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Chapter 1-Back Home


I might be the only teenage girl that is able to enter the fact that they fell in love with a vampire on their life resume. When I was turning 17 years old I decided to move from Arizona back to Forks, Washington to live with my father giving my mother the freedom to pursue her newly married lifestyle. It was during my junior year of high school when I met and quickly fell deeply in love with a handsome vampire, Edward Cullen. With the support of his family, Edward and I spent most of the year surviving an entanglement with a murderous trio of rogue vampires causing the most depraved one, James, to lose his life. Looking back now, it is hard to believe any of us survived the vicious attack. On my 18th Birthday there was an unfortunate accident involving a paper cut on my finger and Edward's brother Jasper lost of control causing him to try and attack me which lead to my vampire and his family to moving away. Edward actually told me before he departed that he didn't want me anymore leaving me crushed and heartbroken. It's hard to comprehend forever until you are caught in the middle of it.

Several months after I was left alone, coping with an empty space that once held my heart, I began to figure out how to function enough to deceive my family to think that I had recovered from the anguish that would never leave me. I decided that since I had enough credits to graduate early from high school I would escape Forks to attend Arizona State University to study journalism. Since my mother was still considered a resident of Arizona my parents didn't have to pay any out of state fees and I was able to get far away from the painful memories Forks Washington held for me. I started college that spring and during that time away at school I was so focused and undistracted by college social diversions that I was able to complete my education in less than the four years normally required. Upon graduation I planned on pursuing a journalism career in New York City because nothing could be further from Forks Washington than New York.

I am now facing my 22nd Birthday this coming September. Charlie Swan, my father, is still the chief of police in Forks and asked me if I would spend my summer with him before heading to the city and starting a life of my own. I love my dad and I missed him. I decided that it wasn't a bad idea and I headed up to see him as soon as my college apartment keys were returned to the landlord for the last time. Charlie sent me an open-ended airline ticket for a graduation gift so I used the first half to fly home to Seattle on May 15th and I was planning on using the other half of the ticket to take me to New York in the fall. Charlie was happy to pick me up at the airport and bring me back to the place I still call home.

"Bella, honey, it is so good to have you home again! You're so thin!!!" Charlie's face spread with a big smile as pulled me into a strong hug. He was proud of the woman I had become.

"Hi Dad, I'm glad to be back. I missed you!" I kissed his cheek and enjoyed feeling his tight hug. The one thing I learned over the years is that I loved my family and now that I'm older I understood Charlie more than I did before. I discovered that I was just like him because he emotionally shut down after his divorce from my mother and he never loved anyone else. He had also just been going through the motions of living his life.

Charlie quickly picked up my bags from the curb and we headed out towards the airport-parking garage to find the police cruiser for the ride back to Forks.

When we finally arrived home and pulled the cruiser into the driveway, I stepped in front of the house and let the good feelings wash over me. This wasn't the first time I had returned to Forks since college, because I did for several holidays and during those times I had been able to exorcise most of the painful ghosts I had from my high school years. I had spent the past few summers in Arizona taking summer classes so I was only home with Charlie during the winter holidays and it was nice to be back for the summer months for a change. The average temperature here in the summer is 60 degrees, which is a welcome change from the Arizona scorchers. Charlie lifted my luggage out of the trunk and welcomed me into the house. Stepping inside the front door I observed that everything had remained exactly the same since I lived here over 4 years ago except the television was larger.

"New plasma Dad?" I noticed Charlie's new toy as I stepped into the living room and smelled the familiar scent of my father's house.

"Yeah, now with the digital signal I thought it was time for an improvement." Charlie was proud of his purchase and the cable service upgrades he managed to figure out by himself.

"Looks great. I'm going to put my stuff away upstairs. Are you hungry?" I stepped back into my daughter role immediately. Charlie thought I looked skinny when he was the one who needed some home cooked meals.

"Thanks princess, but I have to get back to the station. Friday night is my late shift. Don't wait up." I hugged him as he walked out the door and back to the cruiser. Charlie works a couple of night shifts a week so it wasn't unusual for him to be gone.

I grabbed my bags, went upstairs and stepped into my old room. This is where I wished things had changed. The same purple comforter Charlie picked out for me was still on the full sized bed and the small room was exactly how it was when Edward would secretly slip through my window and stay with me during the night. I hadn't had another man in my life since that terrible September night three years ago and I doubted I ever would have anyone staying the night with me in the near future. The only thing that did change is that Charlie had installed Wi-Fi Internet with his new cable plan so I was happy to be able to work from my laptop instead of the slow dial up computer I once had hooked up on my desk when I was in high school. I pulled out my clothes from my luggage and placed most of them in the dresser drawers and hung up the rest in the closet. I went downstairs to fix myself a sandwich and to see how many channels my dad had on his new television. The flight had worn me out so I decided was going to spend the evening on the couch until it was time to go to bed.

Tomorrow morning I wanted to go see if Newton's Outfitters would let me come back and work for them again during the summer. I needed to have something to do while Charlie was at work, and no matter what, the extra money would help boost my savings account. I heard my old friend and classmate, Mike Newton, was studying business at the University of Washington and had one more year of school to complete before his parents would hand over the family business to him. I hadn't seen anyone from High School much since I left for college and I hoped that I would see some friendly faces when I went to town in the morning.

I had left town so abruptly after Edward left me that not even my own parents really knew what happened to me. Renee, my mother, is still happily married to her second husband, for six years, Phil Dwyer who once was a minor league baseball player. He's now a first base coach for the Diamondbacks and they returned from Florida to our house in Phoenix to live full time. Mom was happy to have me nearby during college but thankfully my stepfather's work kept them on the road most of the time so I didn't have to constantly explain things to them why I was working so hard at my studies and didn't have a social life.

The past three years and some odd months have been just a dull process of passing time for me. Since Edward left me with a gaping hole in my heart it has been a complete black out period for me. I manage to function and do what I'm supposed to do but I haven't felt anything for years and I was getting used to the dull buzz of my life.

I stayed up late lying on the couch watching Chelsea Lately, then went upstairs to bed before Charlie got home from his late shift. I found my worn out sleep t-shirt, put it on then slipped between the cool sheets and rolled over to set my old clock radio next to the bed. I turned the radio on, and set it to sleep mode, so that the late night talk radio program would drown out my own thoughts from my head before I fell asleep. I stared at the ceiling while the green light of the clock cast a comforting glow around the room before I drifted off to sleep.

The next thing I knew it was morning and I woke up before the alarm. I didn't know Charlie's schedule for today but I thought it would be nice if I went downstairs and made some breakfast for the both of us before I started my day looking for a job in town. I hopped out of bed and found my robe to wrap around myself before I went downstairs.

I made a pot of coffee and searched through the refrigerator to see what sort of food my dad had in the house. Luckily he had some eggs and a few slices of bread for toast. I knew I had to make a grocery list and stock up the house with some food while I was out today. I checked the laundry room to see if Charlie had any detergent and looked into the pantry for anything else we might need. Once the shopping list was done I popped the bread into the toaster and started to scramble up the remaining eggs.

Charlie must have smelled the coffee brewing because he came down to the kitchen just as the eggs were ready to leave the skillet. "Morning Dad." I smiled at him happy to be hanging out with Charlie again.

"Morning princess. Everything smells so good." Charlie was already dressed for work as he grabbed a mug for his coffee. "Any plans for today?"

"I was hoping the truck was still working so I could go into town to grocery shop and maybe get my old job back at Newton's." I had forgotten to ask about my old red Chevy truck that Charlie kept in the garage for me while I was away. My fingers were crossed that she still had some life in her.

"I took it in to the shop for a tune up last week and filled her up for you." He smiled knowing his thoughtfulness was appreciated as he sipped the hot coffee and searched for the sports section of the paper.

"Thanks Dad." I kissed his cheek and then sat in front of my breakfast. "Is there anything you want me to pick up for you while I'm out?" Charlie was already engrossed in the morning paper.

"You're old enough now, can you pick me up some Rainier? A couple of the guys are coming over for the game tonight." Rainier, or vitamin R as my dad calls it, is his favorite beer and I had to make sure there was plenty on hand.

"Sure, I can do that." I added the beer to my list. I quickly finished my breakfast and ran upstairs to take my shower and left Charlie alone with his newspaper before he left for the police station.

I was ready and out the door before 9:00 and Newton's wouldn't be open until 9:30 am so I had plenty of time to drive into town. My old truck was always loud and people's heads turned when I drove it. There was no hiding that I was back in town as I approached the Newton's parking lot. Mike was standing at the door with the keys and he turned around surprised to see me behind the wheel. I found a parking place close to the door and turned the engine off.

"BELLA." Mike has always been happy to see me since the first day I started Forks High School. I liked him because he was a nice guy but nothing more than a friendship even though he always pushed for more.

"Newton, looking for any helpers this summer?" I slipped out of the truck and approached him with my arms open to hug him. Mike didn't look very different after all these years just a little more mature around the eyes.

"I was just about to put the 'Help Wanted' sign in the window today." Mike hugged me tightly then pushed me back at arms length. "Look at you Swan. Lookin' good." He gave me a flirty smile as I punched him in the arm.

"Seriously? Do you need help?" My fingers were crossed. I already knew how to do the job and I had no desire to work as a waitress at the diner for tips.

"Yeah, yeah, come inside and I'll get you the W2 for you to fill out." Mike opened up the front doors to welcome me in, pressed the security code to disarm the alarm and flicked on the first bank of lights.

The store was almost exactly the same as it was when I worked her last. Fishing, camping and hunting is the main entertainment for most of the men in Forks. My dad liked to fish as for me I didn't like any outdoor activity however I had no problem selling the equipment. The job provided me with the same white noise as my life and I was comfortable around it.

"I hear you have one more year at UW?" I was trying to keep the conversation going between us as Mike searched through a pile of papers looking for the employment forms.

"Yep, one more year to go. Unlike you Swan, I took the summers off. I'm in no rush to leave college because the parties are awesome there." Mike's head was still under the counter. I had no idea about college parties since I kept my nose in the books and the avoided people. "Here it is."

His head popped up from under the counter and he handed me several forms that I needed to fill out. I smiled at him so that he would think I was functioning normally. I was used to fooling people so that I could fit in. "I appreciate this Mike. I only need part-time hours and I'm really flexible regarding a schedule. Night or day, I'm available." I had a pen in my purse and I began to fill out the basic forms.

"Perfect. I have one kid from the high school, my mom and I put in full time hours and now we have you for a couple of months. It will be perfect because you know how unpredictable teenagers are." That was funny coming out of Mike's mouth but I nodded my head in agreement. "Can you come in Monday night? Five to Nine?"

"Yes, that would be perfect. I think I remember how to close." The same orange vest was still under the counter and I could bring in my laptop and entertain myself as I worked in the shop alone at night.

"Great, I will be here when you start so I'll be able to refresh your memory then. Good to see you Swan." Mike was really happy to have me back and I could tell he still had a little crush on me too.

"Thanks Mike. See you Monday night. Have a good weekend." I headed out the door towards my old truck and pulled out the shopping list from my back pocket before I slipped behind the wheel.

By the time I got to the market the whole town knew I was back and already had a job. That's all it takes in a little town like this and having the chief of police to fill in any gaps of news about his daughter. Jessica Stanley, another former classmate, was working check out to my surprise.

"Jessica? How are you?" I didn't know if she was still dating Mike or not and I was also wondering why she was working as a checkout girl.

"Bella, I heard you were in town. Are you finished with college already?" Jessica was still a pretty petite blonde and a little stuck up. She smiled at me not embarrassed that she was wearing an apron, so I was sure this was a summer job and not her current career.

"I went non-stop so that I could finish up quick. Are you home from school?" I had no idea where everyone decided to attend college and I was fishing for answers, trying to be polite at the same time.

"Yeah, I have one more year at UW. My major is Mass Communications." Jessica continued to smile as she bagged my groceries. What the hell is she going to do with a Mass Communications degree in Forks?

"Are you and Mike still together?" I tried not to sound too interested just in case they weren't still together. Mike didn't say anything to me when I saw him earlier today.

Jessica's left hand flew up into my face showing me her engagement ring. "We're engaged. We're going to get married next summer after we both graduate." Her face couldn't hold a bigger smile finally accomplishing what she has wanted since high school to be married to Mike Newton.

"Wow, congratulations." I tried to react positively but I shouldn't be surprised that she and Mike were going to get married because that is a normal thing to do for most people around here.

"We should go out for coffee one day." Jessica flashed her famous fake smile at me as I pulled my wallet out of my purse to pay for my purchases.

"I'm staying at Charlie's, you should still have the number, call me." I honestly wanted to have a coffee date with her because it would be something to do to fill another day of my summer.

"That would be lovely. I'll call." She took my cash and I gathered up my purchases walked out to the parking lot and placed the brown paper bags into the bed of my truck. One thing Jessica enjoys more than anything is to feel better than everyone else and right now she had a big diamond ring on her finger and I was happy for her. I never saw myself married so all her bragging that I was expecting to hear when we met for coffee would be wasted on me, but I had the time to listen.

I returned back to the house and unpacked the groceries, put them all away and sorted through the mail. I plopped down on the couch in front of the massive T.V. and surfed the channels not really knowing what I was looking to watch or what I was even thinking about. I realized it was the first time I had been aware I was alone in this house for years. Images of Edward started to seep into my thoughts and I began to remember when he would sit on this same couch and watch the ballgame with Charlie in hopes to gain his acceptance. I looked away only to see the doorway where Edward stood, attractively dressed, when he came to pick me up for prom. His handsome face, bronze wild hair and every detail about his perfect body never faded from my memory. The dull ache inside my chest that I had grown to ignore started to throb, and I had to draw my arms around myself to squeeze it back into silence.

I needed to distract myself from my thoughts and escape the ghost of Edward so I decided to gather up Charlie's laundry and start a load of darks while I dusted the house. I went to the freezer to pull out the pork chops I would make for dinner. I did everything to I could to get back the white noise in my brain and divert the painful memories.

Before long I heard Charlie arriving home from work just in time for dinner. After he hung up his gun on the hook by the phone, we sat at the table together and he proceeded to tell me about his uneventful day at work. It was nice to hear that Forks had returned to the small boring town it always had been before the unexplained animal attacks and strange deaths that began occurring 3 years ago. After dessert I cleared the table while Charlie waited for some of his buddies to arrive and watch the baseball game.

As I stood at the sink washing the evening's dishes I heard a car pull up and people approaching the porch. Charlie opened the door and welcomed his oldest friends Billy Black and Harry Clearwater. Billy is in a wheelchair and he has always managed to make his way into our house without any problems. I hadn't seen Billy in years or Jacob, his son, who is a few years younger than me. They live on the local Indian reservation in a small town named La Push.

For a brief time Jacob and I hung out together while I was still in high school. He was the one who told me about the Quileute tribe legends that help me discover that Edward was a vampire. The Black's were always overly concerned about my relationship with the Cullens and Jacob had warned me about getting too involved. Now that the Cullens have left the area I am sure the Quileutes have not given the legends much more thought.

"Bella, I haven't seen you in a long time. You look great." Billy wheeled into the kitchen to say hello. He looked exactly the same wearing his cowboy hat and long black hair flowing over his shoulders.

"Billy, you look pretty good yourself. How are you?" I wiped my hands on the dishtowel so that I could give him a hug.

"I'm doing well. Jacob will be home from school next week. I know he'd be happy to see you again, I'll tell him to give you call." Billy and Charlie always tried to push us together but Jacob was too young for me. However, I welcomed another person to help fill my summer hours.

"That would be nice because I haven't seen him in years." I finished up the dinner dishes and hung the towel to dry. "You boys have a good time tonight." I grabbed one of Charlie's beers, waved hello to Harry and made my way upstairs to leave the men to their game.

I retreated to my room and pulled my laptop onto the bed to begin my research for possible employment opportunities in New York. I logged on and began tracking possible journalism job listing sites. I quickly got bored and found myself staring blankly, as I continued to drink the beer in my hand wishing that it were something stronger.


I have been back home for two weeks now and I have gotten into a comfortable routine living with Charlie again. I work almost every weeknight at Newton's Outfitters for a few hours because Mike trusts me with closing up the store and making the nightly money drop at the bank. Charlie and I go to the diner at least two days a week so that he can have a slice of his favorite pie. On weekends when I don't have to cover for Randy, the teenaged summer employee, I drive to Port Angeles to shop and pick up books to read from the library that the Forks Library doesn't have. Just enough daily activity to keep me breathing, and to make the time pass smoothly before it was time for me to move to New York.

Tonight I made Charlie a tuna casserole for dinner and left it warming in the oven for him when he got home late from work. I packed up my laptop and headed out the door to work my Friday night shift at Newton's. I tossed my purse and computer bag in the front seat and attempted to start my beloved truck. It took several tries but she finally turned over and loudly drove towards town. It only took me a few minutes to arrive and pull into my usual parking spot. It was an unusually hot summer night and I was happy that I would be spending most of it inside the air-conditioned store.

Randy was punching out his timecard as I walked into the store. "In a hurry to get out of here tonight Randy?" He was tall, had shaggy brown hair and was a nice guy. It was a Friday night and I am sure Randy a date or he was going to hang out with his buddies somewhere.

"There's a big bonfire at First Beach tonight and a bunch of us are going to go hang out." Randy grabbed for his car keys under the counter, he was only 16 and there wasn't much else to do around here for fun for someone his age. He looked so young to me, did I look that young when I was 16?

"Have a great weekend." I was already speaking to the back of Randy's head as he gave me a backhanded wave walking out the front door out to the parking lot. I laughed to myself as I began to remember the bonfires I'd go to with Jacob when I was in high school.

Friday nights at Newton's Outfitters usually gets the last minute customers who have plans for the weekend. I assisted a few gentlemen with the purchase of a couple of sleeping bags and sold some rifle shells to someone who was hunting in the morning. Amazingly the time passed quickly for me and I started to close the store. I always lock the door first then I cash out the drawer because you can never be too careful. I counted out the cash in the back room and posted the deposit in the ledger. I locked up the money in the deposit bag, switched off the store lights and set the security alarm. I stepped outside and double-locked the door and headed towards my truck that was parked under the light.

I took a few steps into the parking lot and felt something slam hard into my body like a Mack truck hit me. I felt my cheek sliding across the asphalt and the stinging pain of the wind being knocked out of me. I was stunned for a moment as I tried to catch my breath because I had no idea what was happening to me. It felt like every bone in my body had broken as I rolled over to see the flaming long red hair and familiar face of Victoria coming towards me. She's the rogue vampire who had a vendetta to kill Edward years ago, after the Cullens had killed her mate James, while protecting me. I had completely forgotten about her since everything vampire-related had ended in my life when Edward went away. Victoria snarled and leapt into the air at an amazing speed then landed on top of me, grabbing my neck and squeezing it tightly as she bent down to rip my throat out with her sharp fangs. I began to see bright flashes of light behind my eyes as the life was being crushed out of me. By instinct I tried to fight back by forcing the heel of my hand into her face, as I managed to squirm away from her hold while she hissed and bared her fangs at me. I knew this was the night I was going to die. As I tried to crawl away she dug her fingers into my back and ripped the skin pulling me towards to her. My blood was spilling out of my body on to the pavement and I could feel the fabric from my shirt cling to the slashes on my back. I knew I couldn't fight a vampire alone and there wasn't anyone who could help me. As she grabbed my broken leg with her claws pulling me closer towards her I felt a piercing bite into my calf and the familiar pain of vampire venom burning into my veins with the same excruciating pain I felt when James attacked me and bit my arm. When James bit me Edward was there to suck the venom out of my system and save my life but tonight I was alone and the venom raced through my entire body with nothing to prevent it from killing me. I knew Victoria had no intentions to turn me into a vampire, and that I only had a few more minutes remaining of my life as I screamed out in pain. She would soon drain my blood dry and leave my lifeless body in the parking lot. As I gasped for breath I needed my last memory to be of Edward, I still loved him and tried to call out his name for the last time.

I was sinking deeper into the pain of certain death when I thought I heard the sound of screeching tires in the parking lot. Even if was true, and someone was stopping to help me they were no match against the power of a vampire. My face was cut and bruised and my eyes were swollen almost shut, so I couldn't see what was happening around me. The venom fire felt like I was being pulled deep underwater and I fought as hard as I could to stay at the surface and alive. I could still hear noises around me, and what sounded like a pack of wild animals snarling and fighting. I was disoriented so much that I even thought I felt something licking my leg before I slipped into unconsciousness from the pain.

Out of the darkness of my mind, I felt myself starting to float back up to the surface and tried to open my eyes, but they wouldn't open. I could hear a strange beeping sound next to my head. I was feeling no pain. I've been in the hospital enough to know the sound was coming from a monitor. Was it possible I wasn't dead?

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