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100 Theme Challenge
#98 Possessive
Pairing: Orochimaru/Sasuke

I didn't expect everything to turn out like this. Everyone tried to warn me about Orochimaru before I left, but I needed the power to kill my brother. I thought that when he said he wanted my body for his own, that he was going to do a body transfer on me. I had no idea that he simply wanted to possess me, to make me his. He wanted to own me, mind, body, and soul.

Within a few weeks of arriving at Sound, I was forbidden from talking to anyone other than himself and Kabuto, but even my time the medic-nin was limited.

It's been a few years since I have arrived here. I wish I had listened to everyone when they told me that I wouldn't get the strength to kill Itachi here. Orochimaru stopped my training over a year ago and now makes me stay by his side 24/7 so he can show me off as his most prized possession. This is what I, Sasuke Uchiha, the great Avenger, have been reduced to.

The only person allowed to touch me, even if it is only in a friendly manner, is Orochimaru now. The last person who touched me, though it was only an accident, lost their life. I remember Orochimaru yelling, "How dare you touch what is mine!" then had the poor guy dragged away to be tortured to death. I can still hear the screams echoing in the halls.

That is why I have never escaped this possessive snake. He has promised much worse to me if I try. And without being able to train anymore, well...let's say that my skills definitely aren't up to par with a legendary sannin. So I guess that I am stuck here until I die or my blonde-haired, blue-eyed angel comes to save me and I'm not talking about Ino.

Those are my two options left since he will never let me go. Orochimaru knows he owns my body since he forces me to have sex with him and he owns my mind since I am too afraid to leave, but he also knows that he doesn't own my soul because it already belongs to my angel. I know that if he knew who my angel was, he wouldn't hesitate to kill him in a heartbeat just because this is the one that prevents him from having my soul. Maybe one day I will be free, but until then I guess that I am doomed to be the pet of a possessive snake.