On an ordinary day, in a ordinary land, in the ordinary… No… Not ordinary. In the extra ordinary Akatsuki lair was a boy with blonde hair busy with his clay. His face overflowing with inspiration, and with his tongue between his lips. "Deidara-sempai!" yells a high voice. "What are you doing?" A boy with a swirly orange mask came in. "Ooh!" he screamed like a 3 years old. "Can Tobi touch them sempai? They're beautiful!" The boy with the mask was running forward and before the blonde could do something about it, he already touched the precious creations of clay. "NOOO! UN!" screamed the blonde when the masked boy accidentally broke the sculptures. "TOOOBI!! I'M GONNA KILL YOU!! UN!" And he grabbed one bird who wasn't broken to throw at the masked boy. "Katsuu!" he screamed and the bird blow up. "NOOO!" The masked boy flow out of the window with his now broken mask. *sigh* Deidara stood up. His inspiration was all gone. "Why is he so stupid, un?" he asked himself. He walked out of his room almost knocking Hidan over. "WHAT THE H*** BLONDIE!?" Hidan yelled at Deidara. "Ouch, un! You're heavy, yeah!" Hidan stood up. "YOU F**KING BASTARD! IF YOU DO THAT F**KING AGAIN I'LL F**KING SACRAFICE YOU TO JASHIN! '****'!!" Hidan said while walking away. Deidara gave him the finger and then walked into the other direction. He and Hidan were best friends, but when Hidan was pissed off he could be very angry. Most of the time Hidan was in a bad mood, but he could be very friendly too. He walked into the kitchen were Konan was busy with diner. "Hi Deidara." she said. "Can you help me with the table?" Deidara sighed. "No, I'm sorry Konan. I'm …err… busy at the moment, soo…" he runs out the kitchen. "Busy huh?" Konan said angrily. Deidara was still running away when he saw paper airplanes catch up to him. F**k! He though by himself. He tried to escape, but it was already too late. He was cached in a cloud of paper airplanes. "No! Konan, un! I… I'm helping, yeah!" Deidara screamed. "someone… HELP ME UN!!" A face was appearing before him make of paper. It was Konan of course. "Ah! So… You're not busy anymore?" she asked with a sweet voice. "N-no! Un! I-I'm helping okay!?" Deidara said with fear and anger in his voice. A smile appeared on Konan's face (not a nice one btw). "Okay." she said and grinned evilly.

That evening they played "truth or dare". Tobi asked leader-sama to play it. And since Tobi is a good boy, Pain agreed. "Allllright… First Itachi! Truth or dare? Desu ne." Kisame said. "Dare." Itachi said. Too much to hide of course. "Err… I… Err… Dare you to… Err…" "Just say it okay." Itachi said emotionless. Kisame's face flushed red. "Err… Nothing…" "HUH?!" all the Akatsuki members asked. Not used to this answer of course. "You are supposed to give him an order, un." Deidara said. "Okay, okay!" Kisame said crimson-red. "I… Dare you to… Kiss me… desu ne…" he said with a husky voice. Itachi looked at Kisame also blushing. All the Akatsuki members stared at them with open mouth. The once emotionless Itachi was blushing like mad when he gave Kisame a kiss on his cheek. "BOOO!" all the Akatsuki members screamed disappointed. Kisame grabbed Itachi's waist and crushed his lips together. The Akatsuki members were all cheering with exception of Tobi, who was wondering what Itachi and Kisame were doing. "Next!" said the leader who was straight. Itachi and Kisame were still kissing, but now a little bit hotter. "Tobi is! Tobi is!" Tobi screamed full of excitement. "Sempai! Truth or dare?" Deidara rolled his eyes. Why him… "Err… truth, un." "Okay!" Tobi said joyfully. "Does sempai like Tobi?" he asked innocently. "No, un." Deidara said harsh. "Next." Tobi was crying behind his mask. Deidara didn't care at all. (evil) "I am, un." he said ignoring the sobbing "good boy". "Zetsu, un." he said with an evil grin. (The normal grin that means) "Truth or dare, yeah." "Truth." "Dare." They began to arguing. The venus flytrap leaves were closing so they could argue in peace. Deidara sighed. He wanted to see Zetsu making out with himself, since he had a splitted personality. Like 2 body's at once. Deidara didn't wanna choose another victim, so now it was Hidan's turn. "HAA! DEIDARA!" he yelled. "Huh? Me again!?" Deidara said. "H*** YEAH!" Hidan screamed back. "Truth or f**king dare!" "Truth again, un." "Aaaw! Are you too much an wussy to say dare? You whore!" Hidan yelled at Deidara. Deidara sighed. "Okay, okay… Dare, un." "Ha f**k! I dare you to f**king dress up like a girl and to f**king dance!!" he screamed with his psycho laugh. *screaming* "…WHAT, UN!?" Deidara asked also screaming. "Boys, boys! Easy!" Konan said. "Rules are rules Deidara." "Yeah! Rules are rules Dei-chan!" Hidan imitated Konan, and laughed his scary, screaming laugh again. "B-but I don't wanna~!" Deidara said with a small voice. "But you f**king have to, since I f**king said so!" Hidan interrupted him. "Okay hmpf." Deidara walked out of the room. A few moments later he came back in a dress. A dress of Konan, and it fits him perfectly! It was a short dress and with an low cut. His hair was down, and he had lipstick on his lips. His beautiful face was full of anger. "F**K YOU HIDAN, UN!!" he screamed at the silver haired masochist. "You're f**king wish." he answered laughing. (screaming is an better word I think) Deidara's face was red from anger and embarrassment. "Now show us your f**king dance!" Hidan said with an evil grin. (the grin who fits his face best.) Deidara began to dance. His movement smooth, and his hair dancing with him. All the Akatsuki members (except from Kisame and Itachi who were in their room now. ;-) ) looked with open mouths to the blond haired boy. Only Hidan and Sasori (but he's death) knew he could dance so good. Zetsu's leaves were open again, and his eyes were filled with lust, just like Hidan and Kakuzu's eyes. Deidara didn't saw it. When he stopped he was sitting down next to Tobi again. Hidan grabbed his arm. "No Dei-chan. Come and sit f**king next to me." Hidan said, avoiding the death-glares from Kakuzu and Zetsu. "Hmpf, un." Deidara just said. He sat down next to Hidan. He is so adorable and cute and beautiful... Though Hidan, Kakuzu and Zetsu. That's my sempai! Though Tobi. Now it was Pain's turn, but before he could say something Itachi and Kisame came back. (giggling and with sex-hair) "Ah!" Leader-sama said. "Itachi again. Truth or dare." "Why me?" Itachi asked. "Because I said so." Leader answered. "Hmpf. All right then. Dare." "I… Err… Let's think… dare you to smile." Pain said smirking (an evil smirk off course) "…But… I can't …" His defense was weak, so he tried to smile. *smiling with big black puppy eyes with sparkles* "IIIIIIIIIIII!!!" all the Akatsuki members screamed. "Creepy!" Itachi immediately turned back to his emotionless old self again. (emo, just like his foolish little brother sasu-gay) When the Akatsuki members were done with their (foolish) game, they went to bed one by one.