Mouse walked though the snow.

He would survive.

He didn't need Cat.

She had lied to him, lied about her whole life. She deserved to have her heart broken.

Mouse took the letter from his pocket, and scorned at it. If she had truly liked him in the end, Cat would have told him the truth.
He ripped her letter into pieces. Lucky, who trotted beside him, looked up to him as if to say, you did the right thing. And he had.

Anyway, in a cat-and-mouse game, the mouse usually escapes.

Cat collasped on her bed, sobbing.

Mouse, Mouse, why don`t you come back? Weeks had passed since she had sent that letter and she had no reply.

Was Mouse never coming back? She couldn`t take this any longer. Trying to get into trouble, lying to Mouse and becoming closer to him
every day, had had its consequences.

If only, if only she had never run over that dog.

If only she had never seen Mouse.

If only she hadn`t been there that day at Dad`s office.

If only she had never got into trouble.

If only... Jake had never died.

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