward, I'm done being used. Ask your new friends to write it for you." I stormed of.

"Whatever happened to being friends for life?" He shouted behind me.

"Yes Edward, what happened to being friends for life?"

……….10 years later……….

"Now in more interesting news, Oscar winning actor Edward Cullen is in Chicago. Yes folks you heard me correctly. Local star Edward Cullen returns to his hometown, he is working on a new movie and will be here for at least three months. Apparently he and his new girlfriend…" I turned of the Radio not wanting to hear anymore about Edward Cullen the movie star. I grabbed the shoulder strap of my bag and climbed out of my rusted Chevy truck. I sprinted through the rain and into the office building across the street. Removing my wet hair from my face I walked to the red haired secretary.

"Good morning, how can I help you?" She asked friendly.

"Well…" I looked at her nametag. "Victoria, I have an appointment with James." I said and she quickly looked in the appointment book in front of her.

"Oh Miss. Swan. Right on time, his office is on the third floor. Tell his assistant a Mrs. Alice Brandon that you are Mr. James's ten-o-clock." I nodded and walked to the elevator. I pressed the button and waited patiently for it to arrive. I turned and looked at the smiling secretary just as the elevator arrived with a ping. The doors slid open and I shuffled into the small mirrored cubicle. Just before the doors could close, a shoe jammed the door forcing the doors to slide back open.

My breathing stopped, a tall bronze haired man stepped into the cubicle with me. He didn't press a floor number so that meant he had to go to the third floor as well. I forced myself to breath; he was a lot taller than I remembered. He still had that strange bronze hair, vivid green eyes, straight nose and a hint of that crooked smile on his face. Childhood memories flashed before my eyes but they were shattered by the next words streaming out of his mouth. "I hate sharing fucking elevators."

He glared at me as if I was a peace of dirt before looking away from me, ignoring me totally. "Well then next time I suggest you take the stairs." I said sarcastically and he glanced at me from the corner of his eye.

"No one has ever talked to me like that before." He said leaning against the back wall so that he could examine me further.

"Well lucky for me then that my name isn't 'no one'."

He chuckled, "And what is your name?" He asked, he didn't remember me. Edward had no clue to who I was. I felt hurt, did I really mean that little to him. I ignored him, whishing this elevator would just arrive on the third floor. How could he not recognize me, it's only been five years. "Hey, do I know you from somewhere?" He asked suddenly, a small frown between his eyes.

"More like another life time." I said when the lights in the elevator suddenly went out, metal protesting against metal sounds came from the floor and the elevator stopped suddenly and both Edward and I fell to the ground.

"What the fuck….Get the fuck of off me." Edward said as I tried to untangle my limbs from his.

"Yeah I intentionally stopped the elevator to touch you, idiot." I said standing up and began digging in my bag.

"What the fuck is going on?" Edward asked somewhere next to me, finally I found what I was looking for. I switched on the small torch I always kept in my bag and shown it on the ground. The strong light almost lit up the whole cubicle.

"My guess, the power went out and because it is a rather old building they don't have a generator as a back up." Edward glared at me and then at the torch in my hand.

"What is that supposed to mean?" I rolled my eyes; superstar here wasn't a bright one.

"It means we are stuck here until the power comes back on." He looked at me before plunging his hand in his jeans pocket taking out a Blackberry. He dialed a number.

"My phone is broken, fuck." I chuckled. "You think this shit is funny do you?" He asked as I sat down making myself comfortable on the floor.

"A little, you have a thousand dollar phone, a hundred dollar Armani suite and now apparently no brains. Your phone is not broken." I said and he gaped at me.

"Then what the fuck is wrong with it, Einstein?" I rolled my eyes and then very slowly as if talking to a four year old explained it to him.

"You grew up in this neighborhood Edward; you know there is no signal coverage here." He gaped at me.

"You know who I am?"

I shrugged, "Is there someone in this galaxy that doesn't know who you are?" He thought about it for a few seconds.

"But, you didn't scream, faint or go on like it's the end of the earth, like all the other fans do, when you saw me."

I snorted, "Just because I knew who you were doesn't mean I am a fan." His mouth opened and closed a few times, he sat down against the right wall so that he could face me.

"You're not a fan?" He asked amazed.

"O gee is it now the end of the world for you, there is actually a straight woman on this earth who isn't in love with Edward Cullen the Oscar wining star from Chicago?" I asked and he smiled.

"Wait you are not gay?" He asked and this time it was my turn to gape. "Strange I could have sworn that you were; I mean you didn't even look at me twice when I entered the elevator." He said that frown between his eyes again.

"Oh so every woman that can ignore you is gay now?" He shrugged, "You really are as bad as they say."

He shook his head, "Not everything you read in the tabloids is true."

I quirked an eyebrow, "So you don't party with another woman every night, spent millions every year on booze, drugs and bimbo's and never not once called your parents just to say hello?" I asked mockingly.

"Well, I'm a star and it helps a lot in the woman department and as for the booze and drugs….hang on how do you know I haven't been calling my parents?" He asked as he finally worked through the last part of my sentence.

"Esme and Carlisle were great parents to you; you shouldn't be treating them like this. You've been in Chicago for two weeks now and haven't even visited them yet." His mouth was doing that fish thing again.

"Well I have been….who are you? Why do you dislike me so much, most women would die to be in your shoes right now?" He said sounding very confused.

"Well having seen you with stomach flu, or after a hang over and with blood caked in your hair after a bar fight I tend to look past your outer perfection to the moron you are inside." He stared at me and I stared back, he looked away first.

"I knew you, didn't I? Before I became famous?" He asked sounding ashamed at the fact that he couldn't remember my name.

"The right word being 'knew', and actually you stopped knowing me before you became famous. He looked back at me then he smiled that crooked smile I use to love so much. My heart began beating faster.

"So you really don't have scrap books of my entire career in your house somewhere or pictures of me on your walls?" He asked sounding intrigued rather than confused.

"Do you have scrapbooks of me in your house or pictures of me on your walls?" I countered and he chuckled.

"No I guess I don't."

I shrugged, "Well then why would I have any of you?" He began messaging his temples.

"You're different." He said closing his eyes.

"You have a migraine, here…" I began digging in my bag again.

"How the fuck do you know I have a migraine, my managers don't even know when I have a fucking migraine." I finally found what I was looking for.

"You tend to message your temple when you have a migraine; you've been doing that since you were fifteen. Take two of these." I held a bottle of Advil towards him and a bottle of water.

"Thank you, please will you tell me who you are?"

I shook my head, "Let's see how long it takes for you to figure it out." Suddenly his stomach growled, "Hungry much?" I asked digging in my bag again.

"I overslept this morning, been out partying last night. If you're a star you tend to skip things like breakfast." I pulled out a lunchbox and pushed it towards him.

"It's not the gourmet meals you're used to but it's better than nothing." He picked up the box.

"What exactly do you have in that fucking bag?" He asked as he lifted the lid.

"Well I always come prepared, if things like this should ever happen." He lifted the sandwich I made and took a small bite.

"Fuck this is good, I love chicken mayo sandwiches. I knew this girl once; she made the best fucking chicken mayo sandwiches I have ever tasted." I looked up at him as he took another bite of the sandwich.

"Who was this girl?" I asked casually not wanting to let him think I was really interested in her.

"Elizabeth I think, we were really close when we were young children. We did all kinds of things together. Once I threw out a window in my neighbor's house and she took the blame for it. Her mother gave her one hell of a beating but she never turned on me." He became quiet as he lived in his past life again, yeah ironic isn't it? I take the beating of my life for him and he can't even remember my name.

"So what happened between you two?" he shrugged.

"In high school we kind of drifted apart. I was on the football field, the star quarterback. She was the president of the math club. We won the state finals two years in a row; I was like the golden boy." He took the last bite of the sandwich.

"And just to think, if the fielder haven't caught the ball you would have lost every game. If you ask me the quarterback get way too much glory, all he has to do is throw the ball. The quarterback has all the protection in the game courtesy of the blockers; it's the runners that have to do all the hard work." He looked at me all astonished again.

"I have never looked at it that way." Yeah that is not a surprise to me.

"I still don't get it, why couldn't you still be friends?" I asked and he sighed.

"Because, the Jocks don't mix with the geeks, it's just don't work that way." He stated as if it was the most normal thing in the world.

"So then you were the one that changed, the geek was good enough when it came to taking the blame for something but she wasn't worth the risk to loose your new found celebrity status over?" I stated simply.

"Exactly, she had her place and I had mine." He handed me the lunchbox.

"You're such an asshole." He looked at me cocking an eyebrow. "You treated the one true friend you had like trash in exchange for being the cool guy. You would never know who your real friends are, never again would you have someone who knew you for who you are and not for whom you were portraying to be and you would never have someone who would be willing to take the blame for something you did." Suddenly the light in the elevator came back on and it started moving again. I stood up taking the empty lunch box he held towards me.

"Maybe you're right, maybe I am an asshole. It's to late now in anyway. I don't know what happened to her" I glanced at him.

"She is standing next to you. Thanking her lucky stars she never ended up with the asshole you became. You might have had a better life with her; you might have had children and a family with friends that really cared about you as a person rather than how much money you had in your bank account. With her you might have had contact with you parents. And just for the record, my name is Isabella, not Elizabeth." Edward looked at me shocked and as he studied my face realization finally settled in his eyes.

"Hells Bells."

The door suddenly opened with a ping and a crowd of people stood in front of the elevator doors. "Edward, you're ok. Edward. Edward." I pushed through the crowd standing by as multiple people praised Edward for surviving for twenty minutes in an elevator with some stranger.

Forever is a very long time, in time friendship suffers, in time all wounds heel, in time you realize that friends forever only means until someone finds something better, in time you realize that people change, that best friends can become assholes and that in time you pity them instead of hate them.

Because….. Not having a real friend…..at all…… is worth pitying.

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