Star Wars – The Force Unleashed – Daughter of Fate


0 ABY – Only two days after the victory of the Battle of Yavin

Setra was pacing back and forth outside the medical bay with Graddick watching her. She was now six years old and had grown a lot in the past two years. So many things had happened and now the Rebel Alliance was still celebrating the victory they had achieved over the Empire only one month before and now the Rebels were on a temporary base provided by Mon Mothma on Chandrila. Hope had been somewhat lost when the Alliance found out that Princess Leia had been captured by none other then Darth Vader when it was found out that she had the Death Star Plans. The two droids carrying them has escaped from the Empire and had landed on Tatooine and by utter chance had been found by local moisture farmer Luke Skywalker who turned out to be the son of a Jedi from the Clone Wars. Along with Obi-Wan Kenobi, the droids and two new companions found in the smugglers Han Solo and the Wookie Chewbacca together they infiltrated the Death Star and saved Leia from certain death but the same could not be said about her destroyed home planet of Alderaan. After returning to Yavin IV the Battle of Yavin took place and Luke being the great pilot hew was destroyed the Death Star and gained a great victory for the Rebel Alliance. Luke had me the Marek family as soon as he had arrived upon Yavin IV and was greatly eager to find that he had a fellow Jedi to be trained by being Galen and Maris. Many things for the small family had now occurred as well.

Not long after the Rebel Fleet had assembled a few months after the events at the Death Star and Galen, Juno, Graddick, Maris and Setra had become celebrities among the Alliance and a constant source of inspiration for the followers that joined in from all over the galaxy. Instantly the small group had been thrown into the beginning of the Galactic Civil War, settling conflicts and disputes over every corner of the galaxy. On the first year anniversary of the birth of the Rebel Alliance Galen proposed to Juno who happily accepted and the wedding occurred with Graddick as Galen's best man and Leia and Maris as bridesmaids. After the wedding Maris decided to do her own fighting and left the Eclipse to go on other missions within the Alliance that needed completion but she regularly visited the new family. After a few months of the marriage after a risky mission on Bakura, Juno found out that she was pregnant. Galen was overjoyed when he heard the news as was Graddick, Setra, Maris and Leia. And now nine months later there was Setra pacing out the front of the medical bay cringing every time she heard her mother scream out in pain against the contractions. Leia, Luke and Han then arrived to see how everything was going and Setra rushed to Leia who hugged her tightly but then cringed together when they heard another painful groan from Juno in the other room.

"Oh by the Force. I always wanted a little brother or sister but its hurting mum way too much" said Juno as she hugged Luke as well and then jumped back into Graddick's lap.

"I know sweetie. But that's what happens, there's no need to worry. Your mum will be fine" replied Leia.

"But what if she decides to have another brother or sister and has to go through all that again" said Setra.

"She'll be alright Setra. Things like this don't happen all of the time" replied Luke comfortingly.

"They wouldn't if Galen didn't get on top of her all of the time" said Han.

"What?" replied Setra as Graddick yet again covered Setra's ears and yelled at Han in annoyance before he had finished his sentence

"Han!" said Leia and Luke in unison.

"What? Look the kid's gonna find out sooner or later anyway" replied Han.

"Yeah, well Galen and Juno said they'd talk to Setra about 'that' when she asked" said Leia.

Setra looked up at Graddick giggling softly while Han and Leia were bickering again as usual.

"This reminds me of when dad and mum used to fight just before they fell in love" said Setra.

Graddick chuckled "(I think you're onto something there little one and don't worry about your mum, she isn't in pain because of you)"

"Then why is she in pain" replied Setra.

"(You'll find out one day little one)" said Graddick as the companions continued to wait patiently until the next little Marek came into the world.

Suddenly Juno's screaming was replaced by another screaming, the cries of a newborn baby. Setra jumped off Graddick's lap and looked at the door to the medical bay wondrously. Suddenly Galen came out with a broad smile upon his face.

"It's a girl. We had a little baby girl" said Galen happily.

"Congratulations Galen" said Leia as she hugged Galen tightly.

"That's fantastic Galen" said Luke as he hugged him as well.

"How is Juno?" said Han.

"Really tired but she's okay. She insists that she'll be ready t fly tomorrow but I convinced her to take it easy" replied Galen.

Galen had now changed as well. His once small haircut had grown out and his dark hair was now curly. He picked up Setra and twirled her around in joy eliciting a cheerful laugh from the six year old and also Graddick who was looking on. He stopped twirling and looked happily at his now eldest child.

"Do you want to go and meet your sister?" said Galen.

"Yes dad. More then anything" replied Setra.

Galen took Setra through a small hallway first and then opened the door. Juno looked up tiredly but smiled when she saw her daughter come gently towards her. Juno pulled her onto the bed and embraced Setra tightly and kissed her forehead.

"Oh my little one. I love you so much" said Juno.

"I love you to mum" replied Setra "where is she"

"She's right here" replied Galen.

The infant had been taken away to be weighed and measured and Galen had gone to bring her back to Juno and Setra. Setra looked on awestruck at the small bundle as it was placed into her mother's arms. Setra looked lovingly at the baby who was still fussing in Juno's arms.

"Shhhhhhhhh. It's alright my baby girl. Shhhhhhhhh" said Juno as she tried to calm the infant.

"What's her name dad?" said Setra.

"Taya Mallie Marek, after both of your grandmothers" replied Galen.

"Do you want to hold her?" said Juno

"Can I, really?" replied Setra eagerly

"Of course. Here, now hold the head, that's it" said Juno as she placed the fusSing infant into Setra's arms.

Taya opened her small eyes and turned her gaze up to her older sister and when she did her cries stopped. She smiled up at her and reached out for her. Setra obliged and gave Taya her hand to hold. Juno and Galen looked at each other in sheer joy at the image before them. Galen got up and reached across and softly kissed Juno. He then went around the large bed and hopped in behind Juno and hugged her gently from behind. Juno rested her weight upon Galen and sank back into his embrace and she as well kept her arms around Setra who was gently cradling her infant sister who had gone back to sleep. Galen thought to let the others just wait outside a little while longer just so he could soak in the light that was emanating around his family at that moment and his world could not have become any better. His mind then drifted back into the vision with him and Juno sitting in each other's arms upon the fields of Corulag watching as their children and their ebony guardian Graddick played in the distance.