To avoid confusion, James senior will be called James, whilst James Junior will be called Jamie.

The five Aurors in the family are: Harry, Ron, Tonks, James and Sirius.

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Three Years Later

"Hurry up Dad!" A young boy yelled, as he raced through King's Cross station, weaving in and out of the muggles. His mother was already stood at the barrier between platforms nine and ten, holding a his two year old sister in her arms. But his Father was moving a lot more slowly, considering he was pushing a large trolley which held the boy's trunk, owl, and a two year old boy with mousey brown hair and amber eyes.

"I'm coming Teddy." Remus called, as Tonks escorted their son through the barrier for the first time. "You aren't about to miss the train you know."

"I wanna get a good seat!" He moaned, as he helped his Father load the trunk onto the train.

"There's plenty of time for that Teddy. The train won't leave for another..."

"Eighteen minutes." Interrupted a new voice. The Lupin family turned to see Harry standing there. He grinned at Teddy's shocked expression. "You didn't think I wouldn't come to see my godson off to Hogwarts, did you?" He asked, mock indignantly. Teddy just rolled his eyes, and hugged his godfather.

"How are the terrible twins then?" Harry asked over Teddy's head. The twins, John and Rose, looked up at their 'uncle'.

"Not tewwible! Not!" Cried Rose, her hair flashing orange. Rose, like Teddy, had inherited her mother's Metamorphmagus talents, whilst John had his Father's increased sense of smell, and hearing.

"Of course not." Harry replied absently, releasing Teddy. "Well, Teddy-boy, you'd better go and find a good compartment before the train gets too crowded."

"In a minute..." He groaned. His parents raised their eyebrows at him.

"I thought you were so keen to go." Remus joked.

"I am..." Teddy said slowly, "But I gotta say goodbye to Johnnie and Rosie first." He knelt down in front of his siblings, and gently hugged them.

"You two be good for Mum and Grandma." He told them seriously. The adults grinned at each other. To think, that until three years ago, Teddy had been destined to be an only child... or as much of an only child you can be when you're an honorary member of the Weasley clan. And now he had his parents, and a brother and sister. He had proven already that he was brilliant with younger kids.

"Why?" Rosie asked, tilting her head to the side as she gazed at her older brother.

"Cos, otherwise you'll get in trouble with me." Teddy answered, mock sternly. Rose and Johnnie giggled.

"How long you going to be gone Teddy?" Johnnie asked quietly.

"Only three months or so. I'll be back for Christmas." The older boy told him, and then grinned. Bending low to his brother, he whispered in his ear; "With me and Dad gone, you'll be the man of the house. You can do whatever you want." Johnnie, who was a quiet, sensible lad most of the time had a strong prankster streak in him, but because of his usual behaviour, nobody suspected him. James and Sirius always used to say he was a lot like Remus.

"So, see you Johnnie!" Teddy said more loudly, clambering to his feet. He then turned to his Mother.

"I'll see you then Mum." He said softly, slightly sadly. His Father, as a Professor, he would be seeing regularly, but he hadn't been away properly from his Mother since she had come back. Although he was looking forward to the adventure that was Hogwarts, he was still feeling slightly upset at the thought of leaving her for months.

Tonks, who could sense vaguely what her son was feeling, pulled him into a quick hug.

"Make sure you write regularly." She whispered in his ear. Teddy rolled his eyes, but agreed.

"Sure Mum." And with that, he pulled free of his Mother, hugged Harry quickly, and was about to turn away when Harry pressed a roll of parchment into his hand.

"Uncle James and Sirius told me to give this to you." He murmured to his godson, before giving him a pat on the back, sending him off towards the train.


Teddy hopped quickly onto the train, his owl's cage in his hand, the letter in the other. It didn't take him long to find an empty compartment, seeing as he was slightly early still. Settling his owl on the luggage rack above his head, he sat down next to the window, and unrolled the parchment. He immediately recognised his Uncle James' untidy script, occasionally interposed with his Uncle Sirius' more elegant, but scruffy, writing.

Theodore Remus Lupin. Mini-Moony.

Here are some of the Marauder rules for Hogwarts.

Number one; Don't go looking for trouble, just wait for it to come to you, or create it yourself. Number two; Refrain from pranking anyone more than twice in a row. Number three; If you're caught out by a certain person, more than three times, never prank them again... unless it's McGonagall, cos she'll know it's you anyway...

Teddy grinned. His family were definitely the most awesome family around.

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