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Chapter 1: Interview

New place, new people, new home, new world.

How did I get here? Oh yeah, changes…I just need to get used to being here, but I hope I get this job, I mean I do have teaching experience and doing one at a gifted school for youngsters might be a bit tricky.

Just keep your personas under control.

He said to himself as he adjusted his tie in the mirror.

By day I'm a teacher…but by night I'm a crimefighter…oh yeah you're just a normal guy!!!

He thought to himself as he combed his blonde hair and looked very smart as he adjusted his glasses and put on his jacket and took his briefcase and opened the door and left his apartment locking it behind him.


He took a cab there as he followed the directions that were given to him as the cab driver looked back to him.

"You sure ya wanna go here mac?"

"I'm positive." he said as he just gave him what he owned and got out as the cab sped off in a hurry.

What was that about? Oh well here we are.

He looked on and as he approached the huge gates and saw on a golden plaque "Xavier School for Gifted Youngsters" it read.

He took a deep breath and pressed the button as it buzzed and he waited a few seconds and it opened for him as he walked through and saw dead ahead a huge mansion as he saw the huge doors and they opened and revealed a man emerging from there.

"You the new guy?"

He was a tall and muscled man who's hair was a sort of blue and he had a look on him which was the "Don't mess with me." look.

"Uh I guess." he said.

"The Professor is waiting for you in his office, I'll take ya to im."

They walked there as he surveyed the place a bit more, it was huge and ascending the stairs he passed some kids on the way as they gave him some questioning stares as he continued on forward as they then stopped.

"Wait here I'll go tell im you're here." he said as he went into the office.

He waited outside as he was beginning to feel a little nervous as then he emerged from the office.

"The Professor will see ya now…good luck." he said leaving.

He then entered the office as he saw a man in a wheelchair and assumed he was the man who called him a few days ago.

"Ah Mister Connor Masters I presume, please take a seat."

"My name is Professor Charles Xavier, I am the headmaster of this school." Professor Xavier introduced himself as they both shaked hands.

He then looked at some papers and looked thoroughly over them as he ceased and looked to Connor.

"So it seems you've taught at Boston, Phoenix, Oregon and Chicago high schools, you've been recommended by the principles there, you teach Computer Science and we do need a teacher for that department, but there seems to be a problem…

Oh boy…

"It seems there's a lot of unexplained absences and lateness to lessons here…

Oh well at least ya tried I guess I'll have to find another…

"But we are in need at this time and I have only a couple of questions." The Professor asked.

"Ask away." Connor said.

"I would like to ask why did you move from town to town?" The Professor asked.

Connor knew the answer to that but did not want to say…

"The jobs I had previously were only temporary, I know I should've mentioned it first off but I thought they would've said something on the references, but only thing was I just didn't like staying in one place." Connor explained.

", you do realise this school is for mutants?" The Professor asked.

"Uh mutants?" Connor asking a bit puzzled.

"You don't have any problems with mutants?" The Professor asked.

Connor was a bit surprised it was a school for mutants but now he felt a bit glad as the name rang a bell to him, he remembered his dad telling him about this place when he visited years ago.

"Oh god no!!! as a matter of fact my best friend is a mutant, I got no problem with any mutants believe me." Connor said.

"Well that's all I needed to know, welcome to the Xavier Institute for Gifted Youngsters, Mister Connor Masters." The Professor said extending his hand out to him.

"Thank you Professor and please call me Connor." Connor said meeting his hand.

"One more thing Connor, as a precaution I will put in some mental barriers to prevent any student or anyone from going into your mind if you like?" The Professor asked.

"Uh mental barriers?" Conner questioned.

"I am sorry I had forgotten to mention I am also a mutant, I am a telepath." The Professor apologised as he just informed Connor.

"You mean you can read minds?" Connor asked.

Read and speak to them…

As Connor was amazed by that. "Okay I'll do it." Connor said as he began the process which took a few minutes.

As they finished the door opened.

"Hey Chuck are ya done?"

"Yes Logan, I'd like you to meet our newest Student Teacher, Connor Masters, Connor this is Logan he's our self defence Teacher here." The Professor said introducing them to each other.

"Nice to meet you." Connor said as he extended his hand out to meet his.

"Same here kid and…" Logan then saw something familiar about him.

Is he…could he be…can't be?

"Logan, would you care to show our new Teacher around?" The Professor asked.

"Uh yeah sure follow me bub." Logan said as Connor followed.

He took him around the place as they firstly stopped off at one of the classes as there was a lesson going on they just had a brief look. "This is one of our science classes, the teacher here is Doctor Hank McCoy, I know he's a blue fuzz ball but believe me he's mostly about the books." Logan said.

Connor saw him and he was currently in the middle of an experiment where he was mixing some chemicals to form some element, as then they moved on.

Further down the hallway there was another class going on as they passed another class. " Here's the World History class, this one's taught by another Student Teacher, I think's she's with the others in the staff room, we'll go there next." Logan said.

They went there and the door to the staff room was in front of them.

"Ya ready to meet your co-workers?" Logan asked.

"You only live once." Conner said as Logan opened the door.

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