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Chapter 22: Are you serious?!

"Why…Why…Why…Why?" Connor said as he could not get anything else out of his mouth.

"It's not that bad and anyway they're happy with one another." Rachel said trying to comfort him.

"Yes that's all good but…what if they get married?!" Connor said.

"If they do then we'll be brother and sister!" Rachel joked.

"Oh god no! Don't put that image in my head!" Connor said as that idea horrified him.

"I'm only kidding and anyway neither have those plans, they just want companionship that's all." Rachel assured him.

"Still don't put the thoughts into my head of us going from this to that." Connor said as his girlfriend let out a small laugh.

"You are so easy at times, but then again I do understand it's a shocker and my dad won't exactly be all aboard with this when he finds out." Rachel said as Scott was bound to find out about this.

"Now that there will be awkward, not only that is it true that my dad is going to be working with us?" Connor asked.

"Yeah he's gotten work as…a…computer science teacher." Rachel reluctantly said.

"I'm going to be competing with him now? Are you serious?!" Connor said not believing this as now a new problem came up.

"He's not going to steal your job or upstage you! He's just trying to find his vocation in life god your so paranoid." Rachel said trying to assure him.

"I'm not because I know how good he is, he'll outdo me every chance he gets." Connor said as he knew his father very well.

"He's not that competitive is he?" Rachel asked.

"Wanna bet he isn't? he and my mom competed once on who can drink the most out of the hellicarrier vending machines and it did not end well for them both when my mom ended up in the sick bay and my dad was forced to clean up the mess and restock the vending machines." Connor detailed a moment from his parents past.

"They really had something to prove and despite all that they married each other." Rachel said.

"Yeah it was and I'm just shocked y'know about our folks getting together that's all." Connor said.

"I know but it's a good thing for them after all they've been through and anyway you'll be working with him." Rachel reminded him.

"Competing babe, there's a difference when it comes to other people and my father." Connor reminded her.

"Just don't crash then entire internet or cause a worldwide tech malfunction." she said.

"Oh believe me that will be first up for us." Connor joked as she playfully tapped him in the shoulder.


It was now early afternoon and Bobby and Alex walked into the staff room to find only Connor and him reading a book.

"Are you reading a book?" Bobby asked as he stood in front of him.

"Yep." Connor said reading on.

"It better not be Twilight." Alex said.

"Summers don't even go there with me on that." Bobby moaned hearing about it.

"Guys please! It's not anything like that it's just I'm trying to figure this out!" Connor said as he was trying to read.

"Is that?" Alex said seeing the cover of the book.

"Really? Are you serious?!" Bobby said as he saw what he was reading.

"Yep." Connor said as he was still reading.

"Why read that stuff it's for desperate housewives?!" Bobby said as his friend kept on reading.

"And not forgetting Moms everywhere." Alex chimed in.

"Yeah well it's not very sexy and I'm not getting turned on at any point only getting confused, I'm just gonna wait for the movie." Connor said putting the book down.

"Well that's what you get for reading a chick book they don't make sense to us guys." Bobby said.

"Any way why are you reading it better yet aren't you supposed to be in class right now?" Alex asked.

"Yeah your usually teaching around now?" Bobby also asked as it was odd.

"The new guy is getting his chance to teach and I've been exiled here until his day is up." Connor said sounding annoyed.

"So your in here reading a erotic novel for women because the new guy is taking your spot today?" Alex asked.

"Well that and Rachel asked me to read it." Connor said as that explained his sudden interest in the book.

"She asked you or made you?" Bobby suggested the real intention.

"No I said I would do it but she said if I did I…" Connor stopped in mid sentence as the two males knew what he almost let slip.

"Ok if it involves things from that book and you plan on doing them to my niece then just hope that Scott does not find out and he blasts you through a wall." Alex warned him.

"Yeah that did occur to me." Connor said.

Once it bounces off me and I send him into space!

"So who's the guy that's taking your spot today?" Bobby asked.

"Alex Stevenson he's got a bit more years on me I admit but we're at the same level." Connor said.

"For now." Bobby said as Connor raised an eyebrow to that.

"He's not taking my job." Connor said knowing full well that wasn't the case.

"Keep telling yourself that." Bobby said as he was only trying to wind him up.


Four individuals stood outside the institute as they surveyed the building.

"This the place?"

"Well it ain't Paris that's for sure."

"It's so different now, shame it's not the same."

"Yeah but we got a job to do."

"So what's the plan boss?"

"Same plan, scout the place out, keep an eye on everyone and try and find him before it all goes down."


Alex was teaching Connor's class as his first day was going off without a hitch.

"So in essence when your able to get the photo and manipulate it to your good or evil ends it leads to many possibilities." Alex explained showing various examples.

As he then brought up a picture of some certain faculty members and began messing with them getting some laughs from the students.

"Now for your assignment I want you to do some photo manipulation and the best one will get a nice feature on your school's newspaper." Alex said making the challenge as the bell rang and the students were leaving as entering the room was his son.

"How was your first day as an educator?" Connor asked his father.

"Never thought it was this much fun but I really enjoyed teaching those kids and if I knew teaching could be this rewarding I would've done this years ago." Alex said happy with his work.

"Yeah well it's the best kind of work I've ever done and guess this is your calling now, uh dad I know about you and Jean." Connor said as he informed him he knew of their relationship.

"Rachel told you? Guess this was coming sooner or later but yes we are seeing one another but I just want to ask if you're ok with this?" Alex asked his son.

"Dad I'm ok with it it's just that with everything that's gone on and the fact she's moved in with me and I've been thinking about asking another question and-"

"Wait! You mean "The" question ?" Alex asked interrupting him.

"I've had it on my mind a while but since I've arrived here I have put everyone and Rachel in mortal danger from our enemies but through it all I still want to be with her." Connor said as he was contemplating his future with Rachel.

"It's all you need in the end and that's how it was between me and your mother." Alex understood what he meant.

"So can you keep this on the down low until I decide?" Connor asked.

"Sure just take your time there's nothing making your mind up any faster." Alex said.


Hank was attending to Rachel who was feeling a little under the weather.

"You haven't been feeling well all day?" Hank asked.

"I was ok this morning but around this afternoon I think there's something wrong with the cafeteria food." Rachel said as Hank jotted some notes down.

As then in came Kitty also not feeling well.

"I think the food has gone off!?" she said as now it was a pandemic.

"What did you both have?" Hank asked.

"Fish tacos." Kitty said.

"Chicken." Rachel said.

"Both of you had something different then it may rule out food poisoning but just to be on the safe side. " Hank went over to the medicine cabinet and pulled out a couple of boxes. "Take these." he handed them both one each.

"You don't think we're…"

"Just covering all avenues but you need to be sure if it is then you'll need to see me as soon as possible." Hank said the urgency of this.

"This is all I need." Kitty said.

"Well at least your not alone, let's get this over with." Rachel said as they went to do this.


Scott and Emma were busy attending to the newest arrivals in the school.

"So Mr. David Grayson you're an experienced medical doctor?" Scott asked.

"Yes I did a few years in St. Sebastian's medical school and graduated to work at Chicago General Hospital as an intern then after I finished my internship I heard of the opening here and applied immediately." David detailed his background.

"Very well Mr. Grayson but you Mr. Joshua Harper why become a student teacher in gym?" Scott asked.

"Well I'm good at sports and that's about it." Joshua said.

"Alright and it says here you are both mutants." Emma said also looking at the notes.

"Yes I am a telekinetic my power is just basic grabbing and moving things." David said.

"I can turn into a solid and become a mist, it gives me the element of surprise when needed." Joshua said.

"I see well I'll be asking more about you over the course of the time but all I can say is welcome to the institute we'll get you your ID's and codes and show you around.

"Good to hear." David said as they followed.

Scott looked to Emma as they had a telepathic conversation.

"Anything?" he asked.

"No nothing unusual but I am finding it hard to get through to David's mind." Emma said as that surprised her.

"Well maybe he isn't aware of his mental block?" Scott said.

"It's a possibility but Joshua's mind however is normal nothing unusual just fragments of his life and has thoughts of some young lady." Emma said as she informed him what she saw.

"Ok then, nothing wrong there we'll just watch their progress and go from there?" Scott said as she nodded in agreement.


"Are they done yet?!" Kitty asked.

"It said twenty minutes we'll know soon." Rachel said as they decided to make that check as suggested by Hank and did so in the school's bathroom.

"So what if it's….?" Kitty asked.

"If it is then we stick together and if those boneheads won't be accountable then we'll-"

"Kick them in the balls?" Kitty said as Rachel chuckled and high fived her friend.

As now the time was upon them as they both went to check and had it in their hands and was about to gaze on the result…

The door slammed open and in came a girl which made them jump and drop what they had in their hands.

"Uh sorry didn't mean to burst in on ya but I needed to-hey…" she stopped for a second in mid sentence and looked down on the floor as she picked up two white sticks and took a good look at them both.

"Hey which one of you got knocked up?"

Who's the daddy? Who are these new arrivals? What do they want?

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