Chapter One: Lyssann's POV

His name is Stephen. . . In my 243 years of life… no not life… existence… I've never seen anything like him. He looks.... like an angel. The first time I saw him I thought he was a vampire… like me. His skin is pale white; his eyes, a light golden brown. I knew at once, he was the only one for me.

In my younger years, one way to get someone's attention was to toss pebbles at their window at night. That's what I have been doing every night since I met him and it's on my agenda again for tonight. I'm standing by the fence surrounding his home, waiting for a sign he is there. There are usually a couple of other girls here too. . . I gaze into the twilight sky, remembering the first day we met… It had been a sunny day so I was 'hiding' from the human world in a clearing in the woods. He was hiking with a friend.

I heard his friend say "What's that, over there?"

Thinking he saw me I ran into the trees, wishing for clouds and rain. I climbed a tall tree so I could still see and hear this beautiful boy… no… MAN… He looks to be around 22. As the weather bent to my will, his friend ran for home. That should've been my first clue… *Weakling* I thought to myself. Then, I watched as my angel sat under the very tree I was perched on. I live mostly in darkness so this man was like a light in my endless night. I decided then and there: I needed to know him.

I leapt a few trees and dropped gracefully and silently to the forest floor. I walked back towards him. He looked up, surprised that anyone was out in the rain. Soon I was close enough to catch his scent: HUMAN? My throat burned. *Well, I'm not too thirsty, I just fed last night.* I thought to myself, remembering the large elk I'd had. I took a deep breath. *I'll just get a bit closer.* I couldn't help myself.

"Hi" I said softly "I heard a voice in this direction so I thought I'd see what's going on. I'm Lyssann, and you are?"

As his eyes met mine, his lovely tenor voice floated on the breeze "Well, hello, Lyssann, I'm Stephen."

The way he said my name was like magic. I sat next to him and my vampire nature practically disappeared. I didn't want to drink his blood! I just wanted to kiss him, there, in the rain. I was speechless the whole 5 minutes we sat there.

He was such a gentleman that day… He always is. He offered me his jacket because of the rain and cool air. As he pulled it over my shoulders, I again had an urge to turn and kiss him full on the mouth. I resisted that as he offered to escort me home. I just nodded. As we walked, we were talking. I'm a vampire and he isn't... So I didn't say half the things I wanted to.

I'm brought back to this moment by a snowflake hitting my nose. I look up at his window… His light is on. I toss a tiny pebble… clink… *He heard it! He's looking out at me* It's been 8 months since that day in the forest. He's got a few other girls wanting his attention, but tonight, because it is cold I get him all to myself. I smile and motion for him to come out. My angel comes to the door. He always has a smile for me. "Would you like to come in?"

"I was hoping you could come out and play?" I say coyly. "They're lighting the streetlights and I was remembering the day we met… Come for a walk. Please?"

He looks into my eyes and nods. "Sure, what's on your mind?"

I take a deep breath and say, "I've been holding back some things I need to say to you."

I glance at his face, as his brow wrinkles…*He looks so cute when he does that!* "Stephen, looks can be deceiving; I'm not what you think I am."

He smirks at me. "So you're not a beautiful girl who seems to only have eyes for me?"

"No, I'm not… Well, yes, I'm that too. But you need to know that I am…" *Gulp* "I'm a vampire…" I wince as I say the words that might make him run from me.

I watch his face as he processes this new information. "A vampire? As in Dracula and Buffy?"

I grimace at the nonsense of Hollywood. "Something like that. Is there any way you might consider being with me anyway?" More snow falls around us.

"I was unaware of considering it in the first place." As he says this, I frown distressed that I'm assuming too much. He takes my hand and kisses it. "Just kidding. But, is there a future for a human/ vampire couple? Don't you hunt humans? Wouldn't you… kill me?" I hear the nervousness in his voice.

I shake my head. "I hunt only animals. That's the only way for me… I like humans too much to kill them."

His heartbeat slows as he considers this. "What about the sun, you can't be out in the sun and that's my favorite type of weather. What would we do together that wouldn't kill you?"

"The sun doesn't bother me. You'll see, it doesn't kill me… It just… Well, it makes my skin sparkle. Sort of like a diamond. Let me get the trivialities out in the open: I told you 2 of the biggies, the hunting and the sun. As a vampire I'm really strong and really fast. I also have excellent eyesight, hearing and balance. Oh, another big one, vampire venom cures any disease in a human's system and heals any injuries and so forth if we bite but don't kill the human in question, but the human would become a vampire."

"Are you serious?" he sounds dumbfounded. "That's amazing!"

"One last thing, some vampires can do extra things as well. I can manipulate the weather."

"The weather? Like rain and clouds and snow?" His eyes went wide. "Is that why it's always cloudy when I want to take you to the park or to a party in the daytime?"

I bite my lip. "Yes, you see my world has one ruleKeep the secret. If I were to come out in public on a sunny day… I'd sparkle and give myself away."

"Can I… Can I see you in the sunlight?" He looks unsure. "Maybe we could go back to the clearing where we met and just talk and be together?"

"I'd like that. How about tomorrow? I can guarantee a sunny day…" I wink at him.

He smiles with wonder in his eyes. "I'll just bet you can. I'll see you tomorrow. Actually since they're dimming the streetlights, now, I guess I'll see you later."

After my midnight stroll with Stephen, I turned the sky a bit foggy to give myself a little cover from the breaking dawn. I went to my apartment to change clothes and prepare mentally for the day to come. *I told him and he didn't run! He didn't tell me I was crazy; and he didn't tell me to get away or stay away from him!* I thought to myself. *I hope he still feels the same when he sees me later.* I'm standing in my walk-in closet. I decide that pink is my best color. I slide into a pink, ruffled, v-neck, short-sleeved top and a pair of designer jeans. My feet easily slip into my Jimmy Choo's. I love those 3 inch heels; they make me feel like a fashion model!

I peek out the window at the sound of approaching steps. It's my human friend/ housemate Justine coming up the walkway. She doesn't know about the whole vampire thing but she does know how I feel about Stephen. Her other friends think it's just a crush, what I feel for him. I think they just want him too.

I pull the door open as Justine walks right in, already asking questions. "So, what happened? Did you tell him how you feel? Did you? What did he say? Tell me everything!"

She sounds so hyper I can't help but laugh! "Calm down! Ha, ha! Take a breath! I promised to tell you the details and I will. Just have a seat and relax! I'm meeting him again in a little bit, so there's not much to tell right now. I told him a few things that would make a normal guy run and hide, but he didn't… I'm taking that as a good sign."

She looks me over and whistles. "Wow, you're dressed to the nines! Is he taking you someplace special?"

I smile faintly. "It's special to us." I don't mention that it's a clearing in the woods. She wouldn't understand.

As I walk to the door I hear her squeal, "Have a good time, and don't forget to tell me everything later!" I shake my head and step into my electric blue BMW. It has tinted windows and a custom paint job. The moment I saw it in the showroom, I knew I had to have it! I can't help myself! I have over two centuries of money saved up in a dozen bank accounts so I can afford a luxury or two. I pull up to his house and there's a huge crowd in front of it. Tina, Gracy and June, a few of my acquaintances are there.

Gracy notices me first. "What's she doing here?" The others just roll their eyes at me as I pass them.

I ignore them as I walk past and right up to the door. I silently call forth a few more clouds; just to be sure I'm not going to create a scene. I knock on the door.

Stephen's sister Jennifer answers it. "Yes, may I help you?"

I smile warmly and say, "I'm Lyssann. I have a date with Stephen. Can I come in?"

She looks at me doubtfully, "Every girl in that crowd thinks she has a date with my brother. I don't think I believe you. I'll go ask him." I just nod as she closes the door. With my excellent hearing I am able to eavesdrop easily. "Hey, Stephen. There's a girl here to see you. She says you have a date."

His almost musical voice comes back, "What's her name? What does she look like?"

I hear Jennifer say, "Well, she's pale, but very pretty. Kind of looks like a model. Says her name is Lyssann." Footsteps sound on the staircase… The door opens to reveal his face. I look up into his beautiful brown eyes and smile shyly. "Hi."

"Come on in." He says looking at what I'm wearing. "I thought we were hiking. What's with the heels?"

I half smile at him, hold out my arms, and stepping through the door, I stand on one foot tiptoe, "Did you forget? I have superb balance." He laughs and shakes his head as he closes the door behind me. He takes one of my hands as I bring up the inevitable subject, "So, did you know about the throng of people out front?"

He nods his head and answers my question with a question. "Do you know I had a dream or two last night?" He kisses my hand, "A very pretty girl told me some pretty crazy things." He sighs. "I told my sister about this 'dream', and she called my shrink! Huh, so the shrink asks about the 'dream' and says that my subconscious thoughts are obsessed with death. She goes on to say that I should date more to give my life a little excitement. The doc must have told the whole town about her 'recommendation!' So there they are. All the girls in town who've been wanting to date me!" He chuckles disgustedly as I start to panic.

"Are you kidding? I told you last night: Nobody can know about vampires being real! I'll get into trouble! I'll be called before the Volturi in Italy!" I start to shake.

He takes me into his arms saying, "Relax! They think it's just a crazy dream. I didn't even mention your name… Uhmmm… What's a Volturi?"