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It was a bright day. Very bright. Some would say even perfect. No clouds on the sky, perfect temperature, a warm breeze flying through the entire city. Everyone was out doing something.

Walking, shopping, throwing ball, anything to be out enjoying the weather. This was exactly what the Teen Titans were doing. Throwing ball, that is. Cyborg was throwing football with Robin and Starfire. Raven sitting in the shades, reading her book, as usual. The only one not doing something was Beast Boy. He just sat under a tree, eyes closed. Not really doing anything.

To an outsider, this may look normal, but to anyone that knew him, it was obvious something was bothering him. ''Starfire! Your gona throw the ball anytime today?'' Cyborg shouted from afar.

Starfire, who had spaced out looking at Beast Boy, suddenly became aware that she was, in fact, still holding the ball in her hands. ''I am sorry Cyborg!'' she shouts before throwing him the ball, a little to hard. Cyborg saw the projectile coming closer at a dangerous speed and quickly took cover to prevent the ball from giving him a black eye. Unfortunately, The projectile didn't just stop after that. Cyborg watched at it flew straight at a tree with a very distracted green shape shifter sitting below it.''BB! Watch out for the ball!'' A little to late did the shape shifter look up to find a football flying at his head.

''GAH!'' he shouted before it hit him straight in the face, making him tip backwards slowly in a comical way.

'' Beast Boy!'' Starfire shouts. ''Are you injured?'' she continues. ''He'll be fine.'' Raven says in here usual monotone voice.

''Yo BB! You alright man?'' Cyborg asked running up to him.

''Am I alright?! I just got a football shoved up my nose!! Of course I'm not alright!'' He replies a little grumpy.

''Watch where you throw that thing!'' he shouts before turning into a gorilla and throwing it back to Cyborg, hoping to hit him the same way.

Alas, things don't always go as planned, as he dodges the ball this time as well. This time, causing it to smack Robin straight on the forehead, making him fall back much like Beast Boy just had. As he gets back up, football still stuck on his face, he shouts ''What did I do!?''

All in all, a very comical sight for anyone happen to pass by. As the ball came of his face however, he notices that Beast Boy had already left. ''Hey, what's his problem?'' Robin asks.

''Yeah, he's been grumpy all day! He didn't even bother me when I fried my meat this morning! Now that scares me.'' Cyborg interjected.

''What is wrong with Beast Boy?'' Starfire asked.

''Beats me.'' Robin says.

''Me to man'' Cyborg agrees and says:

''Maybe he didn't get his tofu today?''

''I think it's something else'' Robin says. ''Maybe he's depressed for some reason?''

''You really don't remember?'' Raven intervenes.

''Remember what?'' Starfire and Cyborg asks at the same time.

''What day it is?'' Raven continues, hoping for them to get the hint.

''His birthday?''Starfire and Cyborg once again ask at the same time.

''No'' Raven says.

''Valentines day?'' Cyborg asks with a somewhat grossed out face thinking of the insinuation.

''No. I cant believe you forgot. Its not like its something that's hard to remember.'' She says.

''Then Just tell us for god sake!'' Cyborg says rather annoyed.

''You cant remember? He was like this on this day last year to you know.'' She says once again avoiding answering the question.

''He was?'' Cyborg says with a stupefied expression on his face.

''What is wrong with Beast Boy Raven? Please say'' Starfire says.

''Yeah, come on Raven just spill it.'' Robin agrees.

''Today, its exactly 2 years since Terra turned to stone in Slades lair.''

Everyone just stared at Raven, silently beating themselves up for forgetting. When they really thought about it, they forgot about it last year to.

''Why didn't you mention it sooner!?'' Cyborg asks almost shouting.

''That is kind of important ya know!''

''I saw no real reason to bring it up since Beast Boy is depressed enough already.'' She states in her usual monotone voice.

''Besides, its not like you remembered it last year so I figured I didn't really have to bring it up this year either. Hearing your reaction, I kind of wish I hadn't''. She continues.

She did have a point, they thought. Besides Beast Boy, everyone else had pretty much come to peace with her being turned to stone. They had tried all they could think of and it hadn't worked so they just, kind of gave up on trying. They still missed having her around though. Even if Raven still wasn't over her betrayal and really couldn't see any possibility of trusting her even if they got her back. They stood there for a while in silence, everyone in their own thoughts, before Starfire suddenly shouted;

''Beast boy!''

Everyone just stared at her, wondering what she meant.

''Beast Boy must be having the depression! We can not just ignore him on this day. We should try to give him the sheering up!'' She half-shouts in her normal voice.

''Actually, that sounds like a good idea Starfire. We should go do something as a group.'' Robin says. ''That should cheer him up, and we get a day off'' he continues.

''Sounds good to me!'' Cyborg states. ''We could eat pizza!'' he continued.

''And travel to the park of amusement!'' Starfire interjects.

''And get waffles from Wally's Waffle House.'' Robin joins in.

''And eat pizza!'' Cyborg says again. ''With lots of meat!'' he continues as his eyes turn to a pair of stakes.

''I do not believe that Beast Boy would get cheered up by that.'' Starfire points out in one of her rare moments of high clarity.

''Beast Boy? Beast Boy who?'' Cyborg asks, still with the thought of meat taking up most of his focus.

At this, two of the four present started laughing. The exceptions being Cyborg, who still hadn't noticed the laughter, and Raven, still looking at the three.

''So we got a plan?'' Robin asks after they stopped laughing.

''I'm in!'' Cyborg shouts enthusiastically while still thinking about the joys that come with the common substance known as meat.

''Sounds like a wonderful suggestion Robin!'' Starfire says equally enthusiastic.

''Well? Raven? What about you?'' Robin asks.

''Well, if there's going to be waffles I suppose I could agree.'' She replies already thinking of what to put on them.(1).

''Great. Its settled then.'' Robin said, before they all left looking for Beast Boy.


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