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Set 8 years after Deathly Hallows.

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"James, finish your breakfast please." Harry looked sternly at his two year old son, who immediately pouted.

"Me no hung'y Daddy." His son told him as he pushed the bowl across the table.

"You have to eat it or you won't go with Daddy to collect Teddy." His Mother told him, placing the bowl back before her son with a sigh. They had this argument with young James every morning, and usually it ended up with them feeding him. But at the mention of Teddy James' face had lit up and he had picked up the plastic spoon and started eating, if somewhat reluctantly. Harry grinned at Ginny. Teddy was the one person James would do anything for. Harry felt extremely lucky that Teddy Lupin was part of the family, even though the reason he was happened to be such a sad reason.

Harry was woken suddenly from his thoughts by his son prodding him with his spoon and saying

"All done!"

"Right then Jamesie-boy let's get you cleaned up and then we'll be off." he said, picking up his son and carrying him to the bathroom. Ginny watched them, smiling sadly. Recently she had spent very little time out with Harry and James, and she occasionally felt a little lonely. However, as the baby was due in a couple of week's time, she got tired easily and even flooing somewhere might upset her.

Harry walked into the living room, wearing his travelling robe, James came trotting after him.

"Are you flooing or apparating?" Ginny asked him, as she kissed them both goodbye.

"Flooing, I don't want to wear myself out apparating them both." Harry replied, lighting the fireplace with his wand, and then taking a handful of floo powder out of the jar. With James in his arms, he threw the floo into the flames, stepped in and intoned "The Tonks Residence!"


Teddy ran downstairs, his bag in hand. He loved staying with his God Father, who would tell him wonderful stories about his Father and Mother. His Grandmother knew a lot of stories about his Mother, but she had barely known Remus Lupin, and Teddy wanted to know as much about his parents as possible.

He had just reached the living room when he saw Harry and James spinning out of the fire.

"Uncle Harry!" he yelled, falling onto his God Father with a hug.

"Hey, careful Teddy, you almost had me over then." Harry laughed, setting the boy on his feet after a quick hug. Teddy laughed at his God Father before turning to say hello to James. Harry walked into the small kitchen where Andromeda was sitting, reading the Daily Prophet. She looked up as he entered.

"Hello, Harry." She greeted him warmly, before asking "How long are you going to keep Teddy then?"

"A couple of weeks, if you can spare him." Harry answered, grinning.

"Oh, I'll be pleased to have him off my hands. I was planning on going to see Ted's brother in Scotland, and I don't want to take Teddy with me." Andromeda told him. Harry nodded.

"We'll be off then. Don't want to keep Ginny waiting." And with that, he nodded at Andromeda, and walked back into the living room, where he could hear his small son squealing.


Ginny sat in her living room waiting patiently for the family to return. She sat in one of the cosy armchairs in front of the fire, watching it carefully for signs of movement. Even so, she was shocked when the flames turned green, and Minerva McGonagall's head appeared. Ginny gasped and dropped cautiously down onto the hearth rug.

"Professor! What is it?" she asked, noting the anxious expression on McGonagall's face.

"Is Harry there?" She answered, glancing round the living room, ignoring Ginny's question.

"No, he's gone to collect Teddy. Why? What's wrong?"

"Nothing's wrong really, I suppose..." the professor told her warily.

"Then what is it?" Ginny demanded, her patience beginning to run out.

"Well... Hagrid was in the forest earlier, and he found six bodies. Living bodies. Bodies of people who died long ago. " Ginny looked stunned for a moment, but she recovered herself quickly to ask,

"Who... who were they?"

"The Marauders have returned to Hogwarts."