(Note: This is a spur of the moment thing, but it will be longer than the last ones. Thanks to (o`.`)o I had this idea from the N64 game.)

Link ran past the guards awaiting him every time he came to the Castle Town Market. He was on a mission. He found the Ocarina of Time and now had to open the door to the Sacred Realm to protect the Triforce that Zelda cared so much for.
As he ran past the guards door, into the heart of the town, he thought of something he wanted to do before he opened the door to his destiny. I want to talk to the townspeople, he thought.
As he ran into the alley to look for someone to talk to him and tell him exactly what had happened that night. He knew Zelda and her nanny ran away with the evil man following them, but nothing else. He ran behind the alley to find.... a guard!
Link walked up to the guard. He saw bruises and all sorts of tears and bumps on the guards breastplate. Just then he moved.
"Are you...Link? Zelda's....chosen...hero?"
Link replied," Yes, sir, I am. What is it? Is she hurt?" Link's mind raced as thought of disbelief and horror ran pictures throught his mind, wondering what would become of the princess.
"She...asked...me..to tell you....to go right away... to the.... temple. Impa, her nanny..... fled with her out of the castle last...night. Ganondorf slaughtered the King and tried to get her next....But she fled. Go to the Temple....of....Time....," and with that final word he died in front of Link.
Now I have to get there before he does! Link thought as he ran past the Happy Mask Shop and into the Temple's courtyard. Running past tombstones and a reflecting pool, he ran up to the door and pulled on the hard brass knocker. "I've never seen such majesty in a temple!" replied little Navi. Link walked over to the altar and took the Ocarina of Time. He pursed his lips and blew through the hollows instilled into the instrument. A haunting, yet majestic melody came from inside and a light appeared before him.
The three Spiritual Stones rose from him and onto the altar. The earth began to shake and the doors which had the impressions of time upon them ripped asunder and Door of Time was opened. Link stared up in awe as he made his way past the altar and into the great room which held the last lock, The Master Sword!
Navi flew to the sword and swarmed around it, creating little trails of pixie dust around the noble handle. "It's that legendary blade.." Link ran over to see it up close. He ran his fingers down the handle and felt the coldness of the blade. "You must pull it out..." said a voice.
Link turned around and seeing know one went back to his aweing.
"Go ahead,Link! Pull it out!" Navi shouted to him. Link slipped his slender, boyish hands around the cold steel and gave it a mighty pull...