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What if Galen Marek had not only had PROXY to take care of during his time as Starkiller? What if a mission to Naboo as an adolescent had led him to take in an orphaned force sensitive girl called Setra? With her presence in the events of the Force Unleashed how would events be different in the future for Starkiller. The Force Unleashed AU.

(I do not own any of the Force Unleashed characters or influence which I got a lot from the book by Sean Williams)



5 BBY – Theed, Naboo

Starkiller continued his pursuit of the senator of Naboo through the outskirts of Theed as his master Darth Vader had drawn the main battle to the square so as to allow Starkiller no unwanted attention to distract him from his objective. Senator Jurian Dastan had been foolish enough to speak out against the Empire within the confines of his citadel in Theed and like many of the jobs that saw as a challenge he left to his secret apprentice to test him until he was strong enough to help him accomplish his goal of destroying his master. Starkiller only minutes before had dispatched the Naboo Royal Elites and the hired mercenaries that had protected the Imperial Senator and Starkiller composed himself as he found the Senator had run into what looked like an abandoned villa on the edge of the city above the waterfalls which overlooked the natural beauty of the planet. Senator Jurian desperately called out for help but his speech was cut short as Starkiller had snuck up behind him and had removed the senator's head from his shoulders.

The 17 year old apprentice relished in his small victory but suddenly heard a noise from the opposing room. Starkiller ignited his lightsaber to investigate but deactivated the ruby blade as soon as he saw the origin of the sound. A child no older then 15 months was huddled under the arm of a dead woman, the child's mother, who had likely been eliminated by the storm trooper patrols that had landed on the outskirts of Theed only hours before. For the first time in his short life Starkiller felt empathy towards the little one and felt a liking towards her that he didn't expect. He went towards the youngling as she looked up at the stranger that had appeared in her home and curiously crawled towards Starkiller. Hesitant, Starkiller lowered himself to the level of the infant.

"Do you have a name kid" said Starkiller, "me, Star-kill-err".

Understanding the concept the child replied "Set-wa, Set-ra".

"Where's your dada" said Starkiller, seeing that her mother had been killed.

"Vwoom, Vwoom, Vwoom" replied the child impersonating the sounds of a lightsaber.

Starkiller now understood who this child was. Before going to Naboo, Vader had stated that he had tracked down another Jedi to Theed and had been the first to risk hiding there since the assassination of Queen Apailana 12 years before. He had found out that the Jedi was more like an apprentice then a knight due to the fact that he had begun his training under his master after Order 66 and had not received proper training. Starkiller had sensed quite a strong force signature from the child when he entered the villa to execute the senator. The darkness within him told him to leave the child behind that she was a weakling who wasn't worth the effort but something else inside Starkiller beckoned him not to leave her behind whether it was basic human instinct or the hidden humanity that he only had ever exposed to his droid PROXY.

"Come on kid, I'll keep you safe" said Galen as he went to pick up the child.

Something told the infant that she could trust this strange young man and with one last look at her now deceased mother she allowed herself to be picked up and cradled by the sith apprentice as he left the villa. Starkiller made his was back to his ship the Rogue Shadow, it appeared that out of fear of discovery from the earlier storm trooper patrols his pilot had fled, Galen became frustrated as this was now the fourth pilot he had gone through since he begun his secret missions three years before. He took Setra with him into the meditation chamber upon the ship and was just about to greet PROXY when he was faced by the holographic projection of his master Darth Vader.

"My master" said Galen as he knelt in front of the projection.

"Have you completed the task I assigned you" stated Vader.

"Yes my master, the senator from Naboo has been silenced an..." Starkiller stopped talking as Setra had crawled over to his side.

"What is that" said Darth Vader angrily.

"A child I found after I dispatched the senator master" replied Starkiller.

"What is it doing here? Are you trying to go against my authority" said Darth Vader.

"No my master" Starkiller pleaded "this child belongs to the Jedi that you found on Theed, I believe it is his daughter, she has a strong force signature master".

"And what has that got to do with anything" said Vader.

"I am merely suggesting that she could be a valuable commodity master, she could prove useful, maybe even be a second apprentice to you" replied Starkiller.

The projection of Vader studied the child as she shook in fear of the large black figure behind as she hid behind Starkiller.

"You are right about her strength in the Force. It is unusually strong for someone so young. Very well, you may keep her and train her until she is ready, but she is under your complete responsibility, if the Emperor discovers our plan because of her I will show you a new meaning of fear" said the dark lord.

"Of course Lord Vader. I will not fail you" replied Starkiller as Vader checked out and PROXY was himself once again.

"Good evening master, its good to see you back and alive from your mission, it means I still haven't failed my primary programming" said PROXY.

"Good to see you to PROXY" said Starkiller placing a hand on the droid's shoulder.

"Forgive me for prying master but who is the young sentient with you. Is she bothering you master, do you wish me to dispose of her" replied PROXY.

"No, PROXY, she is now our newest member so to speak, her name is Setra. She is now under my strict responsibility as my future apprentice PROXY which means she is also your master and I need help taking care of her. As well she does not come under the category of your primary programming alright" said Starkiller.

"Master why would you say such a thing. That would violate the very idea of my primary programming to kill you master. The little sentient shall remain unharmed. Would you like me to set a course for the Executor master" said PROXY.

"Yeah, thanks PROXY, if you need me I'll be in my quarters" replied Starkiller.

"Very well master" said PROXY as he set a course for Vader's flagship.

Starkiller picked up Setra and took him to his quarters where he had a bunk bed just in case if Starkiller had to bring prisoners to Vader alive but it seemed that he would have to find another place to put them. Starkiller set up the top bunk for the little one and afterward found that she had force pulled his lightsaber into her small hands. Fearing for the child's life he quickly but calmly removed the lightsaber from her grasp and proceeded to talk with the infant as best as he could.

"This is your new home Setra, I hope you like it" said Starkiller.

Setra remained silent, still traumatised from the death of her mother and the sudden disappearance of her father. Starkiller sighed disappointed but then something occurred to him. He went to his trunk at the far end of the small bedroom and took out some small objects. He brought them in front of Setra and began to levitate the objects around her. The little one looked curiously at the objects and a flicker of happiness went through Starkiller as he watched Setra giggle at the levitating objects and shakily stood up on her feet and waddled after one of them. After some time of playing with the youngling Starkiller lowered the objects to the ground and looked back at Setra who was hugging her small arms around his abdomen.

"Dada" said Setra.

"No, no, no" said Starkiller awkwardly "I'm not your dada Setra, I am your master now".

"Dada, dada" repeated the little toddler.

Starkiller couldn't help it. He reached out to the little one and picked her up and placed her upon the top bunk.

"Fine but only dada for now" he said softly ruffling Setra's small head of hair and with a bit of coaxing using the Force the toddler fell into a deep sleep.

Starkiller retired into the meditation chamber to meditate and erase the past hour out of his mind. He knew that displaying affection was a sign of weakness and would spend all night if he had to erasing it from his mind. He kept trying but it wouldn't seem to leave. For now he pondered that he would keep this affection towards the girl, like he did for PROXY. She would learn in time that he was her master and that he was to be feared and respected by her. Unknown to Starkiller however in the years to come that events beyond even his control would completely change his life forever but the consequences of the coming events would be for the better.