"WHAT!? You were raped by Kakuzu?! Desu ne!" Kisame shouted. "H*** YEAH! AND IF YOU DON'T F**KING SHUT THE F**K UP, I'LL F**KING SACRAFICE YOU TO JASHIN! YOU F**KING FISHSTICK!!" Hidan screamed angry. "…wow…" Itachi said. "I never thought THE Hidan would get himself raped…" (evil to say to Hidan right now isn't it..?) "Hello, un! Kakuzu had the upper hand, yeah! He is bigger." Deidara said, in a desperate content to help Hidan out the shit. "…." Kisame said. "…." Itachi said. "Why did I f**king tell you anyway?!" Hidan said mad. "They're too stupid to understand, un." Deidara hissed. "Huh? What's up with you, being so overprotective to Hidan. You've never been like that before…" Itachi said suspiciously. "Or… did there something happen to you too..?" "N-no! Not at all, un!" Deidara said rapidly. "I don't believe him Ita-chan, even his un… desu ne…" Kisame said. "You're lying Deidara!!" "Err… Tobi turned out to be Madara… and… Err.. He kinda tried to rape me too, un. Madara is creepy! Be careful, yeah!" Deidara said turning red. "…." Kisame said. "…!" Itachi said. "WHAT?! HE TRIED TO RAPE YOU?! That from Hidan isn't that bad, but… YOU!" Itachi screamed. "WHA…?" Hidan said with big shocked eyes. "Err… He didn't rape me completely..!" Deidara said. "I don't care!! He has to DIE!!" Itachi screamed wickedly. "Easy blind idiot, desu ne!" Kisame said trying to calm Itachi down. Then the door slammed open. "Deidara-sempai! Here you are! I've looked for you everywhere!" Tobi said sighing. "TOOBI!!" Itachi screamed insane. Deidara backed up a bit. Tobi looked at Itachi remembering nothing from what he did to Deidara. "Err… Itachi..?" he asked suspiciously. "RELAX Ita-chan! Desu ne!" Kisame shouted having a bad feeling about killing Tobi. "I thought you were my boyfriend! Then why are you so concerned about Deidara?!" "…That's true… but… I also like…" Itachi said uncomfortable. "What?" "I also like Deidara… VERY MUCH!" Itachi said with a shaky voice. "Oh…" was all Kisame managed to say at that moment. "Ok… bye…" he said disappointed. And he walked away. Itachi looked with anger to Tobi. "It's all your fault! You stupid Madara!!" he hissed. "N-no! Tobi is a good boy! Not Madara!!" he said very afraid of Itachi right now. "RAAAH!" Itachi screamed, and he beats the hell outta Tobi. Hum… I can better say he beats Madara outta Tobi, and Madara never came back out fear of Itachi. So… Tobi was normal again. But what happened to Hidan and Kakuzu..?

"Hidan..?" A deep voice nearby Hidan's ear whispered. Hidan jumped up. "WHAT THE H~!!" "Shj! I wanna talk to you!" "Yeah off course and then you f**king rape me!" "No! Now be quiet!" Kakuzu hissed. "I wanna say… I'm sorry Hidan…" Kakuzu said with a shaky voice. "…what..?" Hidan said slightly confused. "I wanted you to shut up, so I did this. But when you said you though I was your real friend… I thought… I'm really sorry Hidan! Please forgive me! I-I love you…" Kakuzu answered blushing. "K-Kakuzu..!?" Hidan didn't know what to do or say, and he really didn't expected this. Kakuzu never said so much, and now he did, after he raped him, and he also said he loved him?!

"S-sempai?" Deidara backed up. "Go away Tobi, un!" he said a bit shaky. "B-but sempai… What did Tobi do wrong..? He said, and he started to cry. First quiet sobs, but then real cries. "T-Tobi… it's just…" Itachi walked by. "Madara is gone Deidara, it's now just Tobi." Itachi said walking away to Kisame's room. A few moments later Deidara and Tobi heard small noises. "Un. It's good already. They're boyfriends again." He walked away leaving Tobi behind crying. (he did that before! Look in chap. 1!)

Deidara sat outside enjoying the sunset. It was so artistic and stuff. Suddenly Tobi sat beside him. "S-sempai… Tobi heard what happened and Tobi is really sorry! Tobi didn't want it! Really! Tobi is a good boy!" Tobi said giving Deidara something. Then he runs away leaving a confused Deidara behind. (ha! Now it's Tobi's turn to do something mean!! It isn't that mean but…) Deidara looked to what Tobi had given him. It was an little flower. The pink leaves where open and it smelled sweet. Deidara sighed. He liked Tobi, even if he didn't know it himself. Then he saw Hidan and Kakuzu. Hidan was blushing and walked over to Deidara. "Hey Dei." He said. "Ya know… Kakuzu and I… Kakuzu said sorry and now we…" Deidara looked at Hidan with big blue eyes. "B-but I thought you… loved me, un!" Deidara managed to say. Hidan looked at him smiling. (sweet and not the evil one) "You will always be my dearest friend, but not my boyfriend..." He said smiling again. Then he walked away. Deidara sat on the ground looking to his hands. The only thing he would ever kiss… except off course for Madara a day ago.

That night he cried again. But now Hidan didn't come over to comfort him. (Hidan is on his room doing "something") No one cared for him… Then he heard Tobi crying too. Huh? Why would Tobi cry? Then he heard Tobi said something in his sleep. "I… I am really sorry sempai! Really! Don't be mad at me please!" Wait! Tobi wasn't asleep. "I…it's okay Tobi, un." Deidara said. "But don't let it ever happen again…" Tobi nodded. "Okay sempai! I swear."

A few months later:

"Sempai. Tobi wanna look this movie!" Tobi whined to Deidara. "No, un. We're gonna watch this." Deidara said putting the DVD in the TV. "But sempai!" Tobi said not agreeing with the movie. "Tobi likes the other more!" "I know un." Deidara said giving Tobi a kiss on his masked forehead. "I know…" *silence* "I love you sempai…" "… I love you too Tobi, un.." Deidara said while turning on the TV.